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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 19th – Make It Stop!

Jen and Amber are hanging out in the hammock. On a side note, every once in a while as I’m typing these recaps up, I write “Abner” instead of “Amber.” Is that weird? Anyway, Amber is going on and on about how happy she is that Dick won HoH, and it’s pretty funny because finally Jen has nothing to say. This doesn’t last long, however, as Jen says that it’s good that Dick will be up in the HoH room all week and they won’t have to deal with him. Something tells me that Dick isn’t the type to keep himself locked away from everyone else. He’s much too social for that. Jen says that Dick told her last night that he wouldn’t put her up if he won HoH, but she’s pretty sure she’ll be on the block next to Kail.

Jen is lamenting the end of Jenitard week, and says that she’ll probably still wear it occasionally because it’s so comfortable. She says that BB took all of her “Jen” slogan shirts (hooray!) and replaced them with some other cute shirts. Thank you BB.

Kail goes to find Mike again and tells him that she’s going to go to Dustin and tell him that someone that’s in his alliance is also in hers. Or something. Mike doesn’t really care and frankly, neither do I.

Outside, a plane goes by with a banner attached. Don’t get too excited – it’s a Goodyear advertising banner. Eric says that the message must be a secret code that actually means, “Don’t trust Daniele!” Heh. It’s all in good fun.

Dick gets the keys to his HoH room, and everyone, including Jen and Kail, goes up to see it. The décor is the same again – guess the different rooms were only for the special All-Stars. And you can assume what meaning of “special” I was going for there. There are lots of family photos of his mom, his son Vincent, and even a picture of him and Daniele together as well as a pic from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie set. He got a Ramones CD in his basket, along with Guinness beer, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, some special chocolate syrup that you can only get in New York, HoHo’s, and Cocoa Pebbles. Who would have guessed that Dick had a thing for chocolate? There’s also a letter from Dick’s mom, and Daniele asks if she can read the letter from Grandma after Dick has.

Amber is immediately drawn to the picture of Vincent and says she can’t believe how hot he is. The group scatters a bit, as Kail, Jen, Nick, and Mike leave. Dick tells Jessica, Dustin, Amber, Jameka, Daniele and Eric that they all have a free pass this week. He’s planning to nominate Kail and Jen, and asks for their support in getting Kail out of the house. He says that he hopes he can depend on them for the veto competition. They all assure them that he can, and Dick says that if one of the nominees wins the veto, then Mike will go up in their place. The only hitch in these plans would be if Mike wins the veto and takes someone off the block. Everyone is relaxed, smiling, and enjoying themselves.

Everyone, that is, except for Kail. She’s washed the sheets for the round beds and brought her stuff into the room, along with Jen. And now she’s just walking around aimlessly, looking awkward and kind of sad.

Dick comes downstairs and sits outside. Mike is out there and asks Dick if he wants to play chess, but Dick says no, he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on it right now. Kail comes out but doesn’t say anything. Mike is talking about how great it is that everyone will be off slop very soon. Wow, I never knew Mike was so chatty.

Back upstairs, Eric and Amber are leading the Kail-bashing. Eric says that Kail told everyone that Dick was after her and that’s why they had to get him out, but he fails to understand why that would affect everyone else in the house. That’s EXACTLY what I was trying to say too. Amber says that she’s ready to record her goodbye message to Kail right now. Daniele adds that Kail told her that she would pick Daniele to play veto for her if she gets the Houseguest’s Choice ball.

Soon after, the houseguests are treated to some take-out food. They’ve got pizzas, pasta, salads, and garlic bread – there’s enough food here to feed all eight season’s houseguests. Everyone proclaims that the girls who have been on slop all week should dig in first, and they do with gusto. Eric says that he won’t eat anything until the girls are sure that they’ve had enough food, but there’s plenty there so he’s good to go. Plates are piled high and there is much satisfied moaning going on. Even Daniele is eating, but she takes little, tiny, slow bites of her food and says she’s full soon after.

Jen, who has gone back and forth between the unitard and regular clothes all evening, is now dressed in only a towel, eating pizza with the rest of them. She’s not at all modest, however, and a few hamsters get more of an eyeful than they bargained for during dinner. There’s a lot of chatter, much of it coming from Dick, as the meal is consumed. They talk about the upcoming food competition and what food categories they should go for (meats, fruit and vegetables, and beer are the front-runners). Dick wishes Jameka an early happy birthday, and she says that all she wants is waffles with whipped cream for breakfast. Dang, now I want that too.

After dinner, Dick, Nick, and Zach all hang out and talk about Joe’s campaigning (which is SO last week), and how this is going to be a good week. Dick says that Kail’s alliance is toast and Nick agrees, saying that he has a lot to tell Dick about all of that. Better do it soon Nick, before Kail tries to poison the well. Dick says that there will be another Pirates of the Caribbean movie in the future, but that Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly won’t be in it. You heard it here first, folks. Kail comes out to join them, and Nick and Dick head back inside quickly. I don’t know why Kail keeps trying to plant herself in the middle of Dick’s conversations – she must know it’s not going to do her any good, and she won’t pick up any tidbits of info from them.

Kail follows the guys inside. Dick has gone up to read the letter from his mom, which he brings downstairs and reads out loud. It basically says that she hopes it will be a good experience for the both of them, and that it’s harder for her to watch than she thought it would be. She’s praying for both of them and looking forward to talking to him when the game is over.

Kail decides that this is a good time to approach Dick, and says that she has something she wants to “halfway” tell him, and she wants to ask him something. Wow, now there’s a great lure to get someone to talk to you. Dick says sure, but they’ll talk later.