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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 21st – Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Dick, Nick, and Dustin are up and outside. Dick says that he knows he’s said this before, but he wants to make it very clear. He’s not trying to force anyone into voting the way he wants them to. Dustin says he knows. Dick tells him that they’ve been talking about busting up this alliance for weeks now, and it’s time to figure out which one of them is the biggest threat and take Mike out. Dustin says that’s fine, as long as Zach goes next week. Dick adds that he was standing there during the veto comp thinking that it didn’t really matter who won the veto, since one of “them” would be leaving anyway. And then it dawned on him that they were probably trying to do exactly what he was trying to do last week, and get Zach up on the block so he’d leave and the rest of them would be safe.

Dustin warns Dick that it might look bad to the others if he changes his mind and suddenly wants Mike out instead of Kail. Dick says that they’ll have to come to a group consensus and figure that out. Dustin mentions Zach again, and Dick says that whoever gets HoH next week can put Kail up with Zach. Kail can become the Chicken George of this season, and go up on the block every week. Oh that’ll be good for her nerves. And our ears. Dick points out that he doesn’t even have a vote this week, but Dustin assures him that Jameka will be fine with Mike going, as long as it’s Zach next week. Dustin is becoming obsessed with Zack leaving – you know that this means Zach will get the next HoH, right? He adds that there must be a double eviction week coming up very soon, so they all need to be on their toes.

They decide to let Kail think that she’s the one going this week, and then she’ll be all emotional and off her game for the HoH comp on Thursday night. Dick says he can even tell Mike that he’s safe, not to worry. Dustin says that, since Kail’s been confiding in him lately, he can try and find out from her who she would put up if she won it again. I can tell you right now, Dustin. Dick and Daniele, or Dick and Nick.

Dick goes inside and Dustin says he’s cool with whoever leaves this week, and Nick agrees. Dustin stresses that he’s serious about Zach going next though. Nick says that Zach and Jen should be the next ones to go, and then he’s fine with everything. He likes that he’s playing a part in taking them out of the game. They remind each other that they need to go in the diary room and make their little handshake joke together, because that will make for good TV. Oh they did NOT just say “good TV.” I’m getting creepy Will/Booger flashbacks now. Dustin explains that he wants Zach out so badly because he’s been watching Zach cozying up to Amber, and he knows that he’ll try and drive a wedge between them. Dustin won’t stand for that.

Dick comes back out, Dustin goes inside, and Zach shows up in the backyard. Dick talks to Zach about Kail, and then Nick calls him over to sit with him by the hot tub. Zach goes over and says that he’s worried that his streaking last night might have been a bad idea. He’s feeling ostracized, and says that he only feels close to Nick. Nick confirms that they’re still together, even though he’s just promised Dustin that he’d put Zach up next week if he won HoH. They talk about Jen, and how she might be good to have in sequester because she might vote for one of them in the end.

Zach’s back to the streaking thing, wondering if it scored him cool points with Jessica and Jameka. Nick apologizes for putting him up to it in the first place, but Zach takes responsibility and says he did it because he wanted to. They wonder who Eric is aligned with in the house – possible Dustin and Amber. Nope, he’s aligned with the viewers, and he’d better not betray us! There’s some talk about Nick and Daniele and what is or isn’t going on there, and Nick says that Dick is putting himself in a bad spot this week by mouthing off to everyone. Some chatter about Kail selling them out (guess Zach is still unaware that it was actually Nick that started all that).

While everyone else is still outside or sleeping, Dick rounds up Daniele and Eric and takes them to the HoH room. Dick tells them that the plan is to get Mike out, but not let Kail know that she’s staying. He says that if Zach finds out that he’s the next target, it came from Nick so they have to be careful. Daniele whines that she already knows all of this and leaves, saying that she doesn’t want to be seen in the HoH room too often. Dick and Eric talk about Mike throwing a temper tantrum during the veto competition.

Eric says that they should all just relax and wait for a few more days before committing to voting one way or the other. He’s good – he knows he has to wait to hear what America wants him to do, so there’s no point in throwing promises around. I wasn’t sold on Eric as America’s Player at first, but I’m really rooting for the guy now. He tells Dick and as far as Jen is concerned, it’s all semantics. So she wasn’t in the room for the handshakes – she was with them soon after that and hasn’t left since. He says that Kail probably won’t be able to form many relationships in the house if Mike leaves, but Mike has the potential to start another group or bring his original alliance back together.

Now we’re watching an extreme close up of Kail, in the round bed, crying and looking around. Mike is sleeping, face down, behind her, and Jen is also dozing beside her. Kail looks at Mike and sniffs loudly, but it’s a few minutes before Jen and Mike wake up and pay any attention at all to her. Neither of them notice she’s been weeping. Jen and Kail make small talk as Mike gets up and leaves the room without saying a word.

Kail and Jen discuss the possibility of Zach going up when Jen uses the veto. Kail says that someone needs to tell Dick all of the things that Zach’s done so far so that he’ll want to get him out. She adds that obviously she can’t do it (thank goodness), and Jen says that she can’t either. They decide to go outside and sit in the sun for a while.

En route to the backyard, Kail runs into Mike in the kitchen. She tells him that she didn’t know he was going to be the target, and apologizes to him, saying that if she had known she would have told him not to go back out there. I really don’t know what she’s talking about, but it sounds like it relates to the veto comp. Mike is downplaying everything, saying that he already knew he was a target so he had nothing to lose. Kail keeps saying that she feels terrible, she should have stopped him but she didn’t even realize that he might be a target. Even though I don’t know what they’re talking about, this is BS. Kail has known all along that she and Mike were both targets.