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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 16th – A Desperate Man Gets More Desperate

Today should be the PoV ceremony. I would think so at least. They pushed things ahead this week, and now we seem to be sitting and waiting, waiting, waiting. It’s only just made the possible replacement noms change back and forth a half dozen times. Joe’s kind of growing on me a little now, but with the choices Jen was actually considering, him or Nick, I’d prefer Joe, as I think it will keep my All Night Dick safe.

All Night Dick wasn’t even in bed yet when I woke up this morning. He got there, though, at 7:15 AM BB time, and Eric gets up a few hours later. He stands in the living room with his head down, and nods to the camera, so it would appear he’s about to fulfill last night’s America’s Player suggestion. Let’s see who he chooses to jump in bed with. He chooses Joe! And surprisingly enough, Joe doesn’t act on it, and appears just to look to see who it is. Eric gets out of the bed and walks away, but Joe has started to stir now.

After a trip to the DR, most likely to revel in the glory of fulfilling yet another of our requests, Eric crawls back in bed, but only for a short while, as BB wakes everyone up shortly after to the lovely tones of Abba’s Dancing Queen. Eric lands in the shower, as does Joe, and they shower next to each other, as Joe asks Eric if he “sleeps-does-anything.” Eric says no, and Joe continues saying someone did, but he didn’t have his glasses on, so it was hard to see who. Eric suggests Joe could have been dreaming. They keep talking about it, and Eric keeps up the stance that it wasn’t him. Ring up more prize money for this guy. Kind of wish it would have been one of the other guys, though, as I think it would have been funnier, but now Joe will be wondering about Eric’s intentions for awhile.

We know Dick is starting to not trust Amber, and it seems that means he’s going to start doing little picks at her. He asks what they call the opposite of pigeon toe, and Dustin tells him duck feet. Dick then tells Amber to stop walking like a duck, and to be sure to always have her toes in front of her. Since she’s wearing Dani’s Uggs, he tells her to be sure and not get them stinky, or else Dani will be pissed. He talks about there being a shortage of Uggs and having to get pink ones on eBay for $300. Assumably, he means this pair.

Joe tells Dustin he wants to talk to him in a bit, and it appears he wants to fill him in on some strategy or something, but with others gathering in the backyard, he tells about the person climbing into bed with him this morning, says it woke up Jessica, and he thinks it was Eric. Eric denies it was him, and still thinks it was a dream, a “boyhood fantasy.” Joe asks if it was Nick, who claims he didn’t either. Eric just keeps laughing to everyone else about the whole thing.

Eric then corners Jen and fills her out on stuff, pushing his own agenda, with Kail in the room. He say Joe told him Joe might go up and that Jen was trying to ruffle his feathers. He then repeats how Dani said last night that while everyone thinks Mike and Kail are the brains of the operation, it’s really Jen. Jen says she’s sorry she missed it, and she probably is, since she likes to always be at the center of everyone else’s universe. He asks if Amber and Dustin told her they wanted to target floaters, and she says they didn’t. She does says she is reasonably sure that others will put up Dick and Dani next week, which means the current plan must be one that keeps Dick, like putting Joe up.

Not giving in, Eric tells Jen and Kail to not listen to the “crap artists” that say Jen and Kail aren’t going up, as they are. Knowing Jen’s two options are Joe and Nick, he tells her if he puts Nick up and Dick goes, at least she gets one of her nominees out. He suggests putting Jess up as a pawn, still pushing that America’s Player agenda. Kail says Joe doesn’t really bother her, but “Evil” has to go. That’s right, Kail, because he has your number, and you know it.

Nick talks to Amber and tells her Jen is hot on the outside but ugly on the inside. It sounds like he’s describing a new pastry or something. He claims every time he looks at her he wants to throw up. He also tells her he told Jen that he was just playing Dani. Amber, though, just wants to talk about how great she is. She being herself, not Jen. She’s finding herself so smart, what with the handcuff thing, talking to Jen, and the dinner date with Mike. Nick and Amber say they trust each other, which is good, as I don’t think many others do. They both feel that Joe is most likely going up, and know if he does, he is going home.

Dani, Amber, and Jameka are talking, and Jameka tells Amber some people think she is going to the other side. She replies that she threw the comp for PoV, and that Dick’s just never happy. Always wise Jameka informs her she needs to not worry about others and just play for herself. Dani leaves and looks at the memory wall with Nick, who points out the beautiful babies they would make together. He just never gives up, does he?

Inside, Dustin tries on some of Nick’s clothes, and says he’s just like “that homo Nick.” Zach walks in and tells him he looks just like Nick. Dani and Jameka are in the room as well. Things aren’t quite as light upstairs. Once they’re alone in the HoH, Jen tells Joe in no uncertain terms he’s going up. He pleads his case, saying how positive he is, then asks her if she has any idea who she’s putting up. She says, “Yeah. I’m putting you up.” Sometimes you have to like her simplicity. He keeps pushing for Zach, saying the others finds him creepy, and he makes inappropriate sexual remarks. She seems pretty set with this decision … for once.


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