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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 22nd – Allies or Enemies

Amber is, of course, crying. She is laying on Eric, and Dustin is there as well, still with a party hat on his head. Eric offers to let Amber touch his penis if it will help her. Sometimes you have to love this guy. Outside, Dick says Dani’s game would be a lot easier without Nick, and he doesn’t think she cares either way. Nick says that’s not true. He doesn’t know what they talk about. Nick goes on about her, saying she treats him so badly, and if she was the HoH, she wouldn’t be sharing her room with him. Yet, he knows he’s the asshole, listening to her.

Dick and Dani go upstairs to the HoH and have what is pretty much a continuation of the conversation earlier. She’s upset about the way he is upsetting the house, and he calls Amber a basket-case, while Dani defends her. Dick brings up Dani going around telling people her dad will evict them if they don’t watch out and she denies it. He says even in jest, that’s wrong and puts him a bad spot. She tells him he’s on a power trip and everyone is getting mad at him. He blames her relationship with Nick. Neither one can see each other’s side. What this is is a classic case of bad communication, with both people being exactly the same. Jameeka called it earlier. Dani slams the door and stalks out for the second time today.

While Dani cries in her bed, Dustin leaves Amber’s side to comfort Dani. Dick and Amber go into the storage room, and she says she’s upset about him slamming the dishes and getting upset. There’s also something about a “hammock talk” that they repeatedly bring up here, but I have no idea what that refers to. She says she is just an emotional person and doesn’t want to feel even worse when Dick makes her feel bad about being emotional. She’s sorry Dick doesn’t want to be her friend because of this. They both say the same thing several times, something they both do all the time, and he says sometimes when he wants to cry, he gets pissed instead. Again, two people the same. Both get emotional. She cries; he has a short fuse, both for the same reason. They both say I love you and hug.

This whole time, Jen is bouncing along in the hot tub alone, oblivious to everything. Dani goes to find Nick in the hammock and neither one is very talkative, with her thinking he is pissed off at her. He says it doesn’t matter, as she’ll get out of here, go back to her boyfriend, and he’ll get f***ed,. Man, he has fallen hard. He knows she doesn’t trust him and it hurts him, and on top of it, her dad doesn’t trust him either. Now, because he blew up at Dick, he thinks his game is screwed, because he can’t be “chillout Nick” anymore. He leaves, and she sits there in the hammock alone and crying. He comes back out to talk, and she doesn’t went to now. He says it’s his own fault, and if he gets f***ed, it’s his own fault.

Nick leaves the hammock to get another beer, and Dick comes to speak to Dani while he’s gone. He says it’s obviously not working, and when the show is over, he wants to go for family counseling. She really doesn’t say too much, and he leaves before Nick gets back. When Nick gets back, she leaves, and he’s called to the DR, infuriating him even more.

Dustin and Amber are by the hot tub, and Dustin has added a very fake-looking mustache to go along with his party hat. When he goes over to talk to Dick, Dani comes over and rags on her dad. Amber says she’s sick of him, too, even though they just made up and said they love each other. Dani says she hates this, she’s not having fun and wants to go home. Dick tells Dustin that Nick had said he is not in an alliance with Jen or Zach or any of the rest of Mrs. R and that he admitted to having real feelings for Dani. Zach comes out to announce BB took all the beer away, and I can only think that’s a good thing. Dustin takes the opportunity to add an eye patch to his look. What is with him? Everyone’s yelling and arguing so much we don’t get to figure out the reason for his.

Dani and Amber take their Dick bashing into the bathroom while they eat ice cream. Dani says Dick would get mean when they were little and they would hide from him. Dustin is the next to rag on Dick. He pulls him aside and tells him he’s upset that Dick retold what he had told him Jameka said to him in confidence. Dick apologizes and says he didn’t realize it was confidential. Dustin explains 97% of what he says to Dick is confidential. Dick says he’s sick of HoH and can’t stand it anymore, but Dustin tells him it’s not just being HoH. Dick continues, saying it’s just getting to him with Amber taking everything personally and Dani yelling at him. Dustin reminds him of the day he let his emotions get to him and says Dick just let his emotions get to him today.

It seems when Nick had been called to the DR, they told him to take all the beer and put it in the SR. Mike makes an appearance, saying one person ruined it for everyone else. Not sure if he means Dick or Nick . Amber says she’s seen some sides of people, especially Dick, she didn’t think was possible, and she goes on to tell Dani everything Dick said to her. Dani says she would love to have her dad put up Zach, because he’s a piece of crap, she then goes on to complain about Dick some more. I think this is what he was just trying to explain to her earlier. Okay, say what you will about the guy, but he gets it off his chest and he’s done with it, instead of going on and on all night.

Nick and Dani are in the hammock together, and the others are playing games in one of the bedrooms. Dick isn’t seen on any of the feeds. Dani complains she’s not having any fun in the house, and Nick tells her she just has too many emotions going on right now. They make a return to their normal flirtatiousness and she mentions his nails, with him saying he chewed them all off. He says he wishes she trusted him, and she tells him to stop. They eventually come in and join the others.


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