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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 22nd – Allies or Enemies

Dick and Jen talk very civilly. She talks about nearly putting Nick up last week, as she doesn’t want to be seen on national TV as the girl that got passed up for another girl. She swears she is not in an alliance with him. She also spills about Amber offering to put herself up as pawn against Dick, and he’s shocked. If I were him, I’d bring it up the next time she is going on and on about it not being fair that he calls her emotional and trying to make him feel bad.

Jen tells him before the show started she asked BB if there was a smoker in the house, and she took all the cigarettes and broke them and threw them in the pool, if she would be punished, and they said no, as it’s not hurting anyone else. Dick says that wouldn’t be a good thing, and she promises to not ever do that. He complains about Dani and says she’s giving his Ho-Hos away. Well, that’s ground for dismissal!

Dick tells Jen about his Dick at Night show, and says tonight she’s the co-host. they talk about PoV, and he’s still concerned over why Mike tried to win. Jen would like Zach to go up, but Dick says no, Mike has to go up and leave. Jen says she doesn’t trust Kail, because they shared HoH all that time and Kail never told her about Mrs. R. She thinks Dani, Nick, Dustin, and Amber are an alliance, but he disagrees.

The two talk about the coup and think it could be in the game this year since it wasn’t used last year. Dick points out that she says she never watched the show, but seems to know an awful lot about it, and she drops talking about it. We all know now it’s because she was coached by Chilltown. They talk about being better allies than enemies, but Jen says she can’t trust him as long as Dani is around. He says he can’t do anything about it, but at some point, they might need each other.

Jen and Dick are the last two to go to bed, and he does, of course, after he hides the topiaries. What a wildly whacked out day. From absolutely nothing going on to everyone exploding. What it comes down to is Jameka’s right. These people are too similar. Dick is very complex and has pieces of everyone else in his personality. While it makes him fun Dick, it also makes him Evel Dick. Personally, I’m hoping he didn’t get screwed today. He went off, yeah, but I think Jameka is right about Nick. I think he’s still playing all the sides, but Nick isn’t coming off as much of a bad guy as Dick.

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