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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 23rd – Hold the Mustard

Amber tells Eric the story of her most recent conversation with Dick, only she’s making it sound like she told him off and stood up for herself. Jameka offers that she heard Dick and Jen talking last night while everyone else was asleep, and that later Dick lied to her about when he went to bed and who he was talking to. She mentions that Dick told her that she was the only one that he trusted, and Eric says that he tells everyone that. Sounds like Dick has dug himself into a bit of a hole this week – let’s hope he can get out of it.

More chatter about the great mustard caper as Jen joins the group. Eric says that she must have done it herself for attention, and Jen says that Dick said that as well. She says that she’ll talk to the person she thinks is responsible later, and Eric admires that she’s handling it so well. He says that if he had done it, he would have written, “I’m back, bitches! Love Joe.” Hee – too bad he didn’t have time to do that.

Lots more conversation about the mustard thing, which quite frankly is starting to get old now. Eric keeps saying that he would have freaked out. He needs to put a lid on it now and change the subject. Jen says the reason that they haven’t started the veto ceremony yet is because they’re all so busy talking about the mustard incident. I have to admit it – I’m really starting to enjoy Jen in this game.

Amber and Jameka are in the bathroom now, and Amber whispers that Jen thinks it was Nick with the mustard. Jameka says that is because of Jen’s ego. Then she says something about God helping her to love people or some such thing and suddenly I’m no longer interested in the conversation.

The bathroom has become a busy place as people move in and out and hang out on the couch. Jen is doing her makeup when she’s called to the Diary Room. Everyone thinks this means the veto ceremony is about to begin. Daniele is busily complaining to Amber that Jen even suspected her of doing the mustard deed. Because, of course, if it had happened to Daniele she never would have considered that Jen might have done it.

Time for the veto ceremony, so off we go into the toilet bowl of blue swirly water. Did you know that “swirly” isn’t actually a word? Like that’s ever stopped me before.

45 minutes of Vortex, and we’re back. Inane chatter about food and stuff, but no mention of the veto. Dick is laughing and saying that he would have put Amber up, but he was afraid of her reaction. Kail is sitting with everyone but not talking. I wonder if that means anything, or if she just can’t be bothered. Daniele is saying something sarcastic about Jen’s speech, so I’m guessing the veto was used (duh). But … no idea who’s up. I’m assuming it’s Mike, but it would be nice to get confirmation here people.

Kail tells Amber that she’s so confused. She doesn’t know what’s going on in the house now, with everything that’s happened over the past couple of days. Amber doesn’t really reply, and ends up walking away. Kail remains befuddled.

In the kitchen it’s late lunch time, and people seem to be rather jovial. Dick apologizes for being a jackass lately when people start making jokes about no one being allowed to poop in the HoH toilet but him. Jen has washed the incriminating shirt, but there are still traces of mustard left.

It’s backyard time now. Eric is talking about missing socks – I guess he’s finally noticed that Dustin has been hiding his clothes. Jen comes out in a little yellow bikini that’s drooping in the back from the weight of her microphone battery pack.

Mike and Kail are in the kitchen discussing the mustard thing. Mike thinks it was either Nick or Dustin, and Kail (who points out that Dustin never even crossed her mind, because of course he’s her new best friend) insists that it was definitely Evel. Kail mentions that Jen and Evel both came to bed at the same time last night, so now she doesn’t trust Jen at all. She tells Mike that if he’s still here next week, he shouldn’t trust Jen. Ah-HA! Finally. Mike’s on the block with Kail. Good lord, he’s so invisible in the house that it took over an hour to confirm this.

Mike says that if Kail gets the boot then he’s going to play the game solo and not make any more alliances. So what – he’ll be even less visible than he is now? Is that even possible? Kail tells Mike that if he’s still here, he has to go after Evel. She even heard Amber saying that she wanted to go after him, so Mike should have the numbers to make it happen this time.

Mike gets called to the DR, and Kail ends up talking with Dick. Ruh-roh. Dick asks how she’s doing, and she sits down with him. He says it’s a rough week for her, which she agrees with. Dick says that they could have worked well together and that he liked Kail until she started campaigning so hard against him after they made that agreement in the hammock. The conversation is very civil. Dick says that he really tried to get to know Kail, but she never gave away any personal information about herself. Then, after they talked in the hammock, he felt good about things. The next thing he knew Kail was coming after him with guns blazing, and he was confused.

Kail explains that she kept hearing from everyone that Dick was planning to nominate her and get her out of the house, so she felt she had no choice but to try and take him out while he was there on the block. Dick understands, but says that she should have come and asked him if he was really gunning for her. He mentions how hard it is being HoH, when he thought this was going to be an easy and fun week for everybody. Kail says she knows – she had it tough as HoH too. The both agree that everyone coming to them and revealing alliances and spilling secrets takes a toll.

Dick asks how she ended up out of the PoV comp so quickly, adding that he thought it was a setup when she left right away. She asks him if he heard what she said, about everyone being able to give up now, which he did. Dick explains again that after Mike said he was supporting his alliance, he had no choice but to break up that alliance and put them on the block together. Kail nods. Dick says that he’s disappointed in Kail because he expected her to be a better, smarter player.

Kail mentions that Dick is very mean to her and Jen, but Dick says he’s just very direct, and she’s probably not used to that. She agrees with that, and when he tells her that he really tried to get to know her before they fell out, she says that she was intimidated by all of his questions. If he had asked her maybe one or two questions each night, she would have been able to open up to him eventually. Dick says that, as a bar manager, he doesn’t usually have the luxury of getting to know people over an extended period of time. They both chalk it up to living very different lifestyles, and not knowing how the other one operates.