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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 21st – Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Dick goes around the house telling everyone what just went down. And by everyone, I mean Daniele, Jessica, Zach, and Nick. Someone mentions that they’ll be wearing costumes for the competition, and Jen is enthusiastic about this. Go figure. Speaking of costumes, Eric is dressed at the Mad Hatter! He looks adorable. Big green hat, and a suit that looks like it was made from an old quilt. Funny. They’re all gathering for the competition now, about two hours and forty minutes after BB said it would be two hours. That’s pretty good for BB.

Eric is reading from a cue card, telling the veto competitors that they have to draw numbers. Dick draws a 6, Jen gets 3, Kail picks 5 … and that’s all we’re going to see about that until Sunday night.

Almost two hours later, we’re back. Jen is in the shower. Kail is talking to Amber about how she’s looking forward to seeing her husband again. Guess she’s not our veto holder. Amber is telling Kail that she hates her in the game, but can’t hate her as a person because she’s a mother. What the hell? She’s trying to explain that she hates Kail in the game, but not in her heart. As if that’ll make Kail feel better.

Kail is saying that she wants her suitcase now so she can start packing her “theens.” Yes, I’m resorting to making fun of her accent. She’s not giving me much else to work with just yet. She says that before she goes though, she wants everyone to understand that Dick twisted her words and she didn’t say the stuff he’s saying she did. At least no one’s telling each other to “watch the tapes,” although I’m sure that one’s coming.

There’s a bit of chatter amongst the others about Mike being a bigger threat than Kail, so maybe they should take him out this week instead, since Kail’s such a wreck. Hmm, did Jen win the veto? She sure did – Dick is telling her that she has the power in the house now. Dustin and Jameka think that they should all talk to each other and decide together what will be best for the house. Jameka asks why Mike would do such a thing, but I’m not sure what she’s referring to.

Dick is apologizing to Mike in the kitchen for something that happened during the comp. I still don’t know what happened, but Mike says it’s okay and they shake hands. Oh, here we go. Dick is talking with Nick, and from the sounds of it, Jen and Dick were the last two people standing. Mike (who wasn’t even playing) got in Dick’s face about something, and Dick asked him if he wanted to go up. Mike said he didn’t care, so Dick walked off and let Jen win the veto. Wow – if that’s true it’s going to be fun to watch!

Dick says that the only thing that mattered to him was that Kail stayed on the block. Otherwise he didn’t really care who won the veto. Nick agrees and says that once Kail was out of it, he didn’t care either. Mike will go up in Jen’s place, and Dick is talking about Mike leaving now. Things sure do change quickly around here.

Dustin and Amber are in the storage room. Dustin wants to know if Kail is okay, and then says that Dick’s ego is out of control. He tells Amber that Dick called him out in the kitchen, in front of everyone, and wanted to talk game with him later. When did this happen? Kail joins them, and she’s hinting that Dick told her something about Amber. Amber wants to know what it was, and Kail starts telling them that Dick said everyone wants her (Kail) out of the house, and she asked specifically about Jessica and Jameka, and he confirmed it. She says that he told her that everyone was on board with taking her out this week. Which is pretty much true.

Dustin goes to one of the bedrooms, and Kail follows him. Now that they’re someone outside of the Mrs. Robinson fiasco paying attention to her, she’s milking it for all it’s worth. Dustin says that there’s still lots of time, no one knows for sure who Dick will put up in Jen’s place. They talk about Kail’s glass in the competition, and how it wasn’t straight. It sounds to me like they had to hold glasses on their head or something, but I could be way wrong. Kail was apparently out very quickly, and says that she told them that they can all relax now because she can’t win it.

More insane ramblings from Kail ensue. She says that she never said anything about Jen or Amber to Dick (not true), and that he’s twisting her words to make everyone else think that she did. She says that the whole house is scared of him (no, just you) and will do what he wants because they’re afraid. Dustin says that’s not true, only Kail is scared of Dick, and the others are strong enough to think for themselves. He tells her that she’s strong too. She says that the others must believe what Dick is telling them, because no one has come to her to ask if it’s all true.

Meanwhile, Dick is talking to Amber and Jameka about Kail being a liar. I guess lying is the theme for today, folks. He says that Kail called Jen her best friend in the house, and then proceeded to try and … say it with me … throw her under the bus. That’s one busy bus. He says that she’s lost all credibility in the house, and she’s obviously still aligned with Mike even though she kept telling Dick that she has no one and isn’t a threat. She did indeed say this, by the way. Several times. He correctly guesses that the plan was for one of them to win veto, and then try to sell Dick on nominating Zach as the replacement.

Outside, Zach is asking Nick and Daniele if they would drink eight ounces of sperm to win a veto competition. See, this is why people are creeped out by Zach. It’s so random and so disgusting. Nick and Daniele whisper to each other, and Zach says, “How about eight ounces of whale sperm?” More whispering, and then Zach says that he doesn’t like secrets. He asks them if they’re making out yet. Poor Zach. So clue free.

Kail leaves Dustin alone and meets up with Mike and Jameka in the kitchen. Jameka’s a fresh pair of ears for Kail’s tales of woe. She starts in with her, “Dick said everyone wanted me out” thing, and Jameka goes into counselor mode, telling Kail that she can’t keep hanging on to these things – she has to let go and move on. Kail admits that she’s bad with that. No frigging kidding. Jameka says that Kail is getting to be her own worst enemy because she can’t get past this kind of thing.

Mike and Kail meet up again outside. Kail thinks that Dick might put up a pawn, like Jessica or Jameka, to make sure that Kail goes home. Mike doesn’t think so. Mike suggests that maybe Zach will go up, and Kail says she wouldn’t have a problem campaigning against him. So wait, if Mike goes up against Kail, she won’t campaign for the rest of the week? Sweet! Mike goes inside to take a nap, telling Kail that he’ll think about it and see if he can come up with something.

Confident that her loyal and trusty protector will think of an idea to keep her safe, Kail decides to lay in the sun while most of the others go to take a nap. This lasts for over an hour. Honestly, it’s kind of a nice little break.