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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 18th – Any Way You Look At It, It's Still An Obsession

Thank God it’s another day today. I thought yesterday was never going to end. I didn’t think I’d ever get to stop listening to Kail rail on about her dislike of “Evel” and how she had to get him out of the house. I can only imagine Eric feels the same way as long as he was locked in the HoH with her and Jen. It’s a new day, and I feel like I have a new set of ears.

I’m suffering immediately again, though, as Kail and Mike are the first ones up. They discuss initially why Dani was crying last night. At least they aren’t self-centered enough to think it’s because they were sitting in the hot tub with Nick like Jen did last night, but they do think it was because of Dick. Of course, Dick is the source of all wrongdoing in the house. Kail is worried that Dick knows she’s been campaigning against him, and says if he doesn’t, it’s all that more important to get him out. So she’s lying through her teeth and going back on her word, so she better remove him from the picture. She’s worried Amber got to Jameka, but Mike assures her that Jen took care of Jameka.

Kail’s next next bit of uneasiness is that Nick told Jen about Mrs. R., even though he told Jen he would vote Dick out. She also points out Jen told her she has Eric like how Kail has Mike. They know they have to keep the allure of the Mrs. R. alliance there with Jen to keep her in their back pocket. Really, she won’t give a crap as long as you give her attention. They rightly assume that Jen tested them about the alliance by suggesting she was putting Nick up.

As for the others, Jessica refuses to commit, and Kail tried to get Dani to vote against her dad saying it would be easier for her in the house if she were without her dad, and Joe said he had Dani’s vote, but Kail thinks she’s a liar and is voting to keep her dad. Yes, she is, but she’s not the liar, Joe is. He’s doing quite a bit to exaggerate his votes. Kail complains she worked so hard yesterday, that now Mike has to do something. Why? He’s survived this far without doing anything. She wants him to work on Zach and see where he lies with all this. She says he’s leaning toward keeping Joe, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Maybe someone needs to ask her to put her hand on her Bible to get her to be a little more honest. Nah, let’s not go down that path again.

Nick gets up, they stop the strategy, and Mike pounces on him about his vote, but Nick needs to get his mic on. When he’s back, Mike and Kail demand to know why Dani was upset, and he says he doesn’t know why. This makes Kail go off even more. She doesn’t think he’s being honest, you know because she always is, and she says he has to vote Dick out, and they need to get to Zach to tell him the same thing. Mike tells Kail Dick is just doing this to her to rile her up, but Kail says she can’t be riled, as those are teenager games. Then why the hell has she been on this track since yesterday? She’s the image of riled.

Once Nick is gone, they decide they can’t trust him anymore. Duh. Kail says Jen will be shocked to find they do not have Nick’s vote. They think they might have to go after him soon, and that they can get Joe to their side if they save him, but they are just being delusional. The talk continues about Nick, and Kail points out he was the one that told her Dick was still coming after her. They realize Nick always talks to them as fast as he can, then beats fleet out of there before he can be found by others. Maybe it’s because he’s embarrassed to be seen with them. Yet, they wonder if they get Dani out, if they can force him back on their side. Yeah, that’ll work. Vote out his favorite person in the show. He’ll definitely come crawling back. There’s that delusion again.

When Nick and Mike cross paths in the bathroom a little later, Mike says he wants to talk later, and Nick seems definitely less than enthused. Up in HoH, Kail is telling Jen she isn’t so sure about Nick’s vote, but Jen seems to think they’re safe with him. Outside, Nick tells Dick in the hot tub he thinks Joe is going home, and Dick says he will if everyone does what they said they would. Nick tells him straight up, he has his vote. They count, adding Dani, Dustin, Amber, Eric, and maybe Zach for 6. Jameka is on the fence, and Kail said she’d vote for Dick, but is now campaigning against him. He says she’s campaigning harder than any Republican she’s ever voted for. That Dick. He has a way of putting it in perspective.

Kail asks Joe in the HoH why she’s having such a hard time drumming up votes for him. Because … no one likes him? You’re fighting a lost cause? She wonders if Amber changed Jameka’s mind, which I don’t think was ever set to begin with. Joe still thinks he has a tie at worst. They think Dick is worried, and that’s why he’s now scrambling. Kail says the more he talks, the more he puts his foot in his mouth. Hi Kettle. This is Pot. You’re black. Jen can’t figure why more people aren’t worried about Dani getting along now with her dad, as it shows they’re aligned. No matter what, they’re family. And out of these 13 strangers, he’s known her all her life. That’s why.

Kail comes down to the kitchen and Dick calls her out, as promised. He points out she promised she wouldn’t vote him out, and would tell him if she changed her mind, but here she is campaigning against him. He calls her a liar. He wants everyone listening to know she wants them to vote him out because it benefits her, not them. When he leaves, she says that’s why she wants him out. For their safety. He’ll do the same to everyone else. Sure, if they lie to him. Dick talks to Nick and Dani by the pool and tells them it disgusts him now that Kail kept saying Dani felt like her stepdaughter.


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