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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 17th – If You Can't Beat 'Em, Wig Out a Little

I have a love/hate relationship with Tuesdays. On one hand, there’s usually not a whole lot to cover because BB doesn’t schedule anything for the hamsters to do. On the other hand, there’s a lot of conversation that has to be filtered and deciphered to find the important bits. And with every season, much of that conversation is rehash. Let’s see if this Tuesday is any different.

Jen and Kail are the first ones awake this morning, and they’re immediately playing the “If so-and-so wins HoH, who will they put up?” game. Kail is so paranoid it’s ridiculous, and she has absolutely no grasp on the concept of an alliance. She seems to think that her boys should be doing all the work and protecting her while she keeps a low profile. Remind you of Maggie? Me too. Kail’s main downfall here is that she really doesn’t have a good idea of what’s going on in the house and how people feel about each other.

Jen says that Kail could win HoH and put up Daniele and Dick, but Kail is scared to do that until she’s absolutely sure that she can get Dick out of the house. She also says that she can’t nominate Daniele. They think that Kail should throw the HoH comp to either Mike or Zach, so that they’ll all be safe and the boys can take Daniele out for them.

Jenitard pesters Kail a bit about Daniele. She says that Nick is just playing her and using her to get further in the game, and she also knows for a fact that Daniele and Dick are working together. Kail acts surprised to hear all of this, and finally says that she could put Daniele on the block if she had to.

Nick and Zach are up and sitting in the hot tub, talking about Joe and wondering what he’s going to be like today. They discuss the fight between Joe and Dustin, and whether or not one of the evictees will return to the house this season. Zach blows a snot rocket onto the ground beside the hot tub, and leaves it there. He complains that he’s been having problems with his nose and calls it a “blood rocket.” What a charmer this guy is.

Upstairs, Jen has rigged her unitard into a flashy little bathing suit. It somehow wraps around her waist and butt, comes up in the front, and then the arms (or legs) become a halter. Laura got some pictures of this little number, and they’re in the photo gallery to your left. She wraps a towel around herself and heads downstairs.

People are moving about in the kitchen, making breakfast and coffee and stuff. Dustin’s up, but he doesn’t seem to be in a very good mood this morning. That is until Jen comes in with her new bathing suit, and suddenly Dustin is very interested to find out if it becomes sheer when wet. Zach is following Jen around like a puppy dog, because he thinks she’s naked under the towel.

In the backyard, Jen reveals the Jenisuit. Much oohing and ahhing ensues. She gets in the hot tub with Jameka and yaps about how she rigged the unitard, how she’s not getting a tan this week because she’s all covered up, and more stuff that’s all about her.

Dick gets up and Daniele fills him in on the Jenisuit. He’s laughing and calling Jen names. He looks directly into the camera and asks for an official verdict on the unitard thing. My verdict? It went to the perfect person. At least we don’t have to look at “Jen” slogans this week.

Nick complains to Dick about Zach’s blood rocket. Even Dick is grossed out, and he’s the “grossest one there” (his words, not mine). Nick says that people are far too worried about what they look like in the house, and Dick agrees calling it a house full of Jase’s. Hee. One of them calls Jase a douche bag. Mike’s gone back to bed, and Dick wonders if casting found these people in a narcolepsy clinic. If you’re curious about these things, their wake up music this morning was AC/DC’s Highway to Hell followed by Welcome to the Jungle by Guns ‘N Roses. I’ll bet Kail was enthralled.

Joe is already in full campaign mode, and he approaches Nick for a vote. He says that he’s got Kail, Mike, and Eric, and he needs Nick and Daniele so he can stay. Nick says sure, and Joe is planning to talk to Daniele. He’s not going to push it too far though, because Dick is her dad and he respects that. Then they change it up and talk about which girls they’ve seen naked. Heh. They agree that Jameka is hot, and Joe mentions he saw one of Daniele’s boobs. Nick wants to know if it was “nice,” which Joe confirms. He adds that there’s no way they’re fake. Did anyone suspect they were?

Joe talks to Daniele about the vote and who has thinks he has. She makes no promises and brushes him off.

Back outside now, and Joe, Nick, and Kail are talking about family and relationships. Nick tells of his heartbreak when his ex-girlfriend broke up with him and then slept with someone else in his house. Nice. Now Nick’s talking about how he wants to be a teacher, and Kail asks him if that’s such a good idea when he’s so young and there are young attractive girls in the schools. Okay, so she didn’t phrase it like that exactly, but that’s the gist of it. Which is really a weird question, don’t you think?

Joe says that his parents were both previously married to other people, and he has two step-siblings. Kail says that it’s so important to marry the right person (no kidding, really?), and that both people need to have a strong faith in God, because when something goes wrong they need to have God to turn to. Joe just blinks and nods.

A bunch of people are outside sun-tanning, and we get lots of camera shots of Jen’s backside in the Jenisuit, which I guess is supposed to look all sexy, but really it’s quite boring. We’ve seen it, thanks.

There’s suddenly a loud burst of laughter and we’re taken to the bathroom where Zach, Joe, Nick, Dick, and Jessica are the cause of the hilarity. Apparently Joe did the prank he was talking about the other night. He and Zach were in the showers, and Joe said something about pooping and then threw a few balls of frozen chocolate protein shake into Zach’s stall. Okay, stuff like that would be the only reason to keep Joe in the house. Zach jumped out of the shower so fast they thought he was going to break his neck.

Kail and Jen are plotting together about getting Dick out of the house. Kail says she can definitely get Mike, Zach, and Nick to vote with her, so they just need one more vote. Then Jen can break the tie and send Dick home. Even though Jen has insisted this whole week that Dick isn’t her target, she’s on board with this plan. Kail is so obsessed and paranoid over Evel staying in the house that she can’t see beyond this week.

Kail goes downstairs and pulls Joe into the storage room. He says that he has four votes for sure, but after a bit of debate he’s not so sure after all. He tells Kail that he has Daniele’s vote, which she knows is ridiculous. He says that he has Jessica’s vote for sure, but needs help with Mike and Eric. Kail assures him that she can work on those two, but that in order for her to do that, Joe needs to guarantee four votes on his own. If he can do that, Kail will back him.

Joe goes outside to smoke, and Jen complains. She asks him if he’d consider quitting if they save him and send Dick home. Gah. Joe says he would! Man, this guy will promise anything to anyone to stay in the game. He says that the only reason he smokes now is because Dick is always smoking. What else can we blame Dick for this week?