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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 22nd – Allies or Enemies

Nick tells Jamaica about his fight with Dick, and Dustin tells the others why he was upset with Dick. Okay, Dick can’s say what Dustin said in confidence, but Dustin can go tell everyone else he was upset with him about b betraying a confidence? As Amber and Dustin hug each other, she says she is so over Dick. They both feel bad for Dani, but know she put herself in that position with Nick. Zach comes over and joins in the hug. Again for Zach, very odd.

Dick appears again and apologizes to Dani, telling her that he loves her very, very much. She then goes to do the cuddly thing with Nick in the bedroom. Dick talks to himself in the backyard, saying to focus and not let shit like that get to him. That’s what Jameka gets for being a counselor. Dick now talks to her, telling her all about his fight with Nick, and his problems trusting him.

Nick and Amber rag on Dick to each other and each tell again about their private conversations with him. Again, but Dick was wrong to tell someone what Dustin said about Jameeka. Dick apologizes to Jess for her having to go through all this with them and tells her about the Nick fight. She’s probably the only person he hasn’t fought with or ragged about tonight.

Amber now takes her drama to Jen, and true to form, Jen says Dick needs to go home then. Amber goes outside on a date in the hammock with Eric. Now, guess what Amber is doing now? Just in case you couldn’t figure it out on your own, she is now telling Eric about everything that happened with Dick.

Kail, Jen, and Mike are in their bedroom, and Kail asks if Dick is going to put up a pawn. Jen says she doesn’t know, but she heard Amber and Nick talking, and she thinks they want to put Dick up the next week. Kail says that doesn’t matter. Zach needs to go up now. BB tells them if they’re not going to sleep, they have to turn on the lights, and they rightfully complain the same is never asked of Dani and Nick. They continue talking, figuring that Zach or Nick are going up, and talking about the fights earlier, wonder if it could be Nick going up. Kail thinks she has hope if Zach goes up, and is happy to hear that it doesn’t look like Mike will go up.

Amber continues to go on and on about Dick, and says after this week she doesn’t think she can trust him anymore. She tells Eric that Dick doesn’t trust him anymore after he faked a yawn to leave. Eric says Dick has put himself out there this week and no one is going to have his back. Amber complains about throwing the PoV to him and Dani last week, and Dick not appreciating it, not believing she threw it.

Eric says Dick always wants himself to be seen as such a mastermind at this game, yet he’s always constantly making stupid mistakes. If anyone one the other side wins HoH, they know Dick will go up. Amber complains about Dick throwing towels on her spilling her tea, and Eric says he should lay off flirting with the 21 year old girls, because at his age it’s weird, especially being that his daughter is the same age as the girls he’s hitting on. I think he means Jess here, and I think it’s because Eric has a crush on her. They change to talking about their hate of Zach.

Amber and Eric move upstairs to HoH, along with Dustin and Dani, and try to figure out who is sleeping where. They also rag on everyone all over again. Nick comes up to use the bathroom, and they ask if he wants to have a fivesome. He says he thinks he could. Eric thinks it could be something new for the Jewish culture.

Jen, Jess, Jameka, and Dick are outside chatting. Jen seems to be really loosening up and talks about when she ran away when she was younger. Her parents divorced when she was a baby, and she lived with her mom. At 11 she went to Australia with her dad and step-mom and they tried to convince her to stay there. She did, and broke her mom’s heart, because Jen was all she had. Her dad ended up being really, really strict and she tried to run away from them.

Jess is in the hot tub by herself, and everyone realizes she’s just been sitting there making faces all by herself. She tells them she’s just been sitting there amusing herself. She also amuses everyone else by doing cannonballs. Dick thinks she makes big splashes for such a “little girl,” and Jameka corrects him that she’s a woman, not little girl.

The backyard crew starts talking about the sweetbreads vs. pancreas, and the odd name, casing Jen to bring up “hot dogs.” They talk about all sorts of oddly named food like hamburgers and ice cream, and the talk moves into discussing languages and how they came about. The HoH crew comes outside, minus Eric, and discuss sleeping in HoH alone as a way to jack off. Dustin says he’s doing it tonight for that reason, but Amber talks him out of it, saying it will get on the sheets. He wants to leave it for a present for Dick, but ends up saying he won’t do it then.

Amber really lays it on thick flirting with Eric, including wanting to hold his member while he pees. What the …? He wouldn’t let her. Amber is worried about who else Eric flirts with and asks Jameka if he does it with Jess, which of course he does. He heads off to bed.

Amber turns to Jameka and they discuss Dick’s “inconsistent” behavior and their lack of trust for people in the house. They trust each other the most they decide (yeah, until the next person comes around for Amber), and when they discuss Nick, Jameka brings up Zach and Nick publicly fighting, then seeing them go into the SR together. Hmm. Maybe that’s why he reacted so much, because his cover was blown. They both, like most of the women, want Zach and little, I mean really little, Zach out. After the other annoying people, they want Dick and Nick out. Before the show, Amber’s sister told her not to get into an alliance with a bunch of guys, and looking at Kail, she’s glad she didn’t. Her sister also told her not to trust “the gay guy* too much, as they’re always out for themselves.


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