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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 18th – Any Way You Look At It, It's Still An Obsession

Dick goes inside to talk to Jameka. She tells him honestly that she sees both positive and negative in both him and Joe. Dick only wants her to know he’s the most real and that he holds nothing back. Dick says he worked to get Zach nominated instead of Joe, and Joe then went and told Zach. Kail walks in and right back out. Jameka tells him if he has her vote to remember her and if he doesn’t have her vote to still remember her. She says she will go over everything and vote for whomever has treated her the best. He tells her he will respect her vote either way.

Kail goes back to the HoH and campaigns more. She says Dick made a deal with her, just like he did with everyone else, and he’s now going back on it. Dustin says Dick never made a deal with him. He also wants it known his vote isn’t pro-Dick, but anti-Joe. Kail says if Dick doesn’t leave now, he’ll be there until the end of the game, and Dustin says he wants Joe out so that he can play the game.

An outside lockdown is called, and Nick tells Dustin everyone keeps coming at him about his vote, but he’s not going to change his mind. He shares the same info with Dani, and she says if they have Eric’s vote, her dad is safe. He talks about the song Beautiful and says it reminds him of Dani. Nice to see he’s back on track. Jen works to change Zach’s mind, but it’s a no go. She tells him that Amber spent 2 hours trying to get her to put him up. Could they be any worse than the Friendship alliance right now?

Zach and Nick talk, and both are pretty much feeling the same pressure. Nick tells Zach he can get him in with the others. Zach says he wants Joe out but doesn’t have the support. He refuses to change his vote, though. I’m sure all his chess board manipulations have showed him this is the only way. They agree to talk to Mike and find out what’s going on. While Nick takes his anger out on the outside weight set, Mike and Zach take it to the inside weight room.

Zach says he is sick of Kail, and he’d rather hear info through Nick or Mike. He thinks Joe is a threat to Mrs. R., but Mike points out he thinks Dick is a threat. Zach says he is sure Jen has figured out the alliance, and he wishes Kail would talk to him herself instead of all the whispering. Zach suggests Nick wants the three of them together without Jen and Kail. Mike feels he’s saying us or them, and Zach says no, but it’s two against two, Zach and Nick for Dick against Kail and Mike for Joe. Zach says that instead of just worrying about getting Dick out for next week, they need to think a few more weeks ahead. Long term, if he won HoH, he’d probably put up Dani and Dick himself, but for that long term, they need to now get rid of Joe.

Mike tells Zach his view, and it’s that Zach is leaving himself open. He’s annoying people with his touchy feely stuff, and he should stop talking strategy with everyone else. They even start to argue about who each other hangs out with in the house and who they have on their side. Jess, Dani, etc. Zach tries for a chess analogy, but then admits sometimes he loses a lot in chess. Zach pretty much says it will have to stand with the split vote in their alliance, unless he is “forced” to change his vote. Mike says he thinks Nick was given an ultimatum. By who? Zach says Nick thinks Dick is staying, and would just rather be with the side that wins this week, and Mike calls that selling out. Zach has a lot to say to Kail, but can never get her at a time to talk, but does think she is becoming a liability.

Many are outside in the backyard, and decide to play dodgeball. Eric says they’ll all be surprised how hard he can hit. Jen comes out with her HoH camera and starts snapping pics. When the pictures are done, they get serious about the game. Mike, Nick, Jen (in that swimsuit that won’t stay put), and Eric vs. Dick, Dustin, Zach, and Amber. Mike’s team wins the first round, as well as the second and the third. For the fourth it comes down to being between Jen and Dick, alone on their respective sides. Dick issues a “Come on, Bitch!” Dick loses. Hmm. Let’s hope this isn’t how it goes tomorrow.

Dodgeball done, everyone goes their separate ways. Amber tells another of her stories, this one about waitressing in Las Vegas. She likes the lounge over the tables and slots, and she says she’s likable so gets good tips. Probably because she starts crying and they feel sorry for her. She talks about wanting to be a nurse really badly, then oddly says she wants to be a motivational speaker. Jameka says about what, and Amber doesn’t have a ready answer for that.

Dick comes outside and says the “voices in his head” said he had to stop dropping the F bomb and had to stop saying shit, but bitch and ass were fine. BB tells him he isn’t allowed to talk about his DR session. But that’s what makes him Fun Dick. Wait. That didn’t sound right.

Jameka has a hard time choking down her slop, and despite being comforted by Amber, she just can’t do it and breaks down. I hope she has a good birthday on Friday. Dick promised her earlier to cook her favorite dinner if he’s still there. Everyone else is just milling around the kitchen and bathroom, and Jen makes banana bread while Dick wonders why the slop diet includes protein shakes. The whole thing has to be more nutritional than the PB&J is my thinking. Oddly, there’s no game talk going on, but Zach does ask if Jen put Exlax in the banana bread.


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