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So You Think You Can Dance, July 18th – What I Like About You

Danny Tidwell loves partner Anya Garnis’ costumes, from the 70s catsuit to the “lampshade.” She says he’s a pretty good looking guy, and the only one she knows that can wear skinny jeans and ballroom shoes and still look amazing. What Danny doesn’t like is that she keeps him up late rehearsing and forces him into the gym. “She makes me strong like bull.” What she doesn’t like is that he has a hard time paying attention sometimes. She hurt her ankle last weekend was supposed to stay off it, but danced through the pain, the trooper she is. This week, her ankle apparently better, they’ll be doing the fox trot with Jean Marc Genereux. He is making the dance more jazzy and with more side by side and jumps. Even on her ankle, Anya does it all and doesn’t complain. They dance tonight to It Had to Be You, and Danny seems so suave. I feel like I’m watching an old movie. There’s a lift at the end which almost looks like they messed up.

Wade tells Danny this is a wonderful moment for him, and more importantly he had a whole thing prepared based on the previous week and how incredible of a technician he is, but Wade has never been moved by him or believed his emotions, until he surprised him tonight. With Anya, it’s the same thing, amazingly elegant and classically beautiful. Mary knows Wade was surprised, but she wasn’t. She’s loved these two since the beginning, and that leap had such speed. The partnership work is there 100% of the time. Anya is just a lovely and elegant as always with a quality of movement that was fabulous. Mary thinks this deserves a shout and tickets on the train in fist class. Nigel says without exception, this is the best fox trot ever on this stage. He agrees with Wade that Danny came out of himself tonight and says the other dance show, Dancing With the Stars, should rename itself with the word Celebrities, as the stars are on this stage.

Looking at Lacey Schwimmer, partner Kameron Bink has to praise all her experiences in ballroom and partnering. Lacey just thinks he’s good looking, and doesn’t think the practices would go as smoothly if he was funny looking. What Kameron really doesn’t like is that Lacey can’t wash her weave every day, so it sometimes gets a little smelly, which wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t make him smell it all the time. Lacey says he sweats so much and it goes through his sweatshirt. So, apparently they’re both stinky. They think doing the hustle last week was awesome, and this week it only gets better as they do hip hop with Dan Karaty. This will be about a guy chasing a girl who is quite nasty. They dance to Here I Come by Freebie. Dan’s right; she is a little nasty. Kameron brings another girl onstage as a prop for the dance, one that isn’t quite so nasty and probably doesn’t have a stinky weave either.

Wade sees Cameron’s dance as a bit heavy and not light on his feet. It’s not snappy enough, and the musicality seemed really soft and not in the pocket. What, is he quarterback now, “out of the pocket?” Sack! He sees Lacey as always a great performer, and she was again. She played the role as it was supposed to be, and while she is always professional, they seem a little contrived and one dimensional to to him, with a generally soft style which never makes him feel the fire. Mary notes to Nigel that we had another one of those numbers where the girl didn’t gee the guy. She also wonders who would want to leave Lacey? She sees what Wade is saying about not hitting it hard enough, yet she still feels Lacey is right on point. Nigel remembers Dan saying once it felt like Kameron was a prop, and now that he had an opportunity to not be a prop, as Lacey had a role where she sat down to watch him, Kameron really didn’t bring it. He thinks they might deserve to be in the bottom three this week.

Wade offers closing remarks, saying it’s a big week and exciting. It’s really starting to get hard to pare them down as there is such a high level of talent in this collective group. He’s proud of them all. Mary adds to this, saying it’s been an unbelievable year so far. It’s been a great journey for most of these dancers, and they are growing and growing. this is the last week the judges will have any say whatsoever, and hopefully they will be able to save someone they really love. She sees the standouts as Sabra and Dominic, and Anya and Danny. Nigel talks about how great it is to bring these dances to mainstream America and how no one would have thought that this type of show would ever be this successful, and he’s right.

I apologize for the lateness of this recap. My personal life got a little in the way this week. By now we all know that Anya and Hok were eliminated, and I have to say I feel bad for Hok. They didn’t like the dance or his character, and it really at that point didn’t have much to do with his ability. Had they praised him for doing what he could with what he had, maybe he wouldn’t have been in bottom three. What are your feelings on the top 10 and their chances? Do you have any favorites? Email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com

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