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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 20th – Zach Showing Not Much … Literally

Dick tells Kail what annoys him most is that the people in her group were planning on putting him and Dani up again. She asks who told him, but he doesn’t answer. She tells him she could never put up Dani, and he points out that her alliance definitely would. Now that Jen’s gone, she tries to blame it on her. Dick says it doesn’t matter, as since she’s lied to him now, he can’t believe her anymore. He wonders, though, if there’s anyone else she wants to throw under the bus before he makes his nominations. Oh my gosh. He’s going to have a great nomination speech. Kail goes to lay down and have a good cry while nearly everyone else is in the HoH eating Dick’s snacks.

Dustin and Mike talk, and it seems as if Mike thinks he’s going up. He sounds very defeated. They talk about how removed they are from everything with no cell phone or other contact. Mike is just happy his family will get to see him on TV, as they live so far apart, they don’t get to see him often. Dustin thinks this whole thing will help them process the priorities in their lives. It will help them all to see that the people are more important than things.

Watching the HGs after a blue vortex which was most likely the nomination ceremony, it’s just as we figured, Kail and Jen are on the block. Kail is looking defeated, and Jen is the same as she usually is. Jen talks about the show going to her hometown and filming her family this week because she’s on the block, and Kail seems shocked that this is something they do on the show. After awhile, she needs to stop the ignorance routine about the show. She has to know more about the show than she’s letting on.

Dick lays it all out for Mike. He tells him about Kail denying she is in an alliance with Jen, not knowing that Jen had already outed them. He realized it was a “sub” alliance. He knows Jen nominated him and Dani because of her jealousy and the things Dick had already done. Dick explains about the hammock talk with Kail where she promised to vote for him to stay, then immediately turned around and campaigned against him. When she was the only one voting for Joe, she felt betrayed by Mrs. R, and now she knows she blew it with Dick as HoH. He talks about helping Joe then getting screwed, and says he will never do that for anyone else ever again. He knows the house misses Joe’s personality, but not his game play. Mike says if he gets backdoored he won’t lose sleep over it, and Dick ends it saying they could need each other later on or go after each other next week. They shake hands, and the air is at least cleared.

In preparation for the Zuma comp later where they’ll have to eat gross foods, Dustin fries up a pancreas. While he’s busy with that, Kail gets in his ear about possibly playing the PoV for her. Now why wouldn’t she ask those in her alliance? He doesn’t seem very enthused, and the talk goes back to sweet breads/pancreas. In the end, Dustin has a note to future sweet breads cookers. No oil needed. Produces own juices. Okay, I am totally grossed out.

Nick notices the cameras focusing on his thighs and says they are Minnesota farm home-grown. From hay bales that he did right before he came on the show. Dani says she has no idea what hay bales are, and explains she doesn’t live on a farm, prompting him to call her a city girl. Okay, I don’t live on a farm either, but I know what hay bales are. Just wanted to point that out. They also discuss the food comp, and say that Kail would die if she had to eat what she and Jen won in the food comp, cucumbers and cow penis and pancreas. They’re glad they won cereal, milk, and ground beef. I would be too.

Kail thanks Dick for not being too hard on her during the nomination ceremony, and he says he’s really not there to tear her down, but knowing she and Jen were after him, he had to do something. She tells him that if she does end up staying after this week, she won’t go after HoH, as she never wants it again. And just how in the sam hell is he going to believe that? They then talk about Eric being the guy in the house that has gotten the most action, with a penis poke and nipple lick. Okay, I remember the nipple lick, but what was the penis poke?

With some in the house eating lobster tonight, Dustin tells everyone about the time he and Joe were still together, and Joe couldn’t order the lobster, because he’d have to pick at it, and it made him tear him up. Mike says it would be hard to eat anything you have seen alive. Thank you’! I have been saying that for years! I also can’t eat anything that still looks like the animal it once was. A hamburger has no resemblance to a cow, but shrimp still looks like those things with beady little eyes at the end of my grandpa’s fishhook. Mike says he has hunted deer, and the first when he was 13 or 14 didn’t both him, but the second when he was 16 did.

Dick tells Jessica he might pick her if he gets HG’s choice for PoV, because he figures she wouldn’t use it if she wins. He says anyone that did use it would be exposing themselves. Eric changes the subject, saying he wants to paint his fingernails. Dick doesn’t think it’s him, but says the nipple rings aren’t him either. Jen’s there too, and she asks where Croatia is, saying she’s never heard of it. Dick tells her she’s staying if the nominations stay the same. That’s a little presumptuous. It’s up to the HGs voting, not him. I think Jen found that out last time. She doesn’t believe she will stay, since Dani hates her, and she can get all her friends against her. She says it was bullcrap that the vote ended up 9-1. She sees it as a setup.


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