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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 19th – Make It Stop!

Dick doesn’t understand how the church-going soccer mom can call Jen her best friend in the house, when Jen sits out there with everyone eating dinner in a towel, letting her tits hang out. Dick has such a way with words. Kail says that she doesn’t judge people, and that if she’s as stupid as Dick thinks she is, then she’s not a threat.

The conversation comes full circle when Kail mentions Dick owing her one for not putting Daniele on the block, and then the damn handshakes, and then hearing that Dick was planning to nominate her and Mike. She says she couldn’t trust him if he was planning to put her up, so she tried to get rid of him. But her alliance betrayed her. Has she mentioned that before? They shook hands too, did you know that? Argh!!

Dick says that he thinks her real reason for talking to him tonight was to throw others under the bus and try to save her own ass. He says he’s putting her up no matter what she tells him, and will give his reasons during the nomination ceremony. Kail asks him again not to blast her, and he says he won’t. He wants to leave the room now, and tells her that he wants her to have a good week in the house like everyone else. She stammers that it was Nick that made her do what she did. My god, did she not hear what Dick just finished telling her? Stop, woman!

Daniele, Jameka, Nick, Eric, Amber, Dustin, and Jessica are outside talking up a storm. They’re chatting about how they’re being edited on the show. Dustin thinks he’s the asshole because of his spats with Joe. Amber knows she’s the crier because of Julie’s question. Julie should ask them completely random questions so that they don’t know what’s going on. Eric says that the DR asks him stuff like, “So, you put a lot of grapes in your mouth, huh?” and says that they think he’s retarded.

Apparently all of the houseguests got a list of phrases they could use for the previews and the first episode, when they said stuff like, “No one’s even seen Big Brother played like this before!” Eric jokes that one of his was, “I’m going to Bar Mitzvah the competition!” Jessica starts telling them what was on her list, but the camera guy wakes up and we get the blue vortex. Darnit. That was interesting.

Kail goes to talk with Mike and relay her conversation with Evel. She says that he told her she was a boring player and that the producers probably wish that they didn’t cast her. Is that all she got from that whole conversation?? She says that she didn’t realize that she was so hated in the house – Dick said that everyone wants her out. She tells Mike that she just kept emphasizing how much she values a handshake. No freakin’ kidding. She says that both Dick and Amber think she’s stupid for getting into an alliance on day two.

Mike laments that their alliance couldn’t hold together, and says that they would have taken the house by storm if they had. Keep in mind that this is only the start of week three. And their alliance has already crumbled. Kail is rambling about Dick saying she doesn’t talk to people, but she’s had all of these one-on-one conversations and knows so much about so many people. Even Mike is getting tired of talking to her, and it’s only been a few minutes. He tells her not to take Dick’s comments to heart, and that he likes to tear people down. He says that Kail has to fight like hell for the veto, and then worry about the vote after that.

Nick and Jameka talk about Kail freaking out, and Nick thinks it’s good because it’s taking some heat off of him for the dual alliance thing. Jameka says that Kail is gone this week, “signed, sealed, delivered.” Let’s hope so, Jameka.

Jen goes into the bedroom to sleep with Kail, and says that Dick came outside saying that someone is selling everyone else out. Kail says that would be her, but promises that she didn’t say anything about Jen. She tells Jen that the big news is that everyone in the house wants her gone, and Jen says that she doesn’t. Kail plays martyr and tells Jen and Mike that if the whole house is really against her, that they can vote with the house and not make a big deal about it.

Cut to Nick and Daniele. Dani is saying that she wants Jen gone next week because she is her biggest threat. Nick says that he’s just going to be straight up with people and tell them how he’s voting so that he doesn’t get harassed like he did this week. Daniele starts talking about her brother, and how he has no drive even though he’s really smart. The only time he calls her is if he’s going to a rave. Nick points out that Daniele is smart too, and she blows that off.

Eric and Amber are on the couch in the bathroom talking about Joe. Eric says that he hated everything about Joe, and now he’s gone out embarrassed. He adds that the worst thing about all of this is that Joe will never get over going out second. They agree that he had a horrible attitude and stirred things up too much too quickly.

While Nick and Daniele are still upstairs talking, the rest of the late night crew, minus Zach, are outside yapping about Kail, the Robinsons, Jen, and whether or not Nick is playing Daniele. I’d recap all of this for you, but this is getting really long and it’s all stuff that’s been said before.

Daniele comes out and tells Dick that she wants to talk to him upstairs. They leave, and Eric says that the most dangerous players left in the house are Daniele and Nick. Daniele especially because, as Jameka points out, she has the guy (Nick) willing to do anything for her, and her dad looking out for her. Eric adds that she’s also won two vetoes.

Upstairs, Dick tells Daniele that Nick might be a little more involved with the Mrs. Robinson alliance than he’s letting on. He’s heard some things today that make him wonder and second guess Nick. Daniele says that Nick was straight with her about that alliance, and that she knew about it a while ago. She says that Amber knew about it too, and Dick looks disappointed that no one told him. Daniele says that she promises him that Nick was never going to vote against him. Dick tells her that she just needs to be careful, because he doesn’t want her to be the Erika of this season. No kidding. At least Nick isn’t as creepy as Booger though.

They talk about Jen’s claim that she has something going with Nick. Daniele says she doesn’t care about that because it doesn’t affect her. She says that she trusts Nick the most in the house. Dick says that she should trust him the most. Dick says that they’re going to have to be really careful about talking to each other in the house, and at some point they might have to fake an argument or something. That’s never a good idea though. I’m just sayin’.

Daniele is now in sulk mode. No matter what Dick says to her, she won’t really respond to him. He asks her why she’s mad, she says she’s not mad. Don’t take it personally Dick. Young girls are just like this with their parents. It’s best just to not feed into it. Dick says that he’s going to let the girls sleep in the HoH room tonight if they want to. Dick goes downstairs to tell them, and is told that there’s an indoor lockdown. He’s a little put out that he can’t go out and smoke and put on a very special episode of the Dick at Night Show. I have to admit that I’m disappointed as well.

Eric, Jameka, and Jessica go upstairs. The girls get into bed, and Dick and Eric sit on the chairs still talking. Eric tells a disgusting story about Jen, who apparently shared this with everyone on the first day in the house. If you’re easily squigged out, don’t read the rest of this paragraph. Okay, apparently Jen got her period in sequester, but she didn’t bring any “supplies” with her because she thought BB would have them in the house. So she just went “au naturel” and let it flow freely, staining all of her underwear. That? Is really gross.

There’s some more chatter before Dick and Eric leave to let the girls sleep. Eric heads off for bed, and Dustin gets up. He and Dick look at the memory wall and talk about their preferred order of evictions. Then Dustin is off to bed, and Dick is crawling into bed in the circle-bed room beside Mike. Right behind him are Kail and Jen, sleeping soundly.

Good grief – these days seem to be getting longer and longer. Maybe once Kail is evicted and we get a break from all the paranoia, things will settle down. Let’s hope so.

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