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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 18th – Any Way You Look At It, It's Still An Obsession

Jen tries to convince Zach to see it her way in the HoH. She even tries out his chessboard analogy. He says if he wins HoH, he’ll put up Dick and Dani, although I’m not sure if he’d tell Jen the truth. He leaves before she’s even done with this, the first person to realize she and Kail will just keep going. You just have to leave.

Eric, Jameka, and Amber talk BB game away from the group Scruples. Eric says if he could have picked anyone to leave this week, it would have been Joe. Meaning, I think, that America has made their choice for who he should vote for. Amber says she can’t wait for him to leave. Well, they had a lot of expletives thrown in there as well. Eric asks Jameka who irritates her most, and she says Mike, because he doesn’t talk. They count up all the people in the house that annoy them. Eric then tells Jameka that Joe is definitely going, so she should probably vote in the majority, but she’s still on the fence. Eric tells her about Dani, Nick, and Joe wanting Jen to target the floaters, and Jameka is now not trusting them. He points out that every week with Daniele, Nick, and Dick in the house is a free week for them.

Dick asks Dani to come talk to him before she goes to bed, and when he leaves, she tells Nick she doesn’t like to talk to him. He tells her he is definitely voting for his “future father-in-law” to stay. She says good night to Nick and goes to join others in the kitchen. Her dad is now outside talking to Dustin, who tells him if he does go tomorrow, he’s had a lot of fun with him. He’s only shown himself in “wholeness” to Dick, Amber, and Eric, and he thinks Eric is a great guy, as does Dick. They talk about the whole gonorrhea thing and Dick asks if Dustin’s vote is for him to stay or Joe to leave. Dustin says it’s for Dick to stay. They’re both concerned about Zach switching his vote, and know Kail is worried either way. After Dick went off on her this morning, others now see her as a liar.

Dustin tells Dick when he left his goodbye message for Dick today, he was bawling, and for Joe, he just stared at the camera. He knows it’s a tough ordeal, and he thinks Dick has handled it very well, showing he is a person of compassion. Dick says he knows people just see him as a guy walking around cracking jokes, but he tries to be honest with people. He’s not going to admit that it bothers him, but he says he is human. He says when “she” hurts, he feels. Dustin says he looks at him and Kail as being opposites, but she looks at it as him being a threat. They also talk about Nick handling Joe’s advances fairly well, but Mike they wonder about being homophobic.

Dick then talks to Jen and says he doesn’t know why she wants him gone so badly. He then lays out his opinion on everything outside of the house, the war, diamonds, money, fake boobs, etc. Regardless, he says, he speaks his mind and doesn’t avoid conflict. He calls out Kail for her actions, then talks about enemies. He wonders if the whole season was to be about him and Dani, and they threw in the two gay guys and ex-BBFs to making an all around enemies thing. Dicks says he doesn’t know what she has against Dani, but he thinks it’s the attention thing from Nick. Bingo. He says he doesn’t want to rip on her, but it’s the way she flaunts her body, as if it’s the only thing she has going for her. She totally doesn’t get this.

Still not done, Dick tells Jen her biggest mistake was not taking his deal to her after she initially won HoH. She says she couldn’t not put him up, as she’d look stupid. I hate to break it to her, but she hasn’t faired much better putting him up. Dick says she’s now made her alliance the biggest targets, and by looking at BB All Stars, Jen thinks it’s possible to get to the end. Dick points out that’s true, but look what happened to Janelle’s alliance. Jen says that’s Janelle’s own fault for putting up her own alliance members. Huh? Did she watch the show last year?

Dick goes on to say he’ll have to put up Mike and Jen if he wins HoH (meaning to keep his deal with Kail and to then put her up after PoV), and he also tells Jen the background on Mrs. Robinson. He says it’s about an older woman seducing a younger man. Jen only cares about sticking it to Dani, saying she thinks she’ll end up without either Nick or her boyfriend back home by the end of the show. Dick then makes a big mistake, and tells Jen about the conversation he had with Dani last night. That was stupid. She goes to bed at the end of this discussion, and she tells him he’ll see she’s really cool outside of this game. I don’t know if she can change that self-centeredness, though.

It certainly seems after this day in the house that Joe will be leaving, despite Kail and Jen’s vigilance. And it would seem that Kail and Jen are on their way out, but I thought that about Erika and Maggie, and look how they ended up. The good thing is Dick has watched the show, and knows how that ended up too. I hope.

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