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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 17th – If You Can't Beat 'Em, Wig Out a Little

Back upstairs with our pickled HoH. She’s spilling all of the details that Nick told her about the Mrs. Robinson alliance, including the fact that Nick is part of it. Eric doesn’t quite know whether or not to believe her. She says that Eric needs to keep her around so that he has a link with the “other side” of the house. She also claims that Nick and Daniele aren’t really that close, because Nick tells her everything that Daniele says to him and what she’s planning to do. Oh really? They agree that Zach is expendable – he has to be, because everyone is annoyed with him.

Jen says that Joe would put Dustin and Amber on the block. Eric says that’s what Joe told her, but he bets if he asked Joe, he’d get a different answer. Good point. He also says that, out of 11 people playing for HoH on Thursday, what makes them all think that Dick will win it? Jen keeps talking about Nick, and how solidly he’s with Kail, Mike, etc. She says that there are basically only three people on the “outside” – Daniele, Dick, and Joe. Eric wonders, if that’s the case, why it’s a big deal which person leaves this week.

Now Jenitard’s in total liar mode. She says that she and Nick are together and might have kissed, but they decided to pretend that they’re enemies to infiltrate the other alliances. Then she says that Kail is scared to put Daniele on the block, so they’ll put up a couple of pawns and then backdoor Daniele with the veto.

Speaking of Kail, in she comes with Jessica in tow. And she’s worked up. She asks Eric point blank who he’s voting for, and Eric kindly and patiently explains once again that he hasn’t had a chance to talk with Dick yet, but he’s planning to and will make up his mind after speaking to him. He’s already talked to Joe. That’s not good enough for Kail, who claims that Dick has already lied to Eric, which Eric argues is not true.

Kail says she has the votes, and Eric should vote with the house. She can’t prove it though – most of the people that she’s relying on haven’t actually committed to her one way or the other. Kail says Dick’s leaving this week, and Jen agrees. Jen tells Eric that he will vote the way she wants him to, but Eric is still trying to use logic to get these two to shut the hell up. I really don’t know why he’s still there, as this is completely pointless. Kail says that Dick kissed her on the cheek and told her that he would put her up. So what? How does that affect any other person in the house?

Now Kail says that no one else in the house would have the courage to put Dick on the block because they’re all intimidated by him. Eric chuckles. She doesn’t want to play the game with someone who uses intimidation to get what he wants. Well then what exactly have YOU been doing, Mrs. Robinson? She says that she’s the only one who would do it, but they should take him out now while they have the chance. Eric asks what about Mike and Zach – wouldn’t they put Dick on the block? He also points out that Joe has the better chance of winning HoH on Thursday.

As all of this is going on, everyone downstairs is noticing that Eric has been in the HoH room for two hours. They’re wondering what’s going down.

Jen leaves, and Eric says to Kail that all he wanted to do was come upstairs and listen to the CD. He is not going to make up his mind until he talks to Dick later tonight. Kail demands that Eric must tell her after he talks with Dick where his vote is going. Eric says that he’s really tired of all this bull shit (yay Eric!) and he just wants to sit and talk to someone about the zoo or something – anything that’s not game related. Kail can’t wrap her head around this, and replies that Evel wants her out of the game so they need to take him out now. Good lord woman, get a hold of yourself.

Joe is busy trying to work Zach, who says that he has noticed a recent change in Joe and has gone from 90% wanting him out to 60%. Somehow I don’t see Zach flipping – he did this to Carol last week too.

Jen, Dustin, and Zach go up to the HoH room, and I’m sure Eric wants to hug them all. He says again that all he wanted to do was listen to some music, so Jen takes the headphones and starts listening. Nice. Eric and Jessica come downstairs, and Eric is quite obviously fed up.

Outside, Zach is assuring Dustin and Dick that he didn’t buy into whatever Joe was selling. He jokes with Dick that he still hasn’t offered Zach a deal to keep him in the house. Then he says that Dick has his support, no problem. Dick says that Kail is trying to get rid of him, but Zach says he talked to Kail and there’s no problem. Really? Maybe you should double check on that with poor Eric.

Dick tells Zach that the one morning when they played rap music to wake the hamsters up, everyone heard Zach’s comment about it being “Jameka music” and thought he was racist. Dick says that he stuck up for Zach, but he needs to be very aware of the things he says.

Upstairs it’s only Kail and Jen in the HoH room now. Kail says that this is the most talking she’s ever done in one day. Thanks Kail, it’s great that you made us all suffer through it. Jen says that Joe owes them big time for saving him. I’m sure he’ll thank them on his way out the door. Kail says that Joe told her that he has Amber’s vote, and they laugh. Joe comes up and says that he’s been working on Zach and might get him. He also mentions that Amber can be swayed. Right. Then he says that it would be so great if the vote was 10-0. Which it very well might be, but not for you Joe.

They consider that Daniele might actually vote against her dad, but Jen says no way, not unless he raped her or something. Which Jenitard confirms is not the case. What the hell – she asked?

As Dick is telling Zach that Daniele met her boyfriend when he was engaged to someone else, we get visual of the small bedroom and much movement under the sheets. The people under there are completely hidden, but it really looks like one is on top of the other. Can’t tell for sure who it is yet, but I’m pretty sure I could make an educated guess. Yep – Nick gets up, fully clothed, and takes his spot on the floor beside the bed.

Outside, Dick calls Joe out for saying that he would quit smoking if Dick left. Hee – I wondered if that would get around.

Daniele comes outside and heads straight for her dad. They make a bit of small talk with Daniele saying that Eric hasn’t decided who he’s voting for. Dick seems a bit surprised by this. Then Daniele is crying and saying that she wants to go home. Hmm, something must have gone down with old Nicky boy in the bedroom, methinks. Guess he tried to get a little too close.

Daniele is saying that it sucks because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Dick is confused – who doesn’t she want to hurt? Nick or her boyfriend? Daniele says it doesn’t matter who because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She’s afraid of doing something stupid and ruining her relationship. Dick is trying his best to keep up with her and console her. He says that he spoke to Nick, and Nick said that he knew about Daniele’s situation and home and was trying to respect that. Dick goes on to say that outside this house is real life, inside everything is sped up and intense.

Dick says that Daniele must love Chris (the BF) very much if she’s this upset. She says she does, and that they’ve been together for three years and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Dick throws out that Nick is a country boy and wouldn’t be happy in LA anyway. Aw. He’s really trying to make it all better for his daughter, but I don’t think that’s entirely possible. 20-year-old women aren’t the most understandable creatures.