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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 19th – Make It Stop!

Jameka draws a heart on one of Eric’s nipples, and a penis on the other one. Jessica is surprised that there’s so much paint to lick off, but doesn’t back down from the dare. As the rest of the hamsters yell, “Heart or Weiner! Heart or Weiner!”, Jessica chooses the heart first and ends up licking off all of the paint. Everyone cheers, and Jessica hopes that her dad wasn’t watching that.

Dustin goes to talk to Nick about Kail’s revelation of him being in the alliance. Nick admits it and says that he was never committed to that alliance. He adds that he was responsible for making sure that Amber stayed the first week. I do remember that he pushed hard for Carol to go, but he also said that he would vote Amber out if the rest of them wanted him to.

Nick starts talking to Dick about his part in the Mrs. Robinson alliance, but they’re interrupted by Zach. Dustin joins in and there’s some small talk about Kail. As this is going on, Kail and Mike are in the bedroom with the round beds talking about Amber and Eric’s reactions to Dick winning HoH, and think that they must all be in an alliance together. Kail is really Maggie with plastic surgery and vocal coaching, isn’t she? I’m on to your twists, Big Brother.

Mike asks Kail if she told Dustin to keep what she told him to himself, and she says no. She thinks that he and Amber will figure out who the other two people are and take that information to Dick, and hopefully that will help her case. How, I have no clue.

Kail thinks that Dick might put Zach up beside her, and if that’s the case then she can easily win enough votes to stay. They’re really trying to figure out who is in Dick’s alliance. Then they talk about Nick and Daniele, and Mike says that they don’t need to worry about them because they’re just playing each other. Kail says that she gets emotional when she thinks she may be going home this week. Mike says it’s better for his family to see him on television three times a week, because they only get together a few times a year.

Dick comes in and tells Kail that this is a good time for them to talk. Dick wastes no time and tells her that she’s going up. Kail says that she just wants to ask him not to rip her to shreds in the house, in front of everybody. Dick says it’s not about that at all, that he’s a decent guy, but when he sees things going down that are shady he calls them out. He watched her and Joe sneak around and telling lies about him to try and get him out, and all this after the two of them made a deal that he was planning to honour.

Kail says that she’s not going to ask him not to nominate her, and he says he’s definitely going to. She wants to explain to him what happened last week and why she ended up being the only vote for him to leave. Dick says he knows all about her little alliance, but he thinks that Jen was a part of it. He corrects himself and says that the fourth was Nick. Kail seems a bit disappointed that he knew this already.

She explains the same things she’s been telling everyone else all day – four-person alliance, Zach wanted a two-person alliance, blah blah, my alliance betrayed me. After they shook hands on it and everything. Dick wants to know why she’s telling him this now, and why she’s selling them all out to him. Is she just trying to save her own ass? She says no, she just wants him to know how seriously she took the alliance and what it meant. He says that they made a deal together, just the two of them, and she went and campaigned against him in spite of that deal.

Kail says that two people in her alliance turned on her, but Dick points out that three of them must have, since the vote was 9-1. He says that she’s going up this week, and that her only hope of staying is the PoV. She tries to tell him that she has no one now, so she’s not a threat any longer. He doesn’t care. She took the wrong deal, the one with Joe, and now she’s going up and out.

Dick is really into it now. He says that her secret alliance was completely transparent, and that once he gave them the title of “Mrs. Robinson” Mike got scared and tried to distance himself. Kail insists that a handshake means something, and her alliance betrayed her. She points this out many, many times. Kail’s debating style of repeat, repeat, repeat drives me insane. Dick says that this is a game, and people turn on you. Alliances break up. It happens. But there are also consequences, and even if Kail wins the veto, someone from her group is going home this week.

While Dick and Kail are talking, the rest of the hamsters are partying in the kitchen. The girls are trying to see how many grapes they can fit in their mouths at once. Nick and Dustin are talking about Zach and his strategy. Daniele says that she wants everyone to just relax and have fun tomorrow without worrying about the game. I doubt that will include everyone, but it’s worth a shot.

Dick suggests to Kail that they continue their discussion in the HoH room. Which has gotta hurt because Kail’s been residing in there for two weeks now, and suddenly she’s been tossed down with the peasants. They go upstairs, but there are interruptions every few minutes. Which could be because Dick said that everyone was welcome to use the room. Dick says that the bottom line is that, if Kail hadn’t tried so hard to get him out, he would be going after Jen this week. But now it’s Kail who is the target, and if she doesn’t win the PoV she’ll be going home. He says that everyone in the house wants her gone, and she asks him to name names. He doesn’t.

Kail repeats again and again that there was a handshake, she was betrayed. Oh good lord, how many times do we have to hear this? Why oh why does she think that saying the same thing again and again will make anyone change their minds? Dick says that she can say “alliance” all she wants, but her campaigning was personal and she knows it. EXACTLY. Thank you Dick.

Dick says that whatever is between him and Daniele is personal as well, and it would probably be an easier game for both of them if the other wasn’t there. But he needs to time to spend with his daughter. He mentions that Jen gave him some information about the alliance last night, and he had pretty much pieced everything together well before Kail came to him. Kail says that she can’t believe that Jessica voted against her bedmate, and Dick says that Jessica told him two days ago that he had her vote. Kail is very surprised by this.

Dick wonders if Kail did something special in her pre-game interviews, because here inside the house no one knows her at all. She says that she’s much better in one-on-one conversations, and that she’s spent a lot of time getting to know people in the house. Sitting there with a glazed look and saying “interesting” every once in a while doesn’t make for an effective conversation, honey. You need to share things about yourself as well.

Now Dick tells Kail that there are knock knock jokes about her. She says really? Here’s one: Knock Knock. Who’s there? Kail. Kail who? Kail-ifornia in your rear-view mirror because you’re going home Mrs. Robinson! Heh.