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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 16th – A Desperate Man Gets More Desperate

Downstairs, Dani is trying out her PoV speech on Nick and Jameka. It kept her up all night, and she points out she is supposed to ask her dad why she should keep him. Jameka tells her to keep it short, and Amber walks in agreeing it should be short and sweet.

Jen tells Joe that the person people least want to win HoH usually wins, so she thinks it will be Kail. She needs to realize just because she was the one that people least wanted to win, doesn’t mean that will happen every week. Joe tells her she is delusional, then goes outside where Eric and Dick are talking. Eric takes one look at him and asks if “she” told him, but we don’t get to see what happens next, because we get the blue vortex.

Once we come back, Joe and Eric are discussing the climbing in bed incident from this morning. Joe moves past this and goes back to knowing he’ll be nominated, saying he thinks Amber pushed to have him nominated really hard. Eric agrees and they talk about how she keeps saying they’re talking about everything but the game, but overdoing the talk of saying they aren’t in an alliance, just like Kail would do. Nick joins in, and Dick still thinks the replacement nom will be Nick. Joe says she told him if she was there to make friends, she would have nominated Zach. Dick says she’d never do that, because she’s in an alliance with him. He also scolds Nick for being a nail-biter. Apparently the nail polish isn’t working anymore. When the talk moves to playing dodge-ball later, Dick says he wants to start a hippy drum circle. Ooookay.

Amber and Dani talk about next week’s HoH. Again, they are looking past this week as if it has already happened. Amber says it’s their side’s turn to win it. Dani thinks Zach will throw it again and that Mike isn’t that strong. Of course, Amber will have none of this talk, but she wants to point out she is not in love with him or anything. Right. Dani thinks he’ll be the last of the three to go and that Kail is a real mess.

Dani moves outside, sitting at a table with Jess. She jokes that she isn’t even going to use the veto after all this. Joe tells Amber he’s going up and she says she doesn’t know anything about that. Nick tries to sneak up behind Amber then comes in and hugs her from behind. Joe finds Dustin to tell him about himself being a replacement nom, and Dustin is curling his eyelashes. Yes, curling his eyelashes. I had never heard of a guy doing that, and personally I don’t find it makes that huge of a difference anyway.

Continuing on, the Joe train now finds Dani and tells her. Does he thinks this will help him? He thinks he’ll have Mike, Kail, Amber, and Dustin’s votes to stay. Are you kidding? Dustin? That’s right, Joe, he just can’t get enough of you. Jess joins them, and Amber wonders what it would be like to have an Amish person there. It’s an interesting thought, but none of their family and friends would be able to watch them. Jess must be warming up, as now she jokes that Dani has a thing for Zach. Dani responds that’s right, as she has a thing for ogres.

Mike and Kail talk, and aren’t sure yet of Nick’s allegiance. Mike says he still trusts Nick, but not as much as he does Kail and Zach. During the HoH comp later this week, Mike tells Kail not to throw it if it’s between her and Nick, just in case. Kail moves on to talking to Dick, and she tells him Dani has lost 9 pounds so far from being on slop. He says he’s been on her to take her vitamins. She switches gears and asks if Suicidal Tendencies is a band, and when he says it is, she asks if their songs are about that, and Dick says no. These two are enemies, but there’s something I like about them together.

Jameka, Nick, and Joe talk, and Jameka is honest with Joe, saying he won’t stay in the house if he goes up, an his only hope is to have Dani not use the PoV. She knows he will out everyone and their alliances on the way out of the house. Joe leaves, and Jameka tells Nick that she just doesn’t want him to be surprised if it’s unanimous, as she knows he doesn’t have the votes to stay. Nick says he and Dani were talking about trust, and he knows she’s not going to screw over Jameka, Amber, or Jess. Everyone else is fair game. Except her dad. We know that. Joe, of course, goes to find Dani to tell her not to use the veto, saying he knows she’ll stay over her dad.

Jen tells Dustin about her conversation with Joe, and that he’s the most manipulative person, as he was demanding to have a reason why, and she told him she didn’t have to give him a reason. Jen checks in with Amber, asking her if there’s any way Dani would use the veto on her dad, and Amber says there’s absolutely no way. She moves on to talk to Dani directly about her DRs, trying to find out for herself. Why does she care? She wanted Dani out over Dick anyway? If she takes him off, she still puts Joe up, and she’s getting out the worse of the two evils, but not Evil himself.

As if on cue, Dani tells Jameka she has to use the veto. If she didn’t, she knows she doesn’t have the votes to stay and would go home. Jameka tells her about the conversation she just had with Joe, and Dani asks why she would say all that to him, and she tells him about being worried that he outs their alliance. Somewhat much ado about nothing, as I don’t think there’s anything too secret about their alliance.


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