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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 19th – Make It Stop!

Kail and Jen go over and ask Nick what he was talking about with Joe. Nick is agitated and says that Joe just threatened to put him on the block if he wins HoH if Nick doesn’t vote to keep him. Which makes absolutely no sense, because without the votes Joe doesn’t stand a chance at winning HoH because he’ll be sitting in the studio after making his exit. Kail says she doesn’t believe Nick, and Nick shouts at her that she wouldn’t know because she wasn’t there. He says he’s still thinking everything over, and will make up his own mind about the vote.

Dick tells Amber that Jen hinted last night that Dustin might be in a secret alliance, because he offered to put himself up as a pawn against Dick. It was actually Amber that Jen was talking about, but Dick doesn’t know that because she didn’t mention names.

Nick and Zach have another chat, and both of them are completely fed up with the constant campaigning to keep Joe in the house. Zach says that Kail just “verbally raped” him and Nick admits that he got caught up in a tiff with Kail as well. They decide that they’re voting against Joe, and count the votes. They think they have at least six, so everything should work out fine. Zach promises Nick that he’s on the up and up with him, and points to Jen as the instigator of the dissention in the Mrs. Robinson alliance. They plan to keep themselves surrounded with other people for the rest of the afternoon so that Kail can’t corner them again.

Joe is still making rounds. He tells Jen that he thinks he has Jessica, and that Jameka hasn’t made up her mind yet. Jen asks if there’s anything she can do to help with Jameka, and Joe says no, she’ll vote the way God tells her to. Hee. Jen is mentally tallying votes again, and she says that she wishes Kail was on the other team because she’s so negative all the time. Well well well. That’s a pretty big insult coming from Jen. Joe thinks there’s still a chance that he could stay.

The bathroom is still the main focal point of the house, as people are putting on makeup and doing their hair and brushing their teeth, etc etc. Joe talks to Jameka in there, and Jameka says that Joe doesn’t have the votes, so she’s going to vote with the house to keep Dick. Joe insists that every single vote to keep him is important, and that Jameka’s could be the one vote that results in a tie that Jen will break, sending Dick home. Jameka says no, people are lying to him, and he isn’t even close to having enough votes to stay in the house. Joe looks really upset now.

Joe and Jameka continue their conversation in the gym, but it’s rehash of what’s already been said. Joe insists that Jameka’s vote to keep him will make the difference, and she says no, people are being two-faced with him and her vote won’t make a difference at all. Jameka cries and apologizes to Joe for voting him out. They hug, and he warns her not to trust Amber in the game.

After some milling about and people taking their spots in the living room, the live show is ready to begin. An hour of Vortex of Doom sounds pretty good right now, but no, it’s time to go and watch the edited version on CBS. At least Julie was there this time – did anyone else notices that she was MIA on Tuesday night?

Anyway, we’re back and my energy is renewed after watching Dick take the Head of Household reigns for this week. Yippee! Dick, if you ever read this, I jumped off the couch and hollered with glee, and now I’m enjoying a beer in your honour. Way to go, dude.

Amber and Daniele are in the storage room, and they’re really happy saying that this is going to be a great week. In the kitchen, Dick thanks everyone for keeping him in the house. Kail is sitting there trying to pretend that it’s just a normal evening and that her mind isn’t already on overload with ways to save herself. Dustin is relieved that Joe is gone, and declares himself “over it.”

Dick and Daniele discuss the comp together, and Daniele says that she almost wrote down 120 as well. That would have been interesting! She’s much more animated now, and actually treating her dad like a human being.

There’s a bit of general chatter in the kitchen about tomorrow’s food competition, and whether it will be for individual days this time rather than a whole group of people on slop together while the rest can eat real food. They had this exact conversation last week, I’m sure of it.

Dick is alone outside smoking, and he’s saying this is vindication week. Sure is. Jen comes out and Dick says that it’ll be an interesting week for them, but is quick to point out that it’ll be worst for Kail. Jen agrees.

Inside, Jameka is telling Nick that she voted to evict Joe because Dick was more consistent and didn’t pester her constantly for her vote. Nick says that if Dick is after you, you’ll know it right away which is better in the long run for everyone. Dick comes walking through and finds a pack of Joe’s cigarettes, which he pockets. Jameka tells him that it pays to be consistent, and Dick agrees. He says he told Kail that if she hadn’t flipped on him in the last couple of days, she wouldn’t be shitting her pants right now.

Jen and Nick are outside together talking about the live show. Jen wants to know what exactly is going on with Nick and Daniele, because Julie asked her about her jealousy in her private HoH conversation. Dick comes out in the nick of time (no pun intended) and the conversation turns to competitions and what they’d like to have in the house. Jen wants a trampoline, but the guys would rather have a pool table. I’d rather they have nothing at all like that because the games they invent are much more fun to watch.

In the kitchen, Jessica, Dustin, Eric, Daniele and Jameka are keeping tabs on Jen, Kail, and Mike. They note that Jen is outside at the hot tub, Mike is working out, and Kail has been in the DR for quite a while now. Dustin deadpans that they probably had to give her a sedative. Heehee!

A few minutes later, Nick, Daniele, Zach, and Dick are talking about nominations. Daniele wants to know if Kail is going up, and Dick confirms that she is along with Jen. They all agree that Kail dug her own grave this past week with her whirlwind of desperation in getting Dick out of the house. Dick says that he can’t wipe the smile off his face, which pretty much describes most of the rest of the house as well.

Kail and Mike meet up in the storage room for strategy talk. Of course, Kail has a plan. She thinks that she can “out” Nick and tell Dick that Nick was a part of the Mrs. Robinson alliance, but he betrayed them. Mike doesn’t seem to care either way, and tells her that they should talk about this later. I don’t think Mike wants to be seen talking with public enemy number one. Kail gets sarcastic, telling him “thanks for telling me you were going to switch your vote, by the way.” Mike apologizes and says he made up his mind this morning after talking with Nick and Zach, and it slipped his mind to tell her. Boy, that’s gotta hurt.