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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 17th – If You Can't Beat 'Em, Wig Out a Little

BB tells the folks on slop that they can now have olives. Jameka is excited and decides to make soup. With olives? Olive soup? Apparently her soup will be salsa-based. With olives. The storage room contains loads of pickles and olives now, and for some reason no one has ever heard of Spanish olives.

Within about 15 minutes, Big Brother has to step in and tell the houseguests to cool it. First, Joe and Jessica are being spun by Nick in the teacup, throwing pillows at each other. BB tells them to “stop that.” Shortly after that, Nick decides to burn his armpit hair with a lighter. Another BB “Stop that!” comes down from above.

Daniele and Amber talk about … what else? The vote. Daniele says that she told Kail that she liked her and wouldn’t put her up if she won HoH, as long as she votes to keep her dad in the house. Now she knows that Kail is campaigning for Joe and going back on her word. Jessica comes in and hints that she’s voting against Joe.

Are we all tired of hearing about the vote by now? I sure am, but there are still hours left to recap. Must be Miller time.

Kail corners Jameka next and starts in with her flip the vote plan. She says that there is someone in the game that uses intimidation to get what he wants, and she’d rather deal with liars than intimidators. Jameka lets Kail just keep on talking, until finally she says that Dick will be staying in the house this week. Kail disagrees and says no, she can get Nick and Eric to vote against Dick. Jameka just sits and lets it all sink in.

There are many small discussions going on over the next little while, and almost every single one of them is about the vote. Honestly people, do something else for a while. And damn you, BB, for jamming all of the interesting stuff into a few days and then leaving us to watch this all unfold for another two days. Quick recap of the next couple of hours: Eric and Jessica talk about the vote. Amber and Dustin talk about the vote. Joe talks to everyone about the vote. Joe and Dick talk about their bowel habits. Eric, Dick, and Jessica discuss the fact that people in the Mrs. R. alliance are hoarding food. Kail tries to convince Jameka and Jessica, separately, that they have the votes to keep Joe, so they need to vote with the house. No one’s buying that. Jameka and Jessica talk about the vote.

Kail is getting snarky now. I’m not sure if it’s the slop taking its toll on her or if she’s just so caught up in her paranoia that she can’t let go of her plan to get Dick out of the house. She’s asking Jessica for the hundredth time today if she will be keeping Joe or Dick in the house, and Jessica answers yet again that it won’t make much difference because the house wants Joe gone. Kail, exasperated, snarks, “What about Eric? Don’t you have any influence over Eric?” Jessica says no, everyone will vote how they want to, and she thinks Eric will want Dick to stay.

Kail then suggests a loose alliance to get Dick out of the house. She’ll get Mike, Jessica can get Eric, and they’ll bring in Jameka. Wow. Kail honey, give up. This is just humiliating. Kail goes on to warn Jessica that if she rats Kail out to anyone, that Kail will do the same right back to her. This is crazy. I don’t think even Maggie would have stooped this low, would she have?

Eric and Daniele sit on the hammock together and talk about how everyone is annoying them with all the talks about the vote. No freaking kidding. Eric says that it takes most people about a thousand extra words to get their points across. You know, I like Eric. I hope he and Dick are the final two. At least the house would be somewhat interesting in those last weeks. Speak of the devil – Dick comes over to tell them that Kail is hoarding chocolate protein shakes in the HoH room, and that she cussed him out for using some salsa, which is only for the slop people. Yep, that slop is getting to Kail all right.

Jessica goes to Jameka, and both of them are a little freaked out by their conversations with Kail. Jameka points out that Kail is obsessed and scared of Dick, so it’s in their best interests to keep him there. She tells Jess to just leave it alone, and if Kail pressures her to just tell her that she tried but it didn’t work. They decide to stick with voting out Joe.

Kail returns and Jameka high-tails it out of there. Kail asks Jessica if this is a hard decision for her, and Jessica tries to waffle and not answer. She asks Kail if she’s made up her mind yet, and Kail says no because everything hinges on what Jessica and Jameka want to do. Way to put pressure on there, Kail.

So now Kail is using intimidation and creeping people out to get rid of Dick, who she claims she wants gone because he intimidates people and creeps them out. Interesting.

Outside, Jen is back into her Jenisuit and sitting in the hot tub with Mike and Joe. Oh, Eric’s there too now. She’s yelling and laughing, because apparently, while all of this riveting strategy talk has been going on, she’s consumed an entire bottle of wine. Hey, that’s not a bad idea.

Jessica and Jameka are at it again, and they’ve figured out most of the Mrs. Robinson alliance (swapping out Nick for Jen) because of what Kail has been saying. They think she’s the leader of the alliance, and are very suspicious of what kind of deal Joe must have made with them in order for them to be campaigning so hard for him. They’re slightly off track, of course, but I like this line of thinking for now.

Jessica goes to Eric in the HoH room (he’s escaped and is listening to Jen’s CD) and tells him about her conversations with Kail and Jameka. Eric says that Kail is just panicking because Dick is after her and she’s trying to save her own ass. Jessica agrees and says that this is Jessica trying to convince Eric to keep Joe. Silence. “Aw darn, it didn’t work.” Heh.

Drunken Jenitard arrives in the HoH room to use the bathroom. Jessica leaves. Jen comes out of the bathroom and sits on the bed, and tells Eric that Dick is leaving. Eric tells her not to assume anything because the votes aren’t there, and also advises her that she shouldn’t be talking strategy when she’s drunk. Jen says that Zach needs a talking to, and Eric points out that she shouldn’t ever say something like that, because he won’t respond well to threats. Jen puts her fingers out and starts counting who Dick would put up – she has different “piles” for the hamsters. The only people in the “for sure” pile are Kail, Jen, and Mike. She starts doing the pile thing for Joe now.

Kail, who can’t be left out of anything, is at the door trying to get in with Jen’s key. Jen lets her in, and Kail sits on the bed as well. Isn’t this cozy? As Jen continues her slurred “piles”, the camera catching her side view is flashing us her boob. Lovely. Kail gets bored realizing that she’s not missing anything in here, and leaves.

Eric is holding his own, saying that he wants to talk to more people before he makes up his mind. He warns Jen not to jump to conclusions and to make sure she knows what she’s doing before she goes out and says anything to anyone.

Outside, Daniele pulls Dick over and tells him not to say anything to anyone, but Kail is campaigning hard to get him out of the house. Dick immediately goes over and repeats this to Dustin.