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What’s Hot on TV Tonight – Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis

Encore is airing a documentary tonight looking at the life and career of Jerry Lewis. They have interviewed some of the top stars out there claiming to be influenced by him. I get Jerry Seinfeld and Chevy Chase, but Alec Baldwin and Quentin Tarantino?

1. College Football. Oklahoma State at Missouri. 11:00 AM CT FX

2. College Football. North Carolina at Clemson. 11:00 AM CT ESPN

3. College Football. Illinois at Purdue. 11:00 AM CT ESPN2

4. The Goonies. Is there a better kid adventure movie than this? I don’t think so. Stars Sean Astin and Josh Brolin in their youth. 11:30 AM CT ABC Family

5. ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating. Skate America from Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. 2:00 PM CT NBC

6. College Football. Auburn at LSU. 2:30 PM CT CBS

7. College Football. Nebraska at Minnesota. 2:30 PM CT ABC

8. College Football. Georgia Tech at Miami. 2:30 PM CT ESPN

9. Failure to Launch. How much do I love Matthew McConaughey? A lot. He’s just goofy as hell, and there’s something about his accent that I just love. He stars as a 35-year-old guy here that really needs to move out of his parents’ house. 3:00 PM CT TNT

10. College Football. Tennessee at Alabama. 6:15 PM CT ESPN2

11. College Football. USC at Notre Dame. 6:30 PM CT NBC

12. College Football. St. Louis Cardinals at Texas Rangers. 6:30 PM CT Fox

13. College Football. Texas Tech at Oklahoma. 7:00 PM CT ABC

14. Dogs 101. Miniature Bull Terrier, Dingo, English Setter, Borzoi, Wonder Dog, Keeshond. 7:00 PM CT Animal Planet

15. College Football. Wisconsin at Michigan State. 7:00 PM CT ESPN

16. Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis. This contemporary look at the living legend features extensive and in-depth interviews with Hollywood industry icons who have been influenced by the legendary actor, director, producer, writer, singer and humanitarian. 7:00 PM CT Encore

17. Oliver’s Ghost. An intelligent boy befriends the angry ghost of Clive Rutledge (Martin Mull), whose painful secret of his past causes him to haunt the boy’s home. 8:00 PM CT Hallmark

18. Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s. Miss Robbie puts Tim in charge while she busies herself planning her yearly birthday celebration. 8:00 PM CT OWN

19. Let Me In. A 12-year-old spends his time plotting revenge on the people who have bullied him and made his life miserable, and begins to wonder if his only friend is holding a secret when her caretaker disappears while gruesome murders are being discovered. 8:00 PM CT Starz

20. 48 Hours Mystery. Featured tonight is a movie that bares connections to a famous Texas killing spree. 9:00 PM CT CBS

21. Puppies vs. Babies./strong> “King of the Cuties.” 9:00 PM CT Animal Planet

22. Don’t Tell the Bride. The planning of an Iraq war vet’s wedding is hindered by his procrastination and anxiety. 9:00 PM CT OWN


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