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So You Think You Can Dance, July 18th – What I Like About You

It’s the top 12 on So You Think You Can Dance, and an all important week. Whoever makes it through this week will be part of the final 10 dancers and will go on the tour. It’s a pivotal week that everyone has been working towards. Last week we finally got rid of some “dead weight” in Cedric Gardner after he’d finally run out of chances, so who is left to go home? Everyone left seems strong. Since it’s the last week for these couples before they are split up, they are each asked tonight what they like and dislike about their partners.

Cat Deeley opens the show and is looking absolutely gorgeous in an orange dress. I don’t know what it is, but Adrianna Costa can’t carry off her wardrobe the way Cat can. Joining Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe at the judges table this week is choreographer Wade Robson. Nigel (spellcheck always changes his name to Niggles?) says he’s a little unhappy to have Wade on the panel as he loves his routines, and it means they won’t be seeing any this week. He talks of the importance of making top ten and the tour, saying to have the opportunity to go around the country, the dancers reap benefits and get to meet the people that voted for them. Cat compares it to Beatlemania.

Mary says it’s anybody’s race now and what’s been great is every week someone else has been stepping up to the plate giving us terrific performances. They move Mary and the rest of us. Last year we had a runaway horse in Benji Schwimmer, but she doesn’t see that this time. Wade also talks about making the tour, saying it’s an amazing opportunity to reach people on an intimate and spiritual level, even beyond the dance and human level. Because they have that responsibility, the dance becomes completely vulnerable. His words are just as confusing to me as his routines.

The first dancers tonight will be Sabra Johnson and Dominic Sandoval. The best thing about Dominic, Sabra feels, is that he’s so funny and hilarious. He always knows the right thing to say at the right time. Dominic says he can always trust Sabra, and he doesn’t have to worry about their chemistry. Her best quality is a mixture of that and her puffy hair that smells good. The worst thing for Sabra is that he drops her a lot. Yeah, that would probably be my worst as well. Dominic, though, thinks his worst would be her trust issues about him. He doesn’t understand her problems with the lifts and stunts, as he hasn’t really ever dropped her. Of course, we’re then treated to a montage of his multiple drops, including one particularly bad one that looks like it was during a dress rehearsal when she was dropped on the back of her head. Again, yeah, I’d have a few trust issues after that.

Both Sabra and Dominic feel they were in synch last week, and this week they are doing the jive with Tony Meredith as choreographer. As Dominic does a mic cheek on Sabra’s hair, Tony says this is a fast-paced dance that just doesn’t stop. Sabra’s glad there won’t be any lifts for him to drop her, then learns he has to press her over his head, although he thinks she has nothing to worry about. Tonight they dance to I Do the Jerk by Ryan Shaw. They have tremendous footwork, and it looks so cool, it makes me want to jump in and cut a rug with them. They go into the big lift, and she doesn’t fall.

Wade says what is amazing about them is that every week they have 100% commitment. He also says in their video packages they seem to be having so much fun, yet at the same time they’re always serious and focused with a lot of positive energy that emanates into the crowd and America. Mary calls it a great way to start the show and thinks Tony did great with the choreography, as they found things they could have fun with. She warns them to be careful on the kicks, though, as they need to be more forward over the balls of their feet. While many times dancers don’t kick high enough, they’re almost too high. Yet, with Sabra only having 4 years of training and Dominic without any, it’s like climbing Mt. Everest, and she won’t be surprised to find them at the summit. Nigel says when they first started as partners, nobody anticipated the growth they would have together. With the exception of Benji and Heidi last year, he feels Sabra and Dominic might just be the best partnership. Nigel feels Sabra has a great aura and dances brilliantly, while Dominic is the gold coming out of the gold country he hails from of Sacramento.

Jaimie Goodwin finds the whole idea of partner Hokuto “Hok” Konishi unique. He looks Japanese, talks with a British accent, and cooks her Italian food. But, she likes it. Hok thinks her hair is really beautiful and really curly and really soft, but you don’t know it unless you touch it, kind of like a dog. Woof. What bugs her is that sometimes she chokes on his braids in practice, and she thinks he could probably say the same about her. What Hok doesn’t like about Jaimie he says in Japanese, and while they provide subtitles, the thunderstorm warning messages in our area block it out, although it’s something about them being the same height. Last week they did the waltz, and what we didn’t know was that Jaimie split her foot open right after her performance, but this week they’ll be doing Broadway with Tyce Dioro to Mr. Bojangles by the original Broadway cast. Hok is to play the old man who wishes to still be able to dance, and Jaimie is his spirit that dances the way he wishes he could.


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