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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 21st – Liar Liar Pants on Fire

The conversation switches to trying to get Zach up. Again. It’s not going to happen of course, but I’m sure we’ll be treated to Kail working the house to try and convince Dick that Zach is the one who betrayed/lied to/annoyed everyone in the house.

Upstairs, Eric and Dick are still talking, and it looks like Daniele isn’t all that concerned about being in the HoH room after all, because she’s back. They’re sharing stories of how Kail wigged out over the last few days, including threatening to rat Jessica out. This is true – it’s in one of my recaps from a few days ago. Dick says that Amber is just bouncing off the walls. Daniele suggests that he should talk to her. After a few more comments about Kail, Daniele and Eric leave.

Dick is now talking to Amber in the HoH room. He tells her not to believe stuff about him that she hears from other people without coming to him and asking him first. Amber says she doesn’t. Heh. Dick tells her about Dustin wanting Zach out next week, but she’s not to tell anyone about it. Jameka interrupts, and they start talking about the possibility of evicting Mike this week instead of Kail. Dick says that Dustin told him that he’d be ruining his integrity if he switches up the vote, but he sees it as a strategic decision amongst all of them. He says that they’re not going to say anything to Kail, and then she’ll be messed up for the HoH comp. Amber and Jameka both agree to this.

Dick says that Zach is the apparent target for next week, although he personally thinks Jen is the bigger threat. Jameka points out that it will be up to the HoH, and that they will have options with Zach, Jen, and Kail all still in the house.

And so the selling out of Zach continues in earnest. Kail finds Daniele, and tells her that Zach was the one who told her to nominate Dick and Daniele last week. Daniele says it doesn’t matter now, they were all in an alliance together. Kail says they aren’t any more, and adds that she was going to warn Daniele about Nick and how he had a hand in both alliances. She gets no reaction, so she mentions that Nick and Zach have an agreement to share some of the prize money at the end. Daniele shrugs and says that’s against the rules. Kail says she knows nothing about Nick – she hasn’t talked to him hardly at all since the game started. I’m sure Daniele isn’t buying any of this, and the look on her face suggests that I’m right. Kail says again that Nick and Zach went their own way and betrayed her, and they are not to be trusted. She tells Daniele that she hopes her dad doesn’t hold anything against Mike, because he didn’t do anything. Why the hell does she think anyone cares about this? Daniele sure doesn’t – she gets up and leaves.

Kail moves on to Mike again. Boy this woman is hard to keep up with sometimes. She says that she just talked to Daniele and blamed everything on Zach, while pointing out that Mike had nothing to do with it all. She proclaims that the alliance killed them. Except that the alliance might have stuck by them if they had been more social and not gone loopy last week. But whatever – I guess it’s all perception. From where Kail’s sitting, she’s played a perfect game except that her boys didn’t protect her.

Mike says that, if he’s not going to win the game, then he’d rather go home early. He doesn’t want to be the first person on the jury and be stuck in sequester for two months, since he won’t even be on TV anymore. He didn’t strike me as a media whore, but then again how well does anyone really know him? Kail says she wishes that she could be calm about everything, but she’s a basket case. You don’t say. She says she hopes that she’s not stuck in sequester with Evel.

Dick apologizes to Mike because apparently everyone thought that Dick was going to punch him after the veto competition. He says that was never his intention, and he’s sorry if it came off like that. Mike isn’t too concerned and accepts Dick’s apology.

Dick moves on to Jameka, and says that he’s really worried that Daniele is going to turn into this season’s Erika. You know what? Even if Nick is using Daniele, which I doubt, there’s no way that she’s going to turn out even remotely like Erika. Daniele is strong, not cloying and sickening and talking about making little Booger babies. Jameka says that it’s possible Nick is playing her, but she doesn’t think so because Nick told her that if it ever came down to him and Dani, to always favour her. Dick says it’s easy to say stuff like that.

Kail’s next victim is Amber. She gets the same spiel – Zach sold us out, Zach wanted to nominate Daniele and Dick, everything is Zach’s fault, Zach eats kittens for breakfast. She’s trying to spin going after Dick into some magical little sacrificial thing she tried to do for her alliance, but then Zach got in the middle of it and poisoned Nick and Mike against her. Ridiculous. Amber seems to be eating it up though, saying that she saw Zach pulling Mike aside then and that must have been what he was doing. I’m getting a headache from slapping myself in the forehead.

Kail tells Amber about Zach and Nick planning to share the prize money. Amber already knew about this, but she pretends she didn’t. I’ve said this before, but I’m not sure why Kail thinks that this is going to work. No one looks at an opposing alliance and says, “Okay, that guy screwed over the brains of that alliance, so obviously he’s a bad person and needs to go.” Basically Kail is making the case FOR Zach and Nick, and admitting that she got played by them both. Which doesn’t even remotely affect nominations or targets outside of her little messed up group.

Moving on.

Amber escapes from Kail’s clutches and makes her way to Dustin. She’s complaining about how Dick’s ego is getting too big, and how he came to her and told her that she’s voting Mike out now. She thinks he could have at least asked. I guess this is how Dick arrives at a consensus? Anyway, Dustin agrees but says that this isn’t the time to try and do something about it. He wants to wait it out and just let Dick make the target on his back bigger all by himself.

Amber and Dustin want to vote against Kail, and think that there will be enough votes for Mike to not matter who they vote against. They think that they can always say that it must have been Zach and Nick who voted to keep Mike in the house.