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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 20th – Zach Showing Not Much … Literally

Dani walks in and Dick and Nick are talking. Talk, Dick, talk. Listen, Nick, listen. Where is Spot? Nick jokes that he was about to ask for Dani’s hand in marriage. Dick says he’s just hoping to not get cornered by Zach anymore, and Nick tells him that’s his role. His role is being a creepy perv they decide. Dick thinks he looks like Shrek. Nick compares him to the guy in Deliverance. C’mon. that’s just being cruel. Zach takes another stab at chat with Dick, and he finally gives in, as they head back upstairs to HoH.

Dick starts off right away saying that he knows about Mrs. R because Kail spilled it all that Nick turned on them. Zach promises to tell him anything he wants to know. Zach admits to talking, but just talking to Jen about possibly putting up Dick and Daniel but not telling her she should, as he was telling her to put up Dani and Joe. He wanted Joe out from the beginning. Dick wants to know then, if he always planned on going against his alliance. Zach doesn’t really want to commit to that question. Zach does admit here that he did tell Kail that if she got Nick to vote out Dick he would too just to vote with the alliance.

At this point Dick admits he tried at one point to get Zach on the block, but says that was never his choice, as he wanted Joe up. Zach was the girls’ choice because he creeps them out. Zach accuses him of being in an alliance with Dustin and Amber and Dick says that’s not true, and instead he doesn’t trust Dustin and has told him that. Dick tells him instead that there are two sides of the house, and the ones that divided the house were Zach’s alliance. Zach rushes to get all his info out, and says while he did want Dani out at one time, he now sees a different side of her, something that definitely doesn’t seem very true. Yet, he knows that Dick sold him out to Jen. Dicks says he did that as a favor to Joe to save him, and it ended up biting him in the ass.

Zach also informs Dick that he and Nick had a deal if one of them made it to the end. The other would get $50,000. Dick tells him it’s against the rules, but Zach doesn’t think it is. As we get the blue vortex, it’s probably pretty obvious that it is indeed against the rules. He leaves Dick with the thought that sure, he influenced Jen to put him up, but he did it with the knowledge that he’d beat whoever was put up against him.

When Dick leaves, he finds Amber and tells her he’s going to stay away from her a little more, as people think they’re in an alliance when they’re not. She can’t celebrate so much when they win HoH like she did last night. She, of course, gets very emotional. He also tells her that if she’s always going to get so emotional, that he won’t be able to tell her stuff anymore because it’s going to screw up his game. What is it with him going off on the women. Maybe this is part of Dani’s beef with him? He leaves the bathroom, and Dustin comes in to talk to Amber. I don’t know why, but Amber spends more time lounging on the couch in the bathroom than anywhere else. She tells Dustin everything Dick just said, and Dustin thinks Dick’s ego is out of control.

Dani and Amber have a very long conversation. Amber tells her everything her dad said, and Dani takes his side gently, saying he’s right. She points out Amber did celebrate a bit too much with the HoH win, and they all thought the same thing when Kail celebrated Jen’s win. They need to be more careful. Amber sees her points and agrees that Dick was right. Amber is worried that Dick hates her now, and Dani tells her he doesn’t. They’re doing such a good job whispering, it’s hard to always tell what they’re talking about, but Dani does tell Amber not to tell Nick, because she’s iffy about him. Zach walks by and interrupts the conversation, and when he leaves, Dani says she wants to set a trap to test Nick. Something tells me that won’t go well. She compares Nick to Riki Tiki Tavi and I just don’t understand that comparison.

Kail seeks out Dustin and tells him that Zach as been following Dick around ever since he won HoH. I would think she’s trying to plant some seeds in Dustin’s mind, but she says she thinks she and Zach are going up. Dustin says he doesn’t know, when in fact he does. He says it just all depends on who badly he wants her out, as he could always put up someone that is sure to stay as a pawn, like Jameka or Jess. Maybe it’s just people that confide in Dustin, as then Kail starts to get very emotional. She says that Amber asked her why she would ever enter into an alliance with three guys, and she says because her husband always takes care of her, so she thought these guys would as well. She doesn’t need taking care of; she’s a multi-business owner!

Dick and Mike talk game, with Dick saying he knew about Mike, Zach, and Nick from the beginning, then they brought Kail in. Jen told him everything. They did what they had to do; now he’s doing the same thing. Mike says they nominated him because he was after him and Kail and Dick says he wasn’t after them, he just exposed them. Mike calls the game starting over with everyone now exposed, and it reminds me a little of the point in the beginning of season 6 when Eric outed everyone when he was threatened. Dicks points out the good part of his own game is he doesn’t have to talk to people individually (I don’t get that part) or remember lies (I get that part).

Kail and Jen talk about possible nominations, and Kail doesn’t think Jen will be put up with her. If Jen is, she wants to give a Dr. Will “I hate you all” speech. It’s been confirmed she was ‘trained” by Chilltown so this was probably a pre-determined thing. Jen is wondered if people out there typing up everything that they are saying on their blogs. If it’s pertinent, and some of her actions are just so odd, you have to. Dick comes in and informs them he won’t be letting anyone know his noms beforehand, but adds if they were a drug cartel, they’d all be going down.


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