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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 20th – Zach Showing Not Much … Literally

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, isn’t it? How can it not be? Dick is HoH, the Mrs. R’s are fighting amongst themselves, and Kail is running scared after having it her way the first two weeks of the game. Jameka keeps saying this season Big Brother is all about karma, and she can’t be more right.

Everyone is woken up by BB around 8:30. There really isn’t much going on, but Jen is walking around in her Thing 2 outfit again. What is with that? What is her obsession with showing off her camel toe? Last night she blamed it on the unitard being too comfortable, and said BB took away all her Jen shirts. Perhaps they’re as sick of them as we are. Didn’t she get any new clothes as HoH? Some shirts, something? Even Kail says she’s getting tired of seeing it.

Kail is complaining again. What’s with her? Either she’s campaigning or complaining. Never anything else. She feels betrayed because Dick told her everyone wants her out of the house. ‘know, because she’s spent the first two weeks doing only things for the other HGs, I assume. She then tells Mike about her conversation with Jen last night where Jen had told her that Zach had blown the lid off their alliance.

Still campaigning, Kail finds Dustin in the bathroom and sells out her alliance again saying Jen has done more for her than Zach or Nick. He tells her either she or Jen could go home this week. It just all depends on how it goes. She tries to sell out Mike, wondering if she or Mike would go home, and Dustin tells her it would be her, as no one knows Mike. Translation: everyone knows you and doesn’t like you. He says she’s done too much talking. He explains he’s not in an alliance with Amber, as he might leave her on the block if it behooved him. Kail admits Mrs. R. was a “final 4” alliance.

Dick goes into the HoH, as he slept downstairs, and wishes Jameka a happy birthday. He tells her, Dani, and Jess that Kail is already hitting it hard this morning. (I mean hitting the campaign trail hard, not the booze. But the booze might be an improvement on her ‘tude) They talk about making a deal to never be alone.

Dustin and Nick apparently plan to be the next Chilltown, as they’re planning a funny DR session. It includes the line, “How can I trust you? We shook hands.” All they need is a “brrring, brrrring” to preclude it, and uproarious laughter after to complete it.

In the SR, Dani and Nick are having a tiff. Apparently she asked him a question and he flipped out. All she asked him was why he and Zach were talking alone, and he flipped out about her not trusting him. She keeps asking if he’s mad, then she flips it, and he tries to talk and she doesn’t want to. She says she’s can’t ask him anything, and he says that’s not it. They question each other’s trust, and Dick walks in and walks right back out. He still talks to her about getting married and says this week is the best thing to happen, as now he doesn’t have to deceive anyone anymore. They hug, and supposedly everything is all better.

Dani takes this to her dad, and he tells her when people act like Nick was, there’s a reason. He lets her in on the fact that the rest of them in their group have resolved to not tell him anything too important right now, as they’re not sure if he was a leak to Mrs. R. She tells him to watch out what he says to any of them, as they all seem to tell each other everything in that group. Yeah, but so do Dani and Dick, so it’s just part of being in the house.

The feeds disappear, and when we come back everyone is showering after a food comp. It seems it wasn’t one decided by slop, but they all competed for food groups for the house, just what they were figuring it would be last night. They have cold cuts, eggs, and chicken, so protein is covered, cereal and milk, beer (very important), and a BBQ grill, which Zach had been coveting recently. What no one seems to understand is why BB took their leftovers from their dinner last night. Well, if it’s not in the food groups, it had to go. Jameka hopes for a birthday cake, even though it’s not in their food groups.

With the nomination ceremony probably hours away, Dick starts a round of chats in the HoH. Dick talks about Jen telling him that she is really with Nick and that he is just using Dani. Nick is incredulous and promises he’s not playing Dani. Dick also tells him about Jen selling them all out and talking about their “handshakes.’ Nick wants him to know just because he didn’t tell him stuff, it doesn’t mean Dick can’t trust him. When he adds that Amber knew about him being in Mrs. R as well, that part seems to shock Dick a little. He leaves with the promise that he really cares about Dani and won’t hurt her.

Dustin comes in when Nick leaves. There’s apparently a line forming. He’s happy to hear that Jen and Kail are going up and says they’re both selfish enough to use it on themselves if they won it. I don’t know if I’d call that selfish. They know it’s important to break up those two girls. Dustin tells Dick that Zach appears to be scared and is following around him and Amber. Dicks wants to put his key last in the box to make him sweat it out even more. He tells Dustin about his conversation with Kail last night and everything that led up to it. Dick is tried of sitting around HoH, and he and Dustin leave.

Dani comes in while Dick is looking for his key, and he lets her know he doesn’t want to stick around in there very long. She wants to know if he’s talked to Nick, and just when they start to talk about it, Zach rings the doorbell. Dani hides in the bathroom, and dick tells Zach he’s been fielding lots of chats in there and just wants a little time alone. Dani comes out and she tells him to not call anyone out by name, but to call out situations that are the reason for Kail and Jen going up. Dick leaves and slides down the bannister. How can you not love this guy? He then tells everyone that Dani is upstairs in the HoH pooping.


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