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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 22nd – Allies or Enemies

When Zach leaves, Amber and Dani continue, as Dani talks about Dick giving Kail such a hard time. Amber says she loves Dick, but thinks he’s on a huge power trip. He has said they are voting Mike out, but Nick has said he is friends with Zach and Jen, so really just wanted to get Kail out. Daniele doesn’t really want to talk too much game now, though, as she says she doesn’t get along with her dad because he’s never acted like a dad and talks down to her like he is a parent. She doesn’t think it’s fair that he gets to choose when to be a parent and when not to. From what I heard in the HoH room, though, he wasn’t talking down to her and wasn’t not being a father. He asked how she would like to be approached so that things would go better with them, and she flipped out.

Dick talks to Jameka outside about his troubles with Dani. He says he would wouldn’t put up with being treated that way if it was anyone other than her. He says it’s hard, because Dani doesn’t talk to anyone else like that in the house. Jameka figures Dani probably just doesn’t know what she wants from him. Dicks says this is the same problem they have outside the house as well. He says something she doesn’t like, and she freaks out and stops talking to him. Finally it comes out, what we’ve been waiting all this time to find out. The last time they stopped talking was because he told her she was a bitch just like her mother. Umm, yeah that would do it. Jameka advises him he should compliment her first, then give his opinion. Didn’t she used to be a counselor? He should listen.

Dick wants to keep going back to Nick, not trusting him, and being afraid that his daughter will become the next Erika. Jameka tells him he doesn’t know what goes on in their relationship, and he only has his “dad” point of view to go on. She says he’s already let her know how he feels, and he just needs to leave it alone now. He needs to let her have her own experiences, and Jameka tells him maybe that’s the one trait she got from him. Thank God she is in this house. I have a feeling with the troubled daddy and daughter, she’ll be called on much more often.

Kail comes out, seemingly oblivious to anything else going on, and everyone starts talking about when school starts up again. She says her daughter is in a pageant in August, and Dick says Dani was into that at one time, too, but lost interest in it. He was glad, because he didn’t really get it. One-track Kail then says again she’s not lying and Dick keeps twisting her words around. Huh? They were talking about parenting. Maybe she just wants to take this opportunity to let Jameka know her point of view. Jameka tells her it’s not over until Julie says it is, and shares with Kail that when she told Joe she wasn’t voting for him, he said there was only one person there he could trust, and that was Kail. Kail breaks down crying and says it’s in God’s hands. Again, I just don’t get why God has nothing better to do this week than decide who leaves BB.

Amber takes her anger about Dick to Eric up in the HoH. She goes on about Dick calling her emotional, telling her how to vote, and being mean to Kail. It seems Kail told Amber that Dick said she hated Kail. Amber thinks Dick is lying when he says he didn’t say that. Eric says he has heard Dick say Amber is too emotional, and he thanks Dick is playing badly this week, too arrogant and obnoxious. He thinks Dick wants to keep Kail because he can control her more than he can Mike. They think he’s playing like Joe was, and say you can’t be everyone’s best friend in the house. They’re both irritated that he wakes them up every day.

Dick and Dustin talk about something other than Dick. They talk about it being the same house they watched from BBAS, and Dick wonders if it could also be the house Dr. Phil uses. Well, that was a nice diversion from all the BS and anger floating around.

Amber tells Eric about the whole Dani vs. Dick fight in the HoH before and pretty much spills everything Dani had told her. He says he thinks Dani might not be as against him as she was before. He asked her if she was okay, because she wasn’t eating and didn’t look well, and she freaked out on him, telling him not to ask her that, as she didn’t want people to think she was weak. She then talked shit about him for the next week. This probably explains why he was trying to get Dani on the block last week before he heard that that wasn’t American’s wish. Amber confirms for him that she does like him now.

Just as Amber and Eric start to talk about Nick, he comes into the HoH. He wants to complain about Daniele, and says she is so bipolar when it comes to her dad. He knows he’ll have to stay away from her the rest of the day. He also talks about cutting his hair again.

It’s guy talk with Eric, Nick, and Dustin, and Eric says he’s surprised there’s never been any orgies in the house. Was this an America’s Player task I wasn’t informed of? He jokes that he, Nick, and Amber were waiting to see if Dustin would be into a foursome with them. When the talk moves to Justin from BB2, Nick says he thought Dick was going to hit Mike yesterday. Eric thought so too, but Dustin didn’t.

Amber and Dustin talk about stealing Eric away from each other and having crushes on him. It’s not clear if they’re serious or not, but when Amber says he’s genuine and funny as hell, I’m figuring she’s being honest. Eric runs up to throw flour on Dick in the shower, but he opens the doors and throws it back, thereby giving us a look at little Dick, which isn’t, I mean … never mind.

Eric tells Zach he got his nipples pierced because he was bored. He also says the people that he knows will like him streaking across the yard, as they’ll know he was having fun, and that Zach is better than the serious Zach. Eric says if he wasn’t on BB right now, he’d be watching BB. Zach says he’d be on the beach surfing and eating sushi. Eric explains that he has always been such a fan of BB, that even if the show was preempted, he’d stay up to watch it at 2 AM. Zach’s grandmother is a huge reality fan and loves Survivor. Zach himself watches 24, which ones of his friends was on.


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