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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 16th – A Desperate Man Gets More Desperate

Joe, Amber, and Jameka are in the backyard. He asks Amber about her vote this week, and Jameka offers to leave, but is told she can stay. Amber she says she has to vote to keep Dick, even though he can be an ass sometimes. He’s consistent and he has her heart. He’s not fake and is real. He asks if she brought up his name to Jen, and she says no, that she brought up someone else entirely. When Jen suggested Nick, she said no, and when she suggested Joe, she just didn’t say anything at all.

Joe talks to Jess and is mad at Dustin for lying to him about asking Jen to put him up, despite the fact that Joe did the same. He says he knew Dustin cheated on him two weeks before they broke up, and he then told all of Dustin’s friends, which is why he lost them all. As he rambles on, he thinks Eric’s votes are based in logic all the time because he’s Jewish. I wonder if the reason he climbed into Joe’s bed this morning we because he was being logical or Jewish.

Jess takes Joe’s case to Eric (about being kept, not about being logical or Jewish), and says Joe thinks his vote is his last vote to stay. Eric thinks you have to take certain people out why you get the chance, and believes he’s on Joe’s radar of someone to leave next. He also thinks Joe is a liar. Right on cue, Dick joins them. He says he honestly does like Joe. If he gets HoH next week, he wants to put up Kail an Jen, and he thinks Kail would go, as they all think Jen is dumb. Dick asks if he’s being overconfident, and Jess tells him no. She’s friends with Joe, and even she doesn’t trust him.

Kail was trying to help herself, but I think she made other bonds stronger. She tells Daniele that Dick came to her last week and asked her to not put Dani up because he wanted another week with her, and when she didn’t, he came and kissed her on the cheek and said thank you. She wants Dani to know that Dick owes her one, but I think it will only help Dani build a stronger bond here with Dick. She also in the same breath says she can’t trust Dick, which makes no sense after she explained this. Kail says will asks him if he wins HoH to hold to his promise.

Joe tells Nick he better sleep with him if he’s leaving, and I don’t think he’s planning on catching any Zs the whole time. Kail picks away at Dustin, trying to see how he will be voting. He’s definitely voting to get Joe out. Let’s get real. He’s the one that suggested Joe go up! She keeps wanting to know how many votes there will be, and thinks it’s even, but Dustin pretty much tells her no matter how her and Mike vote, Joe’s going home.

Kail moves on to Dick himself, and says she’ll vote for him to stay. She was just concerned about him putting her up if he gets HoH. Will this woman ever give it a rest? One track mind there. He acknowledges to her that she and Mike are way more of a threat than Jen. He tells her she made herself too much of a target by making it obvious she was working with Mike. He’s pretty much calling her out. Yet, he also says he told her before he owned her one, so she isn’t one of his current targets. They decide they were only each other’s targets because they were each other’s targets. Both say they do not want HoH, and he says she’s not a threat for the coming week since she was on slop this week. He tells her if she has a problem with him again to come directly to him.

Amber tells Justin that one of her friends back home had a dream about her winning a lot of money. Also in the dream were her whole family and an oversized door. They think they stand a chance of making it to final two together. Which means, if they’re saying that now, they’re both goners. She wants him to come live with her when the show is over, but he wants to move to Vegas. She says she’ll move to Chicago then. Dustin then go goes on and on about his cat, and refers to himself as a stay at home daddy for her. Okey Dokey.

Dick shares the hammock with Zach and when a helicopter flies over. They thinks it’s the sheriff’s dept., prompting them to exclaim that the CBS lot is being broken into. Nick joins in and Dick talks about dating Jerry Manthey from Survivor. He says Dani really liked her and was upset when they broke up. Zach has his own reality TV connection. He once met Dave Navarro after a party and he says how tiny he is. Of course this could be all relative for Zach considering he’s 6’5″.

Jen tells Jess that Amber was offering herself up as a pawn to get Dick out. I wonder what Jess will do with this info, if she’ll take it back to Dani, Jameka, and most importantly Dick. As luck would have it, she goes to ab class right after with Dustin and Amber, but doesn’t feel the need to mention it to them. Has anyone youtubed Dustin’s ab classes? Would love to get a few of them, as I could use some good ab work.

Kail takes some of her info from Dick and runs to Zach with it. She says everyone knows he’s with Mrs. R, but think he’s the fourth wheel. He said he knows. She advises him that he needs to win HoH and he says he knows. In other words, she is pretty much useless with her new information.

Amber and Nick have a chat and he comes clean with her. He talks about being with Mrs. R. and says he was approached by Zach the minute he walked through the door. If he gets HoH, he wants to put up Zach and Kail, and if one of them gets PoV, he’d then put up Mike. He thinks Kail is very shady. Amber asks if he knew she would be nominated the first week and he admits he did. He says he hates Jen, because she’s to obvious, and now that he’s safe, he plans to hang out with Dani again.
He tells her he’s not here for the money, but for the experience, and he wants to see someone that could use the money win it, like Amber or Jameka. He grew up without a lot of money but then his grandma died, leaving them a lot of money. He wants to build on their property in Minnesota and settle down with a family.


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