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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 20th – Zach Showing Not Much … Literally

Dick wants Dani to say hi to her brother, Vincent, and she really doesn’t want to. She asks him, though, to send a message to her boyfriend in his HoH blog, and he points out she’d owe him a favor then. She then says hi to Vincent, but it’s not convincing enough for Dick. He says Kail wants another chance, but he told her he already gave her two, and she screwed him both times. Dani points out she’ll get a third chance with PoV. They talk about how Mike just about crapped himself when his key was pulled out of the box. Dani tells Dick she and Amber heard him and Mike talking, and Jen then came in and said, “Are they talking about that alliance, the one I’m not in?” They both decide she’s an idiot. Like father, like daughter, I guess, and you just can’t argue with that logic.

Kail is saying she would shave her head in a comp, and please PoV gods, see to it that this happens. Mike says if he wins it, he’ll pull either her and Jen of the block, and puffs out his chest, saying no one is intimidating him, because he’s bigger than the game. Maybe that’s why we never hear from him, he’s just too big for us to hear him. They decide Zach can’t be trusted anymore, and if Mike gets to play, Jen will throw it to Mike to save Kail. They’re hoping the replacement would be voted out then. Gee, great strategy. How’d they figure that out? Oh yeah, it’s been done 1000 times in BB. Mike then actually speaks a few paragraphs, instead of his normally monosyllabic drivel, and talks about Dick being on a power trip thinking he can intimidate people and get the people out that he wants. Oh, you mean like Mrs. R and Jen tried to do last week? The difference is, it will work for Dick.

Okay, Dick just dropped a few notches with me. He thinks women reach their peak in attractiveness between ages 25 and 30, and he says that sleeping with a woman his age would be like doing it with his mom. Umm, yeah. I’m one year younger than you, Dick. And I can guarantee you it would not be like doing it with your mom. That’s just all I’m going to say on that matter.

Mike asks Kail if she feels he betrayed her by not telling her the vote changed to getting rid of Joe. She says no, and that she told Dick it was over with Nick and Zach, and that she didn’t know about a future with Mike. She let him decide for himself what that meant. She says she doesn’t hold it against him, but either way he wants her to know he accepts the blame for how it went down. He points out if he had told her, and she switched her vote, Dick would still have gone after her. And this way it looks to everyone else like she keeps her word. Yah, all except for Dick calling her out on being a liar and proving it in front of everyone. Sure.

Outside, everyone wants Dick to show … his namesake. He refuses to do so in front of his daughter, but gives Jen crap for showing off herself, and says, “I see London, I see France. I see vagina outside your pants.” Okay, I had to stop at least once typing that, because I was laughing so hard. Zach, who seems like he’d do anything lately to be part of the group, joins in, strips down naked and jumps in the pool. Everyone steals his towel and clothes, but he finds another towel. We miss anything after this, though, as the live feed controllers decide we’d rather watch Kail and Mike figuring out where Dani and Dick went wrong in their relationship. Why is it their business? Mike says Dick is immature and should talk like an adult, and it’s because of stuff like that that Dani doesn’t talk to him. Well, Mike, regardless of how he talks, at least he knows pop culture like 1984 and The Graduate, and can multiply 5 days x 24 hours, and come out with 120, instead of 145.

When we get the feeds back on the outside crew, Zach is sharing stories of an S&M party he went to. Great! Mike wants to top this apparently, and comes out telling a story about a guy in Italy being robbed and beaten up. Maybe it’s better if he goes back to not talking. Dustin tells a story of being beaten up by cops and arrested, seemingly just because he was gay. He was put in a jail cell stripped and cuffed for 7 hours and they wouldn’t let him go to the bathroom, so he went in the cell. They took all his stuff, but he had to leave without it when he was released, because he was as student and working 55 hours a day. He had to get to work. Suddenly storytime isn’t very fun.

Amber and Dani talk about how small they saw Zach was when he was running into the pool, but Nick shushes them. Dani goes to the HoH room with Jess, Jameka and Amber, and asks Dustin if he wants to come too. He says like one of the girls, pointing out his physical attributes that prove he’s a man. The girls have their girl talk without him, and while eating on the bed, they discuss Kail being mopey, saying if she does that, she’ll leave like Carol. They talk about Mrs. R selling themselves out now, and Dani eventually goes back to laughing at Zach’s size. It’s total girl talk as they compare their thoughts on it.

True to form, Eric breaks up this party. He says he hates every one of them, as while they’re up there having a slumber party, he’ll be stuck in the small room sleeping with Zach. He’s afraid Zach will rape him, and he also takes this chance to talk about how incredibly small Zach is. He asks if it’s just him, or are their problems somewhere. Eric suggests a problem with proportion. He also tells them Mike was outside hitting a golf ball off the house, and BB yelled at him, telling him to knock it off. He yelled back for them to knock it off. And he’s talking about Dick’s maturity?

Dick comes and joins the HoH crew and talks about his chat with Nick that pretty much sounds like the one he had earlier. They were talking about whether they can trust each other, and Dick thinks no, because he knows Zach has already lied to him. Zach thinks he has lied as well, with that whole thing of trying to get Jen to put Zach up. Dick tries to explain his way out of it once again, but basically it comes down to neither one having the other’s back. After filling them in also on some of his chat with Kail, Dick says if Mike wins PoV and takes Kail off, he’ll put Zach up and Jen will go home. Mike and Kail would then go up the next week.

Eventually, Dick goes back down to sleep with the enemies, his two nominees and the person who is shocked he didn’t put him up, which is actually kind of funny. PoV competition will be interesting tomorrow. Dick has shown he’s a competitor and we know Dani is, so he’d be smart to pick her to play if he gets a choice. Either way, it has to be exciting. Let’s just hope BB doesn’t give Jen another catsuit to wear. I don’t think I could make it through yet another one.

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