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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 17th – If You Can't Beat 'Em, Wig Out a Little

Daniele says that it’s so hard here because you have to build relationships with people, good or bad, and the situation is so difficult and she hates it. Dick says that maybe she should be honest with Nick and tell him all of the things that she just told him. She says it’s too hard because there are so many cameras around to catch everything they say and do.

Dick says that he has always wanted to be there for her. That happy and fun times in relationships are easy, but they need to work through the hard times as well. He apologizes for turning this around and making it about their relationship, but he just wants her to know that he will always be there for her whenever she needs him, inside or outside the house. Daniele says that she can’t talk about this now because she could just talk in circles forever. I wish some other people in the house had that attitude.

Dick tells his daughter that she’s so young and has her whole life ahead of her. She can do anything she wants to do. He says that he understands how she feels, and knows that his presence there probably isn’t helping because her emotions are taking a beating. Seems like Dick really did try and understand everything from Daniele’s perspective. He tells her to just be honest with Nick and tell him how she feels. He’s a good guy and he’ll understand.

Daniele says that she just wants to go to bed now. Dick tells her that he’ll be up if she wakes up and wants to talk some more. Then he tells her that he loves her very much as she’s walking away. Maybe there’s a chance that these two will actually start to work things out while they’re there.

Nick sees Daniele on her way back to bed, and asks her what’s wrong. Of course the answer is “nothing.” He says that he heard she was crying, but she just says goodnight to him and goes to bed.

Joe goes outside and tells Jessica that he thinks Daniele was crying because she’s realized that her father is going home this week. Good grief. Jessica tells Joe that she hopes he stays (?) and that Kail has been working really hard for him today. Joe says that if Kail asks her if she has a meeting at 4 o’clock, it means “are you voting for Joe to stay,” so tell her “yes.” Heh.

During all of this, Eric was called to the diary room. He must have been told who we all want him to campaign for, because it’s time now for his talk with Dick. Eric says that people should realize that they need to act inside the house the same way they do outside. He thinks that Daniele has changed already, and Dick asks him to explain. Eric says that whatever type of relationship she’s got with Nick will likely cause problems for her on the outside. Wow. He’s good. Dick tells Eric about Daniele breaking down earlier.

Eric says that a miracle has occurred in the house – Kail is speaking. He tells Dick about the drilling he got from Kail and Jen, and that Kail lied to him so he’s going after her. Dick says that he has no intention of honouring any sort of agreement he made with Kail. Eric tells Dick that he has his word that he can trust him. Yay America! You voted for the right guy!

And … here’s Dustin to spoil the conversation. He says he woke up in a cold sweat. Now they’re talking about Joe and how much BS he’s putting out there. (Not out there in the cosmos, mind you. Just out there.) Eric laughs and says that he’s heard the Joe Manifesto today, and feels that Joe has him so full of hot air that he’s ready to blow away.

Dick brings the conversation back to Daniele, and he’s getting teary eyed about all of it. Dustin says it should make him feel good because she came to him, but he says that it’s hard for him to see her like that. She doesn’t get upset like that often, only a few times in her life that he knows about. BB calls Dick to the diary room, but he says no, he can’t right now.

As this is going on, Jenitard and Kail are STILL talking about the vote in the HoH room. Jen thinks that Jameka owes her because her key was pulled first during the nomination ceremony. I’m getting really creepy “Friendship” vibes from these people. Please, not again. Kail says that if Dick leaves this week, she’s going to throw the HoH competition. If not, she’ll fight hard for it. Whatever. Jen says that Eric will vote how she tells him to vote. Uh, no. He’s not Jenitard’s bitch, he’s America’s bitch. So there.

Outside the boys are discussing Mike and how good he is at not engaging in a conversation. Eric says that he’s seen Mike for a total of about 30 minutes in the weeks they’ve been there.

Back up to the HoH room, where the wicked witches are wondering why Daniele was so upset. They were watching on the spy screen, apparently. They think maybe they both found out that Dick was gone this week. Jen throws out that maybe Daniele was upset because she saw Jenitard and Nick in the hot tub together. Oh brother. Kail says that Daniele doesn’t have anyone to talk game with in the house, so the only person she gets info from is her dad. Say what? Honestly, I cannot wait for Kail to walk out that door, because she makes me want to do bad things to my eyes and ears with rusty utensils.

Now it’s just Dick and Amber outside talking. He’s railing against Kail, saying that he’s going to call her out tomorrow on all of the lies she’s telling people. Don’t mess it up Dick – you’re almost there for this week. He tells the camera that he’s on his way to the DR now, and they both go back inside. Everyone heads for bed except for Dick, who spends so long in the DR that I have no idea when he left and went to bed himself. Damn, that was a long day!

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