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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 23rd – Hold the Mustard

Dick gets called to the DR, and he asks Kail if she wants to continue the conversation later. She says she does. Dick tells her that he knows she’s a sweet lady outside of the house, even though they probably wouldn’t be buddies or anything. Well that’s a refreshing change, isn’t it?

Kail comes inside where Daniele is eating something. Kail asks if Daniele knows who committed the mustard crime and mentions that she was sure that Dick did it. Daniele says no way, her dad wouldn’t have done something like that. Kail says no, of course not, she just had a nice conversation with him about it. Strangely enough, Daniele’s head does not explode at this news.

Dick comes back out and the conversation resumes. Kail wants to know what happened the night before, and Dick admits that he made a big mistake. He explains about Zach and Jen coming downstairs from the HoH room, and how he had assumed they were talking strategy with Nick up there. He flew off the handle and Amber ended up getting upset because she’s so sensitive and emotional. There’s a bit more chatter about the past couple of weeks, and the talk ends amicably. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any Dick/Kail stealth whispers or alliances in the near future, but at least this is something. It’s good to see Dick mending fences after the past few days.

The next little while is pretty darned dull. People are swimming, doing laundry, making watermelon juice (which is really yummy with a little lime juice thrown in, FYI), and generally milling about. Kail eventually ends up sitting with Jen, where of course the main topic of conversation is the mustard mystery. Jen says she doesn’t really care about it, but she just wonders why? Kail agrees, and still thinks it’s a message of some sort. Jen admits that she thinks it was Nick, and Kail asks if she came between Nick and Daniele or something. Jen says no, she has no idea. They’re both surprised that the incident got the house going so much.

Even though Kail said that she could never campaign against Mike, she mentions that she just needs five votes to stay in the house. Jen doesn’t say much about this, and I’m wondering how she’ll end up voting on this one. Kail mentions that if Nick is the mustard guy then it’s probably because he really likes her. Because what – he’s still in grade school? It’s not like it was a pulled bra strap. Jen talks about Nick and Daniele’s relationship and how embarrassing it’s going to be for them, as well as how useless Zach is and how he’ll probably make it to the end because no one will want to waste their HoH on him. Kail pipes up that she would. Heh.

Kail gets called to the DR (Big Brother has an interesting sense of timing today) so Jen goes over to talk to Nick in his bedroom. She asks him if he is the mustard culprit, and Nick goes nuts. Laced with f-bombs, his response is a strong denial combined with indignation that he would even be a suspect. Jen, who is able to stand up to attacks from Dick, demures and asks him instead why he’s been ignoring her. Good grief. Someone get Nick out of the house so we can get back to the game, please.

Nick says that he’s been ignoring everyone in the house since Dick exploded at him. He’s going to lay low and reserve his energy, then come out swinging on Thursday night. He says that he swears he didn’t do anything to her stuff, and that it might have been Dick although he doesn’t think so. Jen seems to be reconsidering this and mentions that Dick is a good liar.

Jen leaves and Nick calls Amber over to tell her that Jen just accused him of being the mustard bandit. Amber is shocked, of course, and asks Nick who he thinks it really was. He says it was either Dick, or Jen did it herself for attention. Amber leaves and Daniele comes in, so of course this whole thing has to be repeated for her benefit. Daniele is more interested in her nails though, and Nick asks her to do his as well.

The conversation is normal (well, normal for these two, anyway) for a while, then suddenly Nick gets mopey and quiet. Daniele asks him what’s wrong, and he says it’s nothing that she did. She asks him again and he’s silent. Nick says something about both of them having mood swings in the house, and Daniele denies that she has them. Riiiight, and neither does Amber. They stare at each other in silence for a while, and then Daniele is asking him why he’s being like this. He wants them both to go outside but she doesn’t want to, so he gets back into bed. This lasts for a while, until finally Daniele leaves.

Meanwhile, Amber and Dustin are plotting the demise of Dick and most of the rest of the hamsters. Amber is SURE that it was Dick who did the mustarding. Dustin says it’s possible, but also thinks it could have been Nick, Kail, or Jen herself. Dustin wonders about Dick, and makes Amber promise that if Dick ever says anything about him that she has to tell him right away. They chatter about how everyone loves and trusts them both so much, but they have to be careful about who they trust back. Can we swap out about half of this cast for fresh hamsters please? That would be an awesome twist – America Votes: Who Do You Want to See Replaced by Someone More Interesting?

Dustin and Amber have decided that the final four should be the two of them plus Jameka and Eric. If that happens then Eric must win. Dustin would then want Jameka gone because she’s too nice and would get jury votes. Amber would rather have Eric out because she loves Jameka and she plays the game with her heart. I need a good stiff drink. They both would put up Nick and Dick if they won HoH next week, and Amber says she feels so safe in the house that she would even be willing to go up as a pawn against Kail because she knows everyone has her back.

Nick comes out, sees them, and comes over to tell them that he and Daniele have had their daily argument. Dustin tells Nick that he needs to focus more on the game and everyone else in the house, because Daniele is making him lose sight of the bigger picture. Nick leaves after the suggestion that he should have corn rows in his hair. Amber says that this just proves that she and Dustin are so loved – out of everyone in the house, Nick chose to confide in them that he just fought with Daniele. I’m going to need a new computer screen soon because I’m about ready to smash my skull through this one.

In the kitchen, Jen is with Mike counting the possible votes. She says that Kail only really has Jameka. Really? Why Jameka? And it’s interesting to note that Jen doesn’t count herself among the vote(s) to keep Kail. Dustin comes in and they chatter about gym memberships or something.