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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 21st – Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Kail gets some comfort from Dustin, who tells her that she has lots to go back home to and she shouldn’t be stressing. Kail says that she’s never seen guys in real life as muscled as the boys in the house. I assume she’s referring to Nick and Mike, and … really? She explains that her town is all rednecks in flannel shirts.

It’s dinner time, and the conversation is subdued and awkward. After the meal, Dick and Jen do the dishes together. Dick tells Jen that she was safe all along because she wasn’t his actual target this week. Then he goes back to the under the bus stuff that I just can’t recap again.

Amber and Nick are chatting, and Nick’s saying that the only reason he even tolerates Jen is so that she doesn’t put him up if she wins HoH again. He says that the plan now is to put Kail right back up on the block with Zach next week, and vote Zach out. Just to keep Kail on her toes and off her game. These two figure that they’re the most well-liked people in the house, so they won’t be targeted for a while.

Time for another Dick/Kail showdown. It seems Dick is angered by the fact that Kail has been noodling around with Mike all day after she told Dick that she had no one and no alliances left. Kail says that Dick doesn’t know what she’s been talking to Mike about, and it’s not game related. Yeah, right. She asks Dick why he’s upset that she has someone to talk to. He’s not upset, he’s just pointing out her lies. Yadda yadda, Kail says that she can’t ever trust him because he tells people everything she says. He goes back to the throwing of people under the bus and how Kail said she didn’t have anybody. Kail says she never said that – Dick said it and she just agreed with him. Okay, that there’s a lie because Kail did say that a few times. Not that I think Dick is going about all of this the right way, just pointing out that Kail is, in fact, the one talking out of her ass. She tries to explain that Dick said “everyone” in the house wanted her gone, so she assumed Jen was included in that. Therefore there was no throwing under the bus. Which makes Kail look even worse because she didn’t talk to Jen or anyone else first – she just blindly believed Dick.

Dustin and Jameka are sharing the hammock, and Kail escapes Dick’s latest barrage to join them. She’s upset, and tells them that she’s not going to talk to Dick ever again because he twists her words around. Except that she did say pretty much everything he’s accused her of so far. She says that if she leaves this week, she wants to make sure that everyone knows how awful he is. Great. Is this what we’ll be hearing for the next few days? Dustin and Jameka try to console her, saying that she needs to just walk away when he starts on her, and that maybe he’s just waiting for her to stand up to him. Dick is sitting on the couch having a smoke, throwing death stares at the hammock group.

Kail thanks them for making her feel better and leaves. Dustin tells Jameka that Kail has been coming to him multiple times a day lately and he’s concerned that it’s making him a target. Jameka gets called to the storage room to exchange her microphone. Dick comes over to talk to Dustin, and says that Kail is lying her ass off and he’s the only one who’s willing to call her out on it. Dustin shares his concern about Kail coming to him all the time now. Jameka returns, and Dick leaves them to their conversation. They talk some more about Kail – well, Dustin does most of the talking. He says that he told Kail that she was wrong to come in and assume that the men would protect her because she’s a woman, and that she can’t keep going on with her preconceived notions about what groups of people are actually like. Jameka adds that Kail doesn’t even understand simple things that people tell her, and chalks it up to her living such a sheltered life.

Dick moves on to Eric and Jessica. They’re talking about the veto competition, and Dick says that, when Mike told him that he was staying true to his alliance, that was all he needed to hear and jumped down. He’s glad Jen won the veto so that he can break up the Mike/Kail thing. Eric says that last season and the one before it, people quizzed each other on stuff that happened in the house and things inside the house. He thinks it would be a good idea if a small group of them started doing the Jedi drilling as well. Eric’s a clever boy.

Mike, Jen, and Kail are in the hot tub. Kail wonders why Dick keeps coming at her (boy does that sound bad!) and Mike thinks it’s because he wants the vote to be unanimous so that everyone votes Kail out. Methinks Mike might be in for a little surprise on Thursday night. Then again that’s still several days away, and this bunch isn’t exactly known for keeping secrets.

Upstairs, Amber is getting out of the tub in the HoH room and we’re treated to a shot of her completely naked before wrapping a towel around herself. That’s great BB, thanks a lot. Did no one tell her there were cameras in there?

Back to the hot tub. Mike and Jen think that Kail should sneak around and follow Zach in the house, and then run away whenever Dick shows up. They think that will make Dick paranoid that Kail is working with Zach, and he’ll put him up instead of Mike. It’s a goofy plan, but smarter than anything else Kail’s tried. She says she’s going to do it.

Zach and Dustin chat in the hammock. Zach’s suffering a down cycle in his mood swings tonight, and says that the only reason he streaked last night was because he was feeling very low and was trying to raise his mood. I’m a little concerned about the big guy – he’s got to be going through some sort of clinical depression or something. He’s sad that he hasn’t been able to make real connections with people who he’d like to be friends with in the house. Dustin, our resident cheer squad, tries to give Zach a pep talk.

Jen and Kail have moved to the gym, where you can pretty much guess what their discussion is about. Kail wonders what type of fans Dick might have, and Jen says bar owners, white trash people. Hey Jen, your boyfriend Booger is a bar owner – and arguably white trash as well. This is eerily similar to the conversations that Maggie and April used to have.

Dustin, Daniele and Nick are upstairs in the HoH room, while Jessica, Dick, Eric, and Jameka are in the backyard. Both groups are talking about Zach, however, and the conversations are very similar. Of course the backyard convo is funnier. Jessica wants to know how Zach got in the house – if he was recruited or applied. Someone says that he answered an ad on Craigslist.