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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 23rd – Hold the Mustard

At the end of Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother, we were asked to vote for a houseguest who should have their personal property defaced by America’s Player. I thought that was a big no-no in the BB house? The intention was to cause some drama in the house. Eric lived up to the task, but did his actions have the desired effect? Let’s find out.

Eric gets up while everyone else is still sleeping and quietly heads for the storage room. He grabs a bottle of mustard, puts it in the waistband of his pants, and goes back to bed. A little while later, Eric is once again up and brushing his teeth, getting ready for the day. Kail is up next, and the two of them hang out in the backyard talking. Eric says that Dick is screwing himself over this week with all of the drama and constant game talk, and that he’s done more damage to himself than he has to Kail. Kail talks about having friends in the house, and mentions Mike and Dustin. I guess Jen has fallen from grace?

Kail goes back inside, and the house is awoken by Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5.” That’s just cruel, Big Brother. They’ll all have this horrible song stuck in their heads all day now. As will I. It’s the usual morning stuff – people coming and going through the kitchen, eating, preening, showering, yadda yadda. Eric sneaks away and fishes the mustard bottle out from under his bed. He heads into the bedroom with the round beds and squirts a big ole blob of mustard onto one of Jen’s shirts, which is spread across her pillow. He sneaks out, task completed. Eric, honey, that was awesome – but why didn’t you go for the unitard?

Eric goes into the storage room quickly, returns the mustard, and comes back out with a melon to cut up for everyone for breakfast. So now it’s just a waiting game to find out who will notice it first, and what drama will unfold as a result. I can’t believe I’m sitting here eagerly anticipating the reaction of 12 adult people when they find condiments squirted on one of their shirts.

Both Dick and Mike enter the bedroom to do various things, but neither of them notice the mustard. Jen’s in the oversized bedroom looking for something, and finally comes in and notices the shirt. She’s laughing and asking who’s in second grade. She says it’s funny, and is asking everyone who did it. I don’t think anyone else in the house would have taken it this well – good for you, Jen. Of course no one is admitting to knowing anything about it, but Kail has some theories. (Oh come on, don’t tell me you’re surprised by this?) Jen says that the only two people who went through there were Dick and Daniele – she thinks it was Daniele of course.

Dustin and Amber are taking this very seriously, saying it is one step too far and asking who would do such a thing. Kail thinks that it’s a message for Jen to not use the veto. Seriously – I can’t make this stuff up. Jen disagrees and seems to understand it’s a simple prank, but she really wants to know who did it. Eric says that if anyone ever did that to him he’s flip out and beat a confession out of them. Dick says he didn’t do it – that’s not his style. He tells Jen that his cigarettes are in that room, and he knows that she had considered breaking them all up and tossing them in the pool. So there’s no way he’d damage anything of hers and risk it. Besides, if he has a problem with someone he talks to them.

Eric suggests that they check everyone for mustard on their hands, and Dick says they could fingerprint the mustard jar. Kail is still taking this very seriously and questioning people. Dick wants to know how Jen slept there and didn’t get mustard all over herself. Hee. Jen says that she’s glad it happened to her because the rest of them would have been seriously pissed off. No kidding. Amber and Kail are seriously pissed off and it doesn’t have anything to do with them. At least Amber isn’t crying.

Jen says that she knows who did it – she can tell by their eyes – but she’s not going to say anything to anyone until she has a chance to talk to them privately. Eric’s still saying that the whole thing is messed up and no one better try to do that to his stuff. Okay Eric, stop talking now. Move on.

Daniele goes to Jen and says that she hopes that Jen doesn’t think she did it. Jen says she thought so at first, but now knows that it wasn’t Daniele so it’s all good. Kail defends Daniele and says that she has a good heart – she would never do a thing like that. This coming from Kail, the excellent character judge. Snicker. Jen says that she’s sure it wasn’t personal, but Kail reiterates that she knows what it means. It’s a threat about the veto.

With the mustard fiasco on the back burner, Amber is talking to Dick about their conversation in the storage room last night. She says that she was upset last night, but she’s fine now. She says that she saw a side of him that she hadn’t seen before, and that she can’t change the way she is. She’s emotional and she cries, and that’s just the way she’s going to be. Dick looks a bit surprised that this is still an issue, and apologizes again for upsetting her.

Amber says that she doesn’t think she makes people uncomfortable with her crying, but she knows that Dick does with his confrontational approach. Dick is exasperated, and says that he was only trying to help her by pointing out ways that she could improve her game, and that he’s tried to be honest with her and be her friend. Dick leaves, and Kail is immediately beside Amber telling her that if she ever needs to talk to anyone about Dick, she’s there for her. Amber says she knows.

Jameka is saddened by the mustard incident. Amber comes by to tell her about her recent run-in with Dick, and Jameka tells her that Nick (or Dick – it’s hard to hear) is saying that it was Amber that defaced Jen’s shirt. Oh Jameka, why would you ever share that? Now Amber’s going to run to the Diary Room and cry that someone doesn’t trust her even though she’s so real and most of the people in the house love her the most. Gak.

Jameka says that Dick is “double-minded” in that he’s good but wants to be evil. Or something. She’s talking to Eric and Amber, and whenever someone else adds to the conversation, Jameka’s only response is “mmm-hmm.” She does this a lot, and it’s really starting to bug me. They’re all sure that Dick is Mustard-Man, except for Eric of course. But he’s playing into it.