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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 15th – Manly Men Doing Manly Things

A bottle of wine is opened and the conversation begins. It’s fine at first – they talk about the Strong Man contest and how the girls will do something similar next week. They discuss whether they like chicken or steak better, and how Amber is slightly older than Mike is.

Meanwhile, Kail and Jameka are giving Zach a lesson in bible studies, and Kail says something about the good book being the living word of God. Wow, I’ve got this or the world’s most boring dinner date to watch. Lucky me. Back to the dinner date.

Amber admits that she thinks Mike is hot, and suggests that she should move into the bedroom with the round beds so she can sleep next to him. Wow. Cheap date, she is.

Nick and Daniele are inside in the small bedroom, whisper-talking. Nick says that Jen told everyone last night that she was going to go and see where Nick was – if he was in bed with Daniele, he was going up. Sure enough, that’s where he was, so Jen decided to nominate him. Daniele starts saying that Jen is so jealous of her, but I can’t listen to this conversation again, so it’s time to move on.

Now Amber is launching into her life story for Mike. Really, this was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? She says that she was addicted to speed and spent $500 a week on the stuff. She’s been clean for 9 months now. So she must have only been off the stuff for a few months when she applied to be on the show. Interesting.

Now we get the same stories she told Kail before, about speeding everywhere in her car and getting into an accident. She lost a lot of weight when she was using, even though she ate fast food for every meal. She also ended up with horrible stomach pain and ended up in the hospital over that. She changed her diet and the pain went away. Go figure. Poor Mike looks a bit like a deer caught in the headlights, as he just listens and nods appropriately. Dude, you brought this on yourself.

Inside the house, there’s a group gathered telling dating stories. Eric has been in two long-term relationships, FYI. Daniele says that she’s usually the one who ends up pursuing a guy. Dustin met someone through Facebook, but it turned out badly. That reminds me, I haven’t checked Facebook in a while …

Oh sorry, where were we?

Amber is Still. Freaking. Talking. She finally asks Mike a few questions about his family, which he answers succinctly, leaving the door open for Amber to keep going. They talk about wineries and wine-tasting tours. Amber doesn’t know what the word “outskirts” means.

Dick and Daniele have a quick talk in the bathroom. She says she’s working on her veto ceremony speech, and wants to say something about the negativity angle being a pile o’ crap. Dick tells her to be careful winning too many comps, even though she really needed this last one. He also advises her not to fully trust Amber, because she’s too emotional and will act with her heart rather than her head. Daniele things that Amber can be trusted, however. She also tells her dad about her conversation with Nick, and how Nick talked Jen out of nominating him. This little chat is nice to see. Daniele leaves, asking Dick to try and think of something good for her to say at the veto ceremony. He promises that he’ll try.

Amber and Mike (mostly Amber) are talking about shopping at Walmart and Target. Mike says he’s a Walmart person, and Amber gushes about the clothes they have there. I’m not sure that’s what Mike meant, but whatever. Then she asks him if he likes fruit. And vegetables. Good grief woman. Enough already. Set the other hamsters free and put Mike out of his misery.

The date is finally over and everyone is locked down inside. I guess so that production can go and get the table and stuff out of the backyard. A few people are playing “drinking games” in the kitchen – the quotes are there because they’re drinking water. What’s the point? To see who has to run to the bathroom most often?

Daniele and Dick are together again, but this time it doesn’t go so smoothly. Dick asks her is she’s okay, and she gets her back up about it telling him that he asks her that several times a day, and she’s fine. He apologizes, and she tells him that she’s not trying to be rude, but … and walks out. Dick is upset. Fortunately the lockdown is over so he can at least go have a ciggie. He sits outside, saying to himself that it sucks to be so close, but not to be able to talk to each other on a personal level because someone will see them. Joe comes out for a cig of his own, ending Dick’s soliloquy.

Daniele joins the smoking guys, and mentions offhand that she’d like to punch Jen in the face. Joe points out that Kail doesn’t do well on slop, since she doesn’t like it at all. He says that she told Jen she wanted to just stay in bed all day.

Dick thinks that Dustin and Amber probably leaked some info to the Mrs. Robinson alliance last night, and worries about Amber being so emotional. Daniele defends Amber, but Joe is agreeing with Dick. They discuss Zach and the fact that he’s starting to speak badly about Daniele to people. Joe leaves and out comes Kail. We’ll be hearing about this later, how she caught Dick and Daniele talking outside together. She goes back in, thank goodness.

Dick asks who Daniele thinks Jen will put up against him. She has no idea. He asks if she has any pull with Jessica, and she says she does. He says that he’s counting on her, Nick, and Jessica to save him. She thinks she can get everyone but Kail, Zach, and Mike to vote to keep Dick in the house. Then she adds that if Joe goes up, Jameka wants to give him a pity vote. Dick is upset by this, and says that he needs to make her understand that if she does that, he will never trust her again. Uh oh. Daniele heads back inside.

Dick goes inside too, as the drinking game is still going on in the kitchen. He watches for a while, along with Kail and Daniele. Things break up, and Dick goes to find Jameka. He tells her that everyone should vote how they feel, and if it’s a tie then they need to accept that and let Jen make the decision. He says that he won’t be able to support anyone that votes against him. Jameka doesn’t say much, but she’s obviously a little put out by this sudden outburst.