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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 19th – Make It Stop!

After two full days of Kail’s paranoid campaigning for Joe, I am so ready for something new. It’s exhausting to watch her move around the house, from person to person, and repeat the same lines over and over and over again. At least I can hit the pause button and get a break from it – those poor people in the house have very little recourse.

The hamsters are awoken at 8:20 am. It’s live vote/eviction/HoH comp day, so the production staff has their hands full. The feeds are choppy this morning, with lots of shots of the blue swirly Vortex of Doom interspersed with quick clips of houseguests milling about the kitchen and the bathroom. Exciting morning so far. Joe tells Dustin that the only two votes for Dick to stay are his and Amber’s. Really now Joe, I understand the power of positive thinking, but it should at least be realistic.

Joe then goes to Nick and tells him that he just needs one more vote. Which is it Joe?

An upstairs lockdown is called. I love these, especially when there are still so many people in the house. Everyone crowds into the HoH room, and they decide it would be a smart idea to turn on the spy screen and see if they can get a glimpse of what’s going on. Heh – BB gives them the smackdown, so there goes that idea. More choppiness – there’s trivia on a couple of feeds, a random shot of the HoH room on the other two, and the Big Brother theme song being played over all. I’m pretty sure we’re not missing anything, but still, it’s kind of annoying.

Once the weirdness sorts itself out, we get most of the people in there just sitting around, nodding off or looking around in silence. There are 13 people in that room, and no one’s talking. Amber is in the bathroom helping Jameka straighten her hair. At least they’re doing something constructive. I’m not sure which is worse – listening to Kail, or watching a bunch of people do nothing. Wait, Kail’s worse. That wasn’t a fair comparison.

Kail comes into the bathroom and sits down to watch the hair-doing. She says … nothing. People are finally chatting in the bedroom, but all four feeds are on the happy hairdressers. Is this even worth recapping?

The prisoners are finally set free after an hour and a half of nothingness. And what do we get? More nothingness as the camera crew decides that we can have the audio, but not the visual. I just want to explain all of this so you understand why there are gaping holes in the recap. I know it’s not all that interesting to read – it’s not all that interesting to write either.

I can hear Amber telling someone that their HoH comp tonight is the spider web endurance comp from last year. The only way she would know that is if they saw it being set up on the spy screen. It’s pretty early in the game for an endurance comp though. (Note: And after watching the show, we definitely know it’s not the case. I wonder how Amber got that one confused?)

Now I’m watching trivia, and the audio is the house plus the BB theme music. Someone is singing along with the music though, which is freaking me out until I realize that they’re playing the theme song in the house. But … why?

Nick and Zach talk briefly about convincing Mike to vote for Joe with them, and then Nick goes to Mike and tells him that Joe is planning to target Kail and Mike if he wins HoH. I don’t know why Mike believes this, but he does. He’s really worried now that he’s a target of both nominees, so it doesn’t really matter who he votes for. Pretty clever, Nick, but it really makes me wonder if Mike has ANY idea at all of how things are working in the house.

Mike talks to Kail next, but doesn’t say anything about what Nick just told him. Kail wants to know if she should stick to her guns and vote against Evel, even if she’s the only one to do so. Mike encourages her to do this.

Now it’s time for a meeting with Zach, who tells Mike the same story about Joe targeting him, so now his vote to take Joe out is justified. Zach goes on to say that if he wins HoH, he’s not planning to put Dick on the block because he’s not a threat to him. Mike asks him to explain how a threat is not a threat, but Zach ignores this and says that he’ll try to throw the HoH to Mike instead. Then he says that maybe he’d put Dick up with Daniele, but he’s not sure.

This is the most I’ve heard Mike speak since the feeds went live, but I’m not sure what he’s trying to accomplish. He now thinks that Joe is coming after him and Kail, but he doesn’t tell her about it. Instead he chooses to open up more to Zach and Nick, even though he’s said that he doesn’t trust them 100%. This boy is confusing.

The feeds go in and out now, and when we see the hamsters all we really get is a bunch of people primping in the bathroom, presumably getting ready for the live show, which is still over three hours away. Whoever said a couple of days ago that this was a house full of Jases was right on. There’s also a group in the kitchen making food for themselves. Apparently the slop folks will be off slop tonight.

Joe is still trying to save his own butt, and corners Nick in the gym. He says that he’s very close to having enough votes to stay, and he really needs Nick, Zach, and Daniele to vote to keep him in. Nick won’t promise anything and leaves before Joe can ask again. Joe goes to Mike with the same story, but Mike doesn’t say much either. Shocker.