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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 21st – Liar Liar Pants on Fire

This morning starts off slowly, as Kail is up first and eating her breakfast alone. She heads for the bathroom as Dick and Dustin start moving about, followed by Nick and Zach. As Zach and Kail are showering, Big Brother gives the wake up call. It’s just shy of 8 am. For those of you keeping score at home, our wakeup music this morning is Queen’s “We Will Rock You” followed by “Under Pressure” with David Bowie. I’m sure the latter tune was for Kail. Oh, and? Amber thought the song was originally done by Vanilla Ice. I’ll bet she thinks Superfreak is a rip off of “Can’t Touch This.”

There’s not much chatter as hamsters are busily getting dressed and eating. At 8:30, Big Brother announces that the Veto Competition will begin in two hours. So that means at least two and a half hours – probably longer.

Nick and Daniele are hanging out in the HoH bed, just doing the same stuff they normally do. Nick tells Daniele she’s beautiful, she tells him to shut up. They talk about how weird Kail is – one minute she’s fine and the next she’s all sneaky and conniving. Not much going on in here.

Not much going on in the rest of the house either. I’m only getting bits and pieces of the conversations because the cameras are changing angles and rooms so often. I guess they’re looking for something interesting too. A few people have just gone back to bed, but we get a quick Vortex of Doom and suddenly everyone is up again.

Kail is very animatedly telling Mike that she hopes he gets to play for the veto. She knows this is her only chance to save herself, and if Mike wins it he can take her off the block and be safe himself as well. I wonder if Mike would do that though. Would he really risk it?

After a bit more idle chatter between houseguests about stuff like The Flintstones and the proper method of gargling, Dick calls everyone down to the living room to draw names for the competition. Of course BB won’t let us actually see this, so when we return from the toilet bowl Kail is upset. Great. She tells Jen that they picked the two worst people possible to play for them. Well that could be a few different people really. But I guess one of ’em isn’t Mike.

Through the whispered conversations going on, we know that Jessica and Zach are playing. Zach seems to be excited about it. Dustin’s not playing – he says that he’s still waiting for Big Brother to put his ball in the bag. Hee. Eric says he’d rather take a nap than host the competition, so I guess Dick picked him to host. And the third chosen one is … Nick. Thank you, Dustin. He tells Nick this is his second veto comp. Yep, I guess Jen and Mrs. Robinson did indeed pick the two worst eligible players, assuming Dick picked Jessica.

There’s a lot of talk about what the competition could potentially involve. Dustin thinks there might be more punishments/rewards like there were last time. Oh no. No no no. No more unitards, no more handcuffs – we’re good, thanks. Kail and Jen conspire and agree that they have to get Zach out of the comp as soon as possible, because if he wins it will be a disaster. Even if he did save one of them, they wouldn’t have their whipping boy free to offer as a sacrificial nomination.

Kail goes to talk to Mike about the veto comp. Kail is afraid the competition is going to be like the one in All Stars when Chicken George had to shave his head and go on slop for the rest of the season to stay in the house. She wants to know what she should do – what if they ask her to put other people on slop? Should she do it? Mike says to just go for it and do what she needs to do to win it. She asks him how long he could be on slop for, and he says physically the rest of the summer, but mentally he’s not sure. She says that she’s willing to shave her head if she has to.

Kail and Mike move to the kitchen. Dick walks through and tells Kail that he can see her sneaking around talking to Mike, so he knows she was lying about not having anyone in the house any longer. He goes into the storage room, where Jen is looking for something, and tells her all about Kail trying to throw her under the bus last night. You know, of all the BB phrases that these people could have picked up, why is “under the bus” so popular? Were they given the All Star season to watch while in sequester? ‘Cause that would explain a lot of things.

Anyway, Dick goes on saying that Kail is lying to everyone and that Jen shouldn’t help her in the veto competition because Kail is trying to turn everyone against her. Jen looks at Dick strangely and says that she’s playing for the veto to save herself. She turns to the fridge and notices that they finally have butter, which is apparently pretty exciting. I’m sure it would have been even more so if they could have enjoyed some with their lobster dinner last night. Oh Big Brother, what a cruel sense of humour you have.

Jen goes back out to the kitchen, and Kail immediately asks her what Dick said to her. She says nothing much, just noticing that they had butter and stuff. Dick returns, and starts ripping into Kail again. He says that the reason he told Jen about their conversation last night was so that she’d know that Kail is a liar and was trying to get Dick to turn people against Jen for her. Interesting spin on that conversation, Dick. Kail calls Dick a liar, and I’m waiting for one of them to shout, “I’m rubber, you’re glue!” Dick comes close, telling Kail that she’s a liar and that no one likes her, and she’s going home.

Now, I know what Dick was doing. He was trying to get Kail’s nerves all riled up (even though she’s said before that she can’t be riled – yeah right) just before the competition so that her concentration is broken. He did the same thing to Jen last week. And I love Dick for his entertainment value and general down-to-earthness. But this ripping on Kail stuff is starting to lose its luster, especially when he’s starting to repeat himself as much as she does.

For some reason, Amber decides to jump in and say something nasty to Kail as well, about putting the only other mom in the house on the block in week one. At least I think that’s what she was on about. Jen walks away and goes into one of the bedrooms. Amber follows and says that she got bad vibes from Kail right away. Dick enters and says that Jen knows he’s truthful and needs to believe him – Kail was “selling” her under the bus last night. Talk about maiming a couple of phrases there, Dick! Jen finally says she knows, he can stop telling her now. Jen, don’t make me like you.