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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 21st – Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Jameka goes inside and dishes with Amber about how fake Nick is because he said he doesn’t want the money. They both think that Nick told them first about the Mrs. R thing – Amber says that when he told her, he asked if he should tell Jameka. Jameka says that he asked her the same thing about Amber. They agree that he’s shady.

Outside, Dick, Jessica, and Eric are plotting who the next three people out should be, so that they don’t have to deal with them in sequester. I love how the sequester house is such a huge strategy point in this game. It really messes with their game. Dick says that he wants to set Jessica up with his son when they all get out of the house.

The late night crew is in full effect now. Jen’s out there with them, and there’s a fairly long discussion about poop which I won’t detail here. That’s followed my chatter about how small Zack’s willy is – Jameka says she’s seen bigger when changing Pampers on babies. She says that she felt bad for encouraging him to streak when she saw what the end result was.

Dick sneaks off to tell Daniele that he saw Nick cleaning the kitchen today with Zach and Mike, and Nick never cleans so something must be up. Daniele gives her standard response – she knows.

More group talk about Zach – they’re really ripping into him, imitating his laugh, making fun of the stories he tells, and thinking that all the stuff he says is made up. I’m not a huge fan of the guy, but is he really that bad?

Daniele and Nick are in the same bed, whispering and flirting. Then the covers go up and there’s some movement, but I’m not going to assume anything here. I won’t even take a guess at what they’re doing. Eventually Daniele gets up and leaves.

Dustin and Amber are in bed as well, and Dustin mentions that he’s there because of his family, and he doesn’t even know where his mom lives. Amber wants to know more, and Dustin says that he can’t tell her everything, but that he’s not sure where his mom is or if she has a job. He says that his dad asked him to do the show for his family, and that’s one of the reasons he wanted Joe out so badly. He didn’t want Joe walking around telling people about his family. Poor Dustin thinks his microphone is off and that no one can hear him talking, and suddenly I feel badly for recapping this. Sorry Dustin.

Dick and Jessica are playing golf outside, and Jessica isn’t very good at it. They’re both having fun and laughing a lot though, so it’s all good. Jameka and Eric are sitting on the couch together coming up with nicknames for Zach’s penis. Dick and Jessica end up throwing the big golf balls at each other, laughing the whole time. I like this kind of thing – it’s much more entertaining than Kail’s little breakdowns or Dick yelling at people.

Lots of chatter with these four follows. More talk about Zach, what they want to do the next day, Jameka’s birthday party, and Jessica’s dancing. Jessica says that her brother will be home from Iraq soon, and gets to stay home for 10 months before having to go back. That must really suck. They talk about the vote, and Jameka wonders if Kail will think that she actually made friends in the house and that’s why Mike got voted out. That’s a good point – it might actually backfire and give Kail an ego boost. Dick doesn’t think so. He thinks it’ll just mess her up for the competition, and then she’ll end up right back on the block.

Amber and Dustin are still talking. Amber says that when she looks at the memory wall, she gets a feeling that she and Jameka will be the final two. That? Would be bad. Can you imagine the recaps of that final week? Shoot me.

Back outside, they’re all talking about Nick and how they can’t trust him. Someone suggests that Dick put Nick up instead of Mike, but there’s quick agreement that it’s not a good plan. Eric wants to win HoH and put him up, and Jameka says it would be better to backdoor him. Eric comes up with a plan to put Nick up with Zach and tell him he’s a pawn, then turn around and take Nick out instead. Dick is annoyed that Daniele and Nick spend so much time in the HoH room together watching the spy screen. Jameka offers that she heard Dani tell someone that she would have her dad put them up, and this upsets Dick even more.

Eric mentions that he probably has a very small role on the televised shows. Heh – hardly. They decide to go into the DR as a group to make fun of how small Zach’s penis is, and grab some small items from the kitchen to use as props. While they’re in there, we get shots of various hamsters sleeping. Exciting.

It’s now almost four in the morning, and Jessica and Dick are upstairs talking about Nick. Dick warns her not to tell Daniele anything that she doesn’t want Nick to find out. He says that the whole situation with them is throwing his game off because he’s worried that Daniele is going to be the next Erika. They talk about the veto competition and Kail’s lack of strategy.

Dick tells Jessica that she’s the only person in the house that he trusts 100%, and promises that he has her back. He thinks that the Mrs. Robinson alliance will all be targeted first, followed by Daniele and Nick, and then Dustin and Amber. They talk a little bit more, and then Dick leaves Jessica alone to get some sleep.

He goes outside for a cigarette and then back in to look at the memory wall. There’s no commentary at all, and no sneaking around the house to eat or play with the topiaries. I guess being Head of Household is taking its toll on the Dick at Night Show. Finally Dick goes to the bathroom and heads off for bed.

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