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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 20th – Zach Showing Not Much … Literally

Everyone goes in to eat the lobster dinner, but Dustin isn’t eating it, as he doesn’t eat meat. No comment on that one. None at all. Jess and Jen try the pancreas and don’t mind it, yet it prompts Jess to say nothing like a fatty pancreas to ruin your meal. Dick and Zach talk outside, with Dick talking about losing his father to Alzheimer’s. Zach has never heard of that, so Dick explains. What is it with these people? Never hearing of Alzheimer’s, Croatia, Mrs. Robinson, or 1984? Did they all grow up in a bubble?

Everyone is much more jovial this week than in previous ones. Jess talks about her new boyfriend, Vincent (Dick’s son), and how she knows he’ll be waiting for her outside the house. While Eric and Dani shower next to each other, they mention Carol, and Dani says she hopes she has fun at her barbecue. They diss Jen, too, saying she has book smarts, but not street smarts. Eric figures they are the HG crew that is the youngest, best-looking, and most obnoxious. Dani adds Jewishest. Eric thinks they’ve never let a Jew in here before. He laughs about someone saying her dad goes to church around election time, so it must be Carol. They compare Zach to Howie (sorry, no one else can compare to Howie in my book), and talk about noodles coming off Eric’s side and out of his butt. That must have been one interesting food comp.

The talk outside is of weddings, and of course Nick started it. It moves to talking bout sex while pregnant, and apparently Amber is an expert at it. Jameka then asks the guys if they would drink their wives’ breast milk, and Dick has. This moves to talking about proposals, in front of people or alone? Sounds like they’re back to their Group Scruples again.

Showing himself to be very chivalrous, Dick goes to see if Kail is okay. He tells her his goal is not to make her feel bad. He talks about being the superior player (not wise), and says the problem is that her alliance ditched her. He claims to her that he and Dani only talk about personal things, not the game. Kail tells him that she has nothing with Zach or Nick, and isn’t sure about Mike. She had no idea Joe was not going home. Just as she is a broken record, so is Dick at times, as he tells her everything she has done wrong so far. He says if the other Mrs. Rs don’t win HoH, they’ll be going home, which prompts her into whining mode saying she’s the weakest player in the house and has nobody. He tells her the difference in their gameplay is he talks to everyone loudly with no secrets, and she talks to everyone in whispers.

Of course, Dick isn’t done yet. he talks about Amber never being an alliance partner of his because she’s like the town crier. He goes on and on bashing Mike, Kail, and Jen again. He adds the most fun he has seen Kail have in the house was today during the food comp. She explains she was always too busy working on her alliance. He fills her in that any alliance is only as strong as its weakest link, and Kail stops whining long enough to say she must be the strongest link. Dick tells Kail she didn’t need to freak out on him last week, as he was on the block with no power. He wasn’t after her, but after Jen. He is starting to zero in on the her, and realizing she probably has enough money not to need to win this thing. Kail admits she jumped the gun and had her final 2 speech written and everything. That was her problem from the get go. She didn’t take care of now, and looked too far ahead all the time.

Everyone else is waiting for them to come down and play Zuma Zuma. Amber is busying herself playing with Eric’s hair, and Jameka finally calls her out on it. Dustin has gotten up from a nap and is ready to play the game. Zach talks about showing his butt on Extreme Dating TV show, and Dustin busts in asking if he sees anyone that cares. Eric notes that someone brought his crabby after-nap attitude with him. Zach then doesn’t want to play Zuma Zuma, because everyone always picks on him, but he eventually relents. Dick still hasn’t joined, as he’s busy slamming Kail more, saying if she doesn’t win PoV, she’ll be voted out with no votes for her to stay. She asks if she’s more hated than Joe, and he’ says it’s not that. She’s just a bigger threat.

Dick continues saying he knows how to play this game because of all his studying. He explains there are message boards out there with people transcribing every word they say. Well, not every word. He says what Boogie did to Erika was terrible and calls him an SOB. And it probably wasn’t the first time for our dear friend Goobie. He believes Dr. Will should have been Final 2. She asks him to throw PoV to her. Is she crazy? Dick leaves finally, and the Zuma Zuma game has moved into a thing about Eric’s nipples again, with talk that the loser should have to lick whipped cream off his nipples. He points out that should be the winning prize, not booby prize. Did I hear a rim shot on that one?

Once Jen is out of the DR, she goes to talk to Kail, who tells her Dick was nice, but nothing changed, as she’s still his target. Kail says she’d never go up to Dani and ask her to vote out her dad, but I’m pretty sure she did just that, trying to convince her of how much easier life without dad would be in the house. Jen says she knows she probably won’t have Dani’s vote. Kail decides the whole point is honoring the HoH’s wishes for who leaves, but Jen points out that didn’t work out too well for her. Kail thinks that it will for Dick, though, as everyone seems to think he’s God. Jen tells her she’s being ridiculous, which of course, she is.


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