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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 22nd – Allies or Enemies

If the beginning of this day could have been any more boring, we would have had four black screens on the feeds. Honestly, this is the first several hours: Mike got up, ate breakfast, then went outside to the hammock. Nick got up and went back to bed. Kail got up and went outside and sat on the couch, while Mike laid motionless. After awhile, she went back in, and he moved some, making it almost look like he was faking being asleep. She came back out, and he was motionless again. Kail finally wakes up Mike, and says she wonders if Dick has been being hard on her because he’s alone and he wants to be her “somebody.” Kail then goes and rolls on Jen in bed, waking her up. Dustin walks around in just his boxers and eats a banana, then talks about his dream that Jen didn’t win the PoV. Mike and Jen both go to the bathroom, and Jen then goes back to bed. That right there took over four hours. Seriously.

Zach gets up, and Kail talks about nearly drowning as a child. What brought that up? I think she’s just trying to look for sympathy, but regardless, it’s the most interesting thing of the day so far. She was staying in a hotel when she was 10 years old and fought with her mom about having to wear a swim cap. Oh man, I hated those things. I feel your pain. Why do people that aren’t in competitive swimming not wearing those anymore? She lost the battle, and then nearly drowned in the water. It was the swimming cap that helped someone see her bobbing up and down in the water. See? Mother knows best. (That was for my own kids that might be reading this.)

This leads Dustin to talking about being convinced at the age of 9 that he was going to be abducted by aliens. He was naked one day and heard this strange beeping noise and was convinced that it was the aliens coming to get him. He ran out of the house and through all the backyards, and something about the way he is explaining this reminds me of the ending on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Eventually he found his grandmother’s house, and when he went back home, he found that the beeping was from the smoke alarm.

Dustin also talks about faking being kidnapped as a trick on his mom, and later, his mom faking being an actual kidnapper to pay him back and teach him a lesson. Mike says he and his sister used to hide in clothing racks to make his mom go nuts, and eventually she threatened that they would always be dressed in bright clothing so she could find them. It explains a lot about Jen when she says her father would only let her wear bright bathing suits at the beach for the same reason. Ungrateful kids!

Dick gets up and finds his way out to the backyard, where he talks to Mike and tells him he knew he just had to be himself last week, and eventually Joe would hang himself because of his behavior. Mike changes the subject, saying the days of the week are off to him as well as the time of the day. Something can happen in the morning, but it will seem like it was actually the day before. Yeah? Try watching it. This is apparently all the excitement Dick can handle, as he goes up to the HoH room to wake up Jess.

Nick wants to cut his hair, but BB doesn’t want him to. He’s saying he will be doing it on Tuesday no matter what, but I don’t think they even have any scissors to do so. He wants a mohawk, though, so I guess he can accomplish that with a razor, maybe. He thinks it would be grown out again by the wrap party. He has to explain to Amber what a wrap party is, then wonders if Dani will bring her boyfriend, pointing out it doesn’t matter to him either way. Riiiiight. Amber tells him she was almost crying last night. Gee, that is news.

The talk changes to the game as they discuss Mike leaving and how it will help out Dick’s game. They think Kail is already so skittish that the next couple of weeks ought to do her in. Nick says Mike and Kail both have to go, but he’d rather have her in sequester than Zach and Jen. He’s probably afraid to be in sequester alone with Jen without the cameras on them all the time. He may have also been afraid to be alone with Zach after he jumped on him last week, but not after everyone saw what he was actually packing. Hardly frightening.

Dick comes outside for just a moment, then heads back up to the HoH and picks up the mess left behind by those that slept in the HoH last night. He says out loud that it’s rude to not clean up after yourself. Luckily for him, the girls are in the downstairs bathroom with their mess. I like Jess more and more with every day. She’s lightening up and getting more fun. She tells Dani to keep her clothes and cooties off her. Jameka then calls Jess “Smelly Girl.” I wonder if she’s the proud owner of Phoebe’s Smelly Cat.

Danielle comes up to the HoH room to talk to Dick and it doesn’t go well. Sooner or later this was bound to happen. They start to clash over Nick. The closer Dani seems to get to him, the more Dick seems to not trust him. He says it’s upsetting his game, and she gets very defensive and says this is why they don’t get along because he gets pissed off at her. He asks how he should ask her and she gets more mad. He says he just wants to know what to do so he doesn’t upset her, and she just seems to get tied up in knots. They both compare this fight to their relationship and she storms off, and goes to her bed and pulls the blankets over her head. He paces around HoH dropping the F bomb repeatedly.

Amber comes to Dani’s rescue, as she says how hard it is to be in the house with her dad. This makes me wonder if it’s real or fake, this fight. It could be great strategy, but the way it went down in HoH with no one watching, I’m tempted to believe it was real. Amber takes this opportunity to say Dick is annoying her as well. She also says that he has been really worried about Danny and Nick, especially as he doesn’t want her being the next Erika. Zach breaks this up, talking about wanting a double date tonight, of himself and Jess, and Nick and Dani.


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