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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 16th – A Desperate Man Gets More Desperate

A bunch of them sit around and talk about Joe always checking himself out in the mirror, then talk about nothing else but looks. Jen tells Nick to cut his hair, and Zach thinks his mustache is totally working, wondering if anyone else has ever had a mustache on BB. Joe offers up the name of Cowboy, and if I was Zach, I just wouldn’t want to travel down that road.

Joe gets a little upset with Nick for not stepping up for him. Why? If Joe wasn’t going up, it would be Nick. Why should he fight for Joe and put himself at risk? He’s still hoping that Dani isn’t going to use the veto. BB sends everyone out on lock-down, so they’re probably getting ready for the veto ceremony. Counting people outside, they can’t figure out who is missing, and Nick offers it’s Carol. Dick wonders if she’s busy fighting right now for her spot back on the Chiefs.

Someone not signing a release to have their name mentioned on TV is Dani’s mom, Dick’s ex. Dick decides then to call her “the vagina that Dani came out of.” Everyone is pretty sure she wishes by now she would have just signed it. It’s okay as he doesn’t want to talk about her anymore anyway. The feeds go dead, and it means we’re waiting for the ceremony.

When we come back, as everyone is preparing for lunch, we find that Joe was indeed put up in Dani’s place. He tells her he doesn’t hold it against her, and he still naively believes it will be a close vote. He understands she had to use it, not wanting to be another Marcellas. Shows the guy tried to fix his legacy last season, but to no avail. He’ll still always be known for that I think. She won’t commit to him on what her vote will be.

Kail tells Dani how strong she is, and Dani is arguing against Jen’s reasons of putting her and Dick up together, saying they are not alike. She’s the black sheep of the family and likes it that way. The way he treated Jen this week is the way he treated Dani grown up. I don’t know about that; I just find that one really hard to believe. Kail tells her Dick has asked her if she thinks he’s a rotten dad, and she now thinks he did one thing right in leaving Dani with her grandparents. Dani doesn’t see it exactly that way, though, and says it’s hard to realize she won’t have a real family until she has one of her own. It’s a shame that she doesn’t see that you don’t have to live together as a nuclear family with a white picket fence to be a “real family.”

Joe and Kail talk, and he brings up Jen’s reasoning for putting him up, saying everyone else thinks he’s negative. Kail doesn’t see it that way, and says she wasn’t behind this and didn’t go along with it. Joe appreciates that, and says everyone always says he’s happy and funny. Sure, until he talks gonorrhea.

This is all Kail needs to hop aboard the “We have to get rid of Evil” train again. She wants him out and talks to Mike saying Joe is not a threat if he stays. She wants to flip the vote. Good luck with that. They count the votes and know they along with Nick and maybe Eric will vote Dick out, but Amber, Dustin, and Zach want Joe to go. They think Dani might vote Dick out to take the attention off him, and there’s just no way. Plus she’ll have Jameka and maybe Jess voting her way. Kail keeps pushing Mike to see it her way, but he doesn’t seem too sure.

Jen tells Kail that it’s still better for Joe to leave, because he can be so manipulative. Kail plays on the way he attacked Jen, and she says that he only hates her though. Kail points out if he gets HoH it’s probably Jen and either Kail or Mike going up. Smart Jen says he would never really nominate Dustin, and would put up kail, Nick, or Mike. Kail mentions yet again the favor that Dick owes her. Maybe he should just give her his firstborn and be done with it; get her off his back. Then again, she wants his firstborn out too. Kail thinks he’s close with Jessica and Dustin and that they have a deal, and Jen points out that even if Kail and Mike vote for Evil to leave, she thinks he’ll still stay.

Jen talks about everyone getting upset with Zach, and says she tries to tell him not to annoy people so much. Kail just doesn’t see it, but even Mike does. She also says she talked about Nick not putting up Kail and Mike, but says he refused to say why he wouldn’t. She omits the part of him telling her he’s part of the Mrs. R alliance, and neither Kail or Mike offer up this as a reason either. Still trying to show her strength, she says Eric tells her everything, but Kail says Eric tells everyone everything. Jen feels safe with Jessica as well, but Kail thinks Jessica could put up almost anyone if she won HoH. Jen is also happy it could be a split vote week, as it means everyone has to continue to be nice to her. If that’s what it takes, it’s kind of sad.

The talk moves away from the game as Kail tells Jen she wants to meet Vanna White sometime. Personally, I’d rather meet the bands that Dick knows. Jen was on Wheel of Fortune and won $9,000, but that’s not how she got the nanny job. She got that from meeting Vane’s husband on some modeling job. So you see a model and ask her to be a nanny for your kids? Huh. Imagine bringing that home to your wife. “Hi Honey. I found someone to nanny for us. She was on a modeling shoot today.”

Again, moving past this week as if it’s already done, Kail, Mike, and Jen discuss next week. They know several others would put up Zach, and they know if he wins, he won’t put any of them up. They decide for the better of their alliance, they need to throw the comp to him, so it’s too bad he always throws it himself within the first few seconds. Too bad they’re relying on him. Jen wants to bring in another person to this alliance, and mentions Eric. It’s too bad he can’t go with the Mrs. R. alliance, though, as we’re always telling him what to do, which usually goes directly against Mrs. R.


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