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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 16th – A Desperate Man Gets More Desperate

Amber talks about her time cuffed to Kail, and says Kail was telling her that she wasn’t smart enough and needed Kail to help her out because she thinks everything out so carefully. Gee, that’s nice. They talk about the noms and Nick isn’t telling Dick he has his vote because he wants to see if it will be forced into a tie so that Jen has to vote. I totally don’t get why he’d do that. Nick talks about Danielle and says she makes him emotional. He tells her he thinks she’s beautiful and sexy, but she doesn’t reciprocate. He thinks that’s just because she knows her boyfriend is watching. Or, it could be that she’s using you. Just a thought.

While Jen bathes in her Thing 2 suit, Joe tells Eric and Dick that Jen put him up because if she leaves, Nick is going to turn to him because he has the smokingest hot body. He sees himself as the biggest diva. Why would he tell this to Dick and Eric, two guys that will have much fun with that. Eric says he is the king of the next tier, and Dick says he has to be the first person to tell the HoH an hour before the comp to go F herself and again 10 minutes after. Okay, they let me down. They could have had a lot more fun with Joe’s comments.

Zach and Nick chat in the teacup. No matter how many times we say that in these reaps, it still never sounds right. Nick says there’s talk of Zach and Kail going up next, and he thinks their targets should be Jessica and Eric. Funny how different his opinion changes from Amber to Zach, isn’t it? Zach says he needs to spend more time with Nick to take the heat off of him. Gee, that’s nice of him. They agree Joe is probably gone, and Zach says he has issues with Kail right now, because she’s dishing too much shit. She was apparently spilling too much info to Amber last night.

Joe and Dustin share the hammock, and Dustin says he’ll let him know how he voted at the end of the show. Not too obvious. But Joe wants him to tell all the others he is voting for Joe, because for Carol it only took one person to back down and and she then lost all her votes. He knows Dustin will never trust him until he’s honest, and he admits setting traps for him, and it seemed like he’s not just talking about within the show. Joe says he knew Dustin cheated weeks before it came out, but he set him up so everyone would hear about it at the same time. He says now though he never told anyone in the house to put him up until this week, and he pretty much pleads his case making himself look like the injured party.

But Dustin isn’t having any of this. He walked out on Joe a year ago because of his powers of manipulations and here they are again. He says you can play this game strategic or personal, and he chose to play personal. Joe starts getting mouthy, and Dustin says he tried to play the game as if Joe was a stranger, but he hasn’t done anything to prove to him that he deserves his vote. He’s a different Joe than the one he fell in love with two years ago. Joe just wants to keep going back to Dustin lying and making it his fault, and seriously, that’s just not going to help. Dustin says he will be voting to evict Joe, and Joe loses it, asking how could he let Joe go on and on opening up the way he did if he planned to vote him out anyway. He goes on to say he was the one that wanted this so badly, and Dustin just piggybacked his way on to the show. The blue vortex breaks this one up.

Around the feeds, Jen tells the others that if you google “hot bikini model,” she comes up second. Second was a collection of models, and sure enough, she is on there. Amber says she can draw Dick’s member just be seeing the outline of it in his jeans. Joe tells Jess he thinks he can get Eric’s vote. Perhaps he’s going on the fact that he’s sure it was Eric that crawled into his bed. Joe and Jess move to taking a shower together in the main bathroom without the divider between them. Thankfully their are suited up.

All Night Dick is out a little early tonight. He, Dani, Joe, and Jess try to move the big animal bushes indoors. BB stops them and tells them to put them back. They do, and put a cigarette in the mouth of the deer and a bucket of slop under its butt. Jess puts an empty condom box on its butt. Just why is it empty? Who’s been using them? Joe talks about Dustin and Amber not voting for him. Give it a rest!

Dick tells Dani that Amber is too close to Dustin, who is a drama queen. She agrees, and they think they need to go after Kail, Zach, and Jen. After they talk a little more game, they talk about how hard it must have been for their family to see them both together on the block. He then tells her that he does love her very much. She just says yeah, and doesn’t return the sentiment.

After Dani goes to bed, Dick returns to All Night Dick. He wants Jen gone first, but he knows Dani wants Kail gone first. He says Amber thinks she and Dustin are like Will and Boogie. Dicks says he never saw Chill Town cry for two days or cry about having to play PoV. He doesn’t trust Dustin at all. He doesn’t know if he’ll get HoH next week or not, but whoever does, he is sure he is not going up. Dick nows he has to shut Amber up. She’s fun, he says, but who cares? Dick does the laundry and wonders who actually wears Abercrombie underwear. We know it’s not Howie’s. He also does the dishes and finally goes to bed.

Is it just me or do these recaps get longer and longer every day? It’s one of those things where I long for a 4 to 6 hour block with the trivia just to get caught up. 60 paragraphs is a bit much. Luckily, it will probably be shorter for Carrie tomorrow, as it’s Tuesday, always a boring day in BB. I don’t expect it to get much more interesting, as I don’t think Joe will be successful turning any of the votes.

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