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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 18th – Any Way You Look At It, It's Still An Obsession

Mike comes up to the HoH, says he just wants to win it so he can hear the Killers (so the guy at least has good musical tastes). He also tells Jen Zach’s mind can’t be changed. He’s getting rid of Joe, and Mike thinks Zach wants to come off as the “brains” of the alliance. Jen and Mike discuss Zach being boring because all he talks about is game. She says she doesn’t think they need him, though, as she thinks they have Nick’s vote, and of course Mike is pretty sure they don’t. Mike says Kail is drawing attention to everyone that is working together, especially Dani and Dick. Little do they know they are forcing them together. Mike talks again about the sign for voting out Dick being discussing the “the 4:00 meeting.”

Kail finally talks about something other than getting rid of Dick, but she just sounds more uppity. She says she refused to become obsessed with bands and singers in high school, and while others were obsessed with Rick Springfield, she refused to, as she just knew it couldn’t be healthy. I am ashamed to say this woman is in my age bracket with that news. That’s part of the fun of growing up, being obsessed over things like that. She tells Joe she has decided to lay low for awhile, and I’m sure the whole house thanks her. Joe thinks he has the votes of Mike, Kail, Jess, Jameka, and Nick. She lets him know if he doesn’t stay, she’s dug herself quite a hole. By my estimation, I think she should be in China by now.

Jameka is Kail’s next target, and she asks her if keeping secrets is a lie, as in her own mind she doesn’t thank she has lied. Perhaps not, but with just this conversation, we know she is very worried. She also tells Jameka that if she was on the block she’d want to know beforehand, but Jameka says you can’t really do that in this game. Jameka says if she lied, then left the game, she would wonder if it had to do with her lying. Kail jumps on Jameka saying she didn’t lie, and Jameka says she didn’t say that, but I think Kail pretty much just admitted to it. Jameka is still saying she is undecided. Kail talks about Dick going off on her and says she has no idea why, as she thought they worked everything out. I think she knows damn well why, as I think Dick was pretty obvious about spelling that out to everyone, including calling her a liar which she seems worried about right now.

Amber and Eric are in the bathroom while he brushes his teeth. Eric tries to confirm the votes with Amber, which means he must be looking at it from the angle of keeping Dick. He thinks they have 6 secure, but two he’s not sure of. He doesn’t want it to be a tiebreaker, and Amber swears to God to him that that’s the way the votes are playing out.

Jameka talks to Joe, telling him she doesn’t like lies and can’t live with them. That certainly sounds like she’s siding with Dick. Others join in, and Joe says he used to watch House Calls, but Dick says he never saw it. Joe has never seen the live feeds, though, and Dick says his ex-wife used to watch it all the time. :waving at ex-Mrs. Donato.: Dani is inside with Nick talking about going back to school. Her three options for a possible career are writing for a fashion magazine, teaching grade school, or operating a doggie spa. She ads she wants to get married and have a family as well, and she wants to be the first in the family to not get divorced. Nick has a list of things to do before he dies. Among them, he wants to write and illustrate a children’s book and be on Oprah. Also, going to Alaska and fishing with his dad, going to Las Vegas, visit Maine, and bungee jump.

Joe talks to Jen, telling her he is sure Nick is going to save him. Sheesh, could he be any more in love with the guy? It was pretty obvious that Nick was just playing him, but Joe doesn’t seem to see it. Getting him out of the house makes it much easier for him to not have to play the game that way anymore. Jen says if Dani were smart she’d get Dick out, otherwise the two of them would be put on the block every week. Unless they’re targeting you, Jen. She says if Zach doesn’t side with them, he’ll have problems. She also tells Joe to his face they’ll have an easier time getting rid of him later on than right now. I’m sure he’s thankful.

While the other HGs play a game downstairs that is kind of like a group Scruples, Kail tells Jen that Eric is voting to keep Dick because they don’t have the votes to get him out. Jen says she wishes Zach would see it was in his best interests to get Dick out. That’s what Jen and Kail don’t see. They can’t get others to do their dirty work, and convince them it’s in “their” best interests to do so. Kail says Nick is lying to Joe, too, even though Joe remains convinced Nick is voting of him to stay.

Dani and Nick chat on the hammock outside. He does his usual flirtation banter, and she tells him her dad likes him. He says they are his ideal wedding, but she tells him her dad probably won’t be invited to her wedding. Nick says the last three people he wants to talk to are Kail, Mike, and Zach. Dani says Mike is hard to talk to, and Nick says he doesn’t think it’s a front. That’s just the way he is. Then they go back to flirting, and Nick is even trying to convince her to marry him.. Uh, yeah. Nick is really voting to keep Joe. How can Joe be so blind? Love is blind? Dustin comes and breaks all this up.


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