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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 22nd – Allies or Enemies

Zach sees Amber looking sad and asks what’s wrong. She won’t say, other than her stomach is bothering her. When the house is on lockdown, Nick tells Amber that Dani has crossed the line with her boyfriend. He says the good guys always get walked on. We then get the blue vortex, so don’t find out what exactly he’s referring to. Amber tells him after he just broke up with his long-term girlfriend, anything he gets into now will be rebound. Nick again says he wants Amber to win the money.

When the lock-down is over, there’s a birthday party waiting inside for Jameeka. Thank God! I wondered why she didn’t get that on Friday. She gets a letter from her sister which she thinks has a misspelled word, some belts , and some hair clips. There’s an ice cream caking waiting as well, and it’s starting to melt. Everyone dons party hats except party popper Daniele. Dick wears her hat as well as his own. There’s always one that does that two horn thing, isn’t there?

After the party, Dani tells Amber about Nick giving her the cold shoulder. She only has praise for Amber, though, saying she loves hanging out with her. Dani says she feels like she wants to punch Dick when she sits next to him. He always has to be the center of attention, and apparently after 20 y ears of it, she’s tired of it. Dani wants to tell him he has to get off his high horse, but Amber cautions her not to say anything about her. Huh? Why would she? That was odd. It’s like Jen talking about herself or something.

Zach talks about Jen in her dress, saying he likes it, but likes what’s underneath it even more. Eeew. He then evolves the conversation into talking about the butter competition and says that added to the sex appeal. I would be uncomfortable in that house with that guy too. I don’t blame these women. Zach has found 45 cents and Nick 6 cents, so they talk about gambling, and Zach makes dice to play a game. Okay, he’s a creative perv.

Dick an Jen have a chat, a civil chat, and he tells her she didn’t have anything to worry about in the PoV comp. Kail was his target. She gives up info on the alliance and also says Zach is trying to be Dick’s best friend, nothing he didn’t already know. She says she didn’t care one way or the other about being on the block, it felt the same as not being on the block. Dick says he can guarantee Kail is leaving, and she tells him you can never be sure.

Nick and Dustin chat in the HoH, and Nick says he wants to hurt the people that make Amber get emotional. Dick comes up to let them know dinner is ready, and is surprises them that he just walks in, as they thought the door was locked. Umm wait. Whose HoH room is this? Dustin mentions Kail has said she wants to be eliminated before sequester so she can go home to her kids. Kind of funny for the person who already has her final 2 speech written. Nick says she’s really a nice person, but then goes on to say she forced him into the alliance, telling him he’d go up if he didn’t. I believe that to be a bold-faced lie.

Turning his attention to Dani, Nick says he can’t stand this as he likes her so much. Dustin advises not to deny those feelings. That’s his benefit at being the only gay guy, no showmance (after Joe’s dismissal, I gather). Nick wanted to flirt with all the girls, but ended up getting feelings for Dani. He’s really annoyed with Jen, but she has a “smoking bod.” Plus, he wants to keep her on his good side, knowing her jealousy could get him on the block. Zach interrupts ringing the doorbell and asks if it’s a secret society. Again, whose room is this?

This makes me wonder if BB created the America’s Player task for Eric after witnessing the following. Dustin admits he’s been stealing two items of of Eric’s a day and hiding them. Amber is on the whole thing too. If America picks for Eric to do it back to Dustin, that would be pretty funny!

Jen is the next person to try to come into HoH, but finds it locked. Dustin leaves, and Nick says he wants to listen to the music. Jen says she thinks the reason Dick isn’t using the HoH is because he wants to keep his eye on Mike and Kail. This room feels weird to her, though, now that it doesn’t belong to her. Zach sits and watches the spy-cam, Jen just lays there trying to nap, and Nick sits and listens to music. Nick asks them to leave, saying he just wants to listen to music, and they do.

Dick is washing dishes with Amber, sees Jen and Zach leave the HoH, and comes up and kicks Nick out, saying the last thing he wants is Zach and Jen in his HoH room. Nick goes out to the hammock, and Zach follows him once again. Nick orders him away, explaining he just got kicked out of HoH and doesn’t want anyone thinking they’re plotting and scheming. Zach acts cool about it, but walks away, calling Nick a baby.

Returning to the dishes, Dick can’t get rid of his anger and is banging around. He tells Amber he doesn’t want anyone else in his HoH period. He thinks they were talking game in there, and when Amber tries to be understanding, Dick is still going off about Jen being in there. He storms out to the backyard and has a smoke.

Nick asks why the hell he’s mad at him, and Dick says he’s furious at the situation. They both erupt in a shouting match, with Dick saying he doesn’t completely trust Nick, and Nick saying he just wanted to get away for a little bit. Nick insists they weren’t talking game and just sitting in silence and tells him to ask BB for the tape. He tells Dick he told him flat out he likes his daughter, but he’ll be a badass if he has to. Dicks says there is no one he 100% trusts, including Dani. Nick is upset about the continuing insinuations that he’s going to treat Dani like Chilltown treated Erika. He likes Dani and can’t do anything about it since she has a boyfriend This entire time they are both screaming at each other. Dani requests a chat from Dick, and he says in a minute, which totally pisses her off as she leaves and slams the door. What happened to the slow day we were having?


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