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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 17th – If You Can't Beat 'Em, Wig Out a Little

Jen and Kail talk to Eric about the new plan to evict Dick. Eric doesn’t understand why, and Jen says that Dick seems like he’s telling the truth, but really he’s lying and will come after Jen, Kail, and Mike. If they keep Joe, his targets are Amber and Dustin. Why Eric should care about this is beyond me. Kail is excitedly saying that Joe says he has all of these votes, but Eric shuts her down and says Joe lies and only says things to convince people to do what they want. He warns them not to be snowed. Eric won’t commit to his vote (because, of course, BB hasn’t told him yet how we want him to vote), and says he’ll talk to the two of them later when they’ve all had the chance to speak to more people.

Kail tries to talk to Zach and Nick about the new plan, and Zach disagrees immediately. He says there’s no way he will vote to keep Joe in the house. No way. Kail is obviously upset. Zack leaves and Kail pleads with Nick, saying that Dick is after her an Mike, so Nick needs to help her. Nick just sits there and throws out clichés without any reassurance or hints as to how he’s going to vote.

Zach returns and listens as Kail keeps pushing for Joe to say. She tells Zach that he absolutely has to win HoH this week or he’s gone. She then corrects herself and says that one of the Robinsons has to win it. Zach looks disgusted and tells Kail he can’t talk to her right now. He leaves again.

Upstairs, Joe and Eric are talking votes. Joe is saying that Dustin and Amber are for sure voting for Dick to stay, but everyone else is undecided. Then he says that he’s speaking for “his group” and wants Eric to join their alliance. He’s been watching Eric and likes the way he handles himself, and says that his group all wants Eric on board. Eric asks why he would want to join an alliance now and be the sixth man down on the totem pole. Joe says it’s not like that – everyone would be equal. Eric’s not buying it and once again won’t commit to anything.

Kail finds Mike and discusses the situation with him, including Zach’s refusal to vote with her on this. Mike says that if Zach is that insistent, then he’s not going to try and talk him out of it. Kail is trying to emphasize that Dick will go after Mike, but that doesn’t make an impression at all. Mike says that he’d love to see Dick walk out the door, but he’d also like to get Joe out. Either way is good for him. Kail wants to know if Nick is still with them, and Mike assures her that he is.

Daniele comes out and tells everyone that live voting begins this week. Oh great, so now we have a Wednesday full of nothing but this stuff all over again.

Joe goes to talk with Mike and says that he hasn’t approached him before now because he’s gay and wasn’t sure how Mike would react to that. Mike doesn’t say much at all, go figure. Joe keeps talking and says that if he stays, he wants to take the time to get to know Mike better. He thinks that it’s ridiculous that the strong players are being targeted early, and that if he gets HoH then Mike would be safe because he’s a strong player. Are people not seeing through all of this BS? Mike asks him what he’s telling the “weaker players” then, in order to get their votes. Ohh, snap! Joe says that he’s only promising that he might be able to help them, somewhere down the line, if he ever wins anything. Mike calls him out and says that he must be lying to someone then.

Eric, Jameka, and Jessica seem to be sticking with their plan to keep Dick in the house. Eric points out that there’s no way that Dick would target any of them because he wants to take down the Mrs. Robinson alliance. Eric is worried though that the three of them will be seen as floaters, which will eventually put them in danger. Jameka leaves, and Jessica tells Eric that she likes him and enjoys hanging out with him, but she can’t stand any of the other people in the house. She thinks that Zach and Dick are annoying – Dick only recently since he’s been put on the block. Kail is awkward and Amber cries all the time. Then there’s Dustin, who is always hanging all over Amber. This is pretty funny, actually.

Joe checks in with Kail and tells her that things are going really well. Kail doesn’t see it. She says that she’s just been feeling people out, and it doesn’t sound like Joe has the support he claims to have. He wants to know who she’s been talking to so that he can go and reinforce what she’s said, but she doesn’t give up any names. She tells him to start making deals with people, but not so many that he can’t keep his word. He’s way ahead of you there, Kail.

Back to Eric and Jessica. Jess is saying that she’s in an alliance with Joe, Jameka, Daniele, and Nick. Eric mentions that someone told him that Jessica was only spending time with him to test him and see where his loyalties lie. I don’t think Joe said this, so maybe he’s freaking out a little bit over America telling him to get Jen to nominate Jessica? They talk about trusting each other, and are considering putting something together with Jameka and maybe pulling in a couple others.

Zach and Dustin compare notes and their commitment to voting Joe out of the house. Zach mentions that he’s been approached by several people who are working for Joe, and he’s not sure any more that Dick will be staying. Dustin is surprised to hear this, but assures Zach that both he and Amber have told Joe that they will be voting to keep Dick. They’re unsure of how Nick will vote. Zach shares that Kail is campaigning for Joe to stay, and both of them agree that they can’t let that happen.

Dustin goes to find Kail to see what’s going on. Kail tells him that Dick is overconfident and knows he has the votes to stay. Dustin says that he’s told Joe already that he doesn’t have his vote. Kail wants to know if Joe is really as untrustworthy as everyone says he is, and Dustin says that when he first met Joe he was caring and nurturing. Since then though, he’s turned into someone completely different, who is manipulative, insecure, and overcompensates.

Joe and Jen are together in the hot tub. I won’t bother sharing the vote conversation because we’ve been hearing it all day. But Jen eventually starts talking about herself again, and utters, “My life is the most unbelievable life I have ever experienced!” Just laugh and keep reading – if you think about it too long it feels like your head might explode.

Dick confronts Joe and says that he’s been hearing things. Joe says that he’s campaigning, but not in such a way as to be negative about Dick. Which, I guess, is fairly true where Joe is concerned. We can’t say that of Kail, however. Dick tells him to just be careful and not to promise too many people too many things, especially if he wants the two of them to be friends after this. Not sure what Dick was trying to accomplish there.

Jen and Kail are ambushing Mike in the HoH room, trying to convince him to talk to Zach for them and get him to vote for Dick to leave. They’re counting votes again and are absolutely sure that Jessica will want to keep Joe. So they need to get reassurance from Nick and Zach, and they’ll be all set. Except that Nick and Zach aren’t planning to vote with them. The plan now is to rally at 4:00 on Thursday, just before the live show, and confirm the vote. That way Dick won’t have time to retaliate. Good luck with that. Jen thinks that Zach is ruining their game, and that they need to replace him with someone else. Which is funny because Jenitard isn’t actually part of the alliance.

Jen leaves and Kail tells Mike once again that he has to get Zach to come around. Mike says that the things that Nick tells them aren’t gelling with what he knows to be true. He doesn’t trust Nick yet, but knows that he’s not with Amber or Daniele either. Boy, Mike has no clue, does he?