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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 15th – Manly Men Doing Manly Things

Round one is called Drunken Villager, I think. The guys take turns sitting in the teacup and being spun around quickly, ten times. They then have to pick Jessica up and carry her through an obstacle course. This? Is really funny, and much better than most of the real BB competitions we’ve ever seen. Zack wins this round with a time of 15 seconds (Jameka is the official time-keeper), followed by Nick and Dusting with 16 seconds each, and last we have Mike, with a disappointing 25 seconds.

Round two is the Boulder Roll, which is basically just doing somersaults across the yard as quickly as possible. Nick wins this round, followed by Mike, Zach, and then Dustin.

Round three is the Hot Grass Hop, which requires the participants to “dance” on the hot astroturf for as long as possible. Last man standing wins. Zach is out quickly, and the remaining guys are hysterical to watch. There are vegetables and fruit threatening to pop out of their pants any minute. Dustin is out next, so Nick and Mike battle it out for first place. Nick wins it, but I’m laughing so hard at Mike being a corn dog that I can’t hear what anyone is saying. Who knew Mike had it in him?

Round four is the Pool Weight Dive. Three weights are placed in the deep end of the pool, and our he-men have to climb into the pool and retrieve them, one by one. Two of the weights are 10 pounds, and the third is 25 pounds. When it’s Dustin’s turn, he comes back with the 25 pound weight first, and it seems this is a big boo-boo. Rather than DQ him they decide to let him start over. The round ends with Nick as the winner, Dustin in second place, and Zach and Mike tied for third. Not to mention several fruits and veg floating around in the pool.

Round five, the obstacle course. This consists of elements of the other rounds: ten spins in the teacup, carry the weights to the end of the yard, then there’s a crab walk and something to wiggle under before hitting the slip ‘n slide. Mike wins this one, followed by Zach. Nick and Dustin tie.

Looks like there’s a final round – a tie-breaker between Nick and Mike, who will arm-wrestle each other. They start, but after a couple of minutes decide t give up and call it a tie. I think though, by points, Nick is our clear winner. But Cragnus has decided to share his victory with Magnus. Their prize is the king from the chess set. Zagnus gets the queen, and Diagnus is awarded a rook.

That’s the most fun I’ve had watching the feeds in quite some time.

After the He-Men do another stint in the DR, Jen is called in and told that she has to put regular clothes on first because they want to ask her some questions about things that happened before she was banished to unitard hell for a week. I love it when we hear bits of DR screw-ups.

While Dick and Jameka are talking about the next HoH comp (and Jameka promises that if it’s down to the two of them, she’ll throw it to him), Amber is spewing everything in the hot tub to Nick. She tells him all about the conversation she and Dustin had with Kail, Jen, and Mike the night before, and that Jen really wanted Nick out. She says that they all told her that Nick would have the votes to stay, so she decided that she shouldn’t put him up then.

Dustin fills Jameka in on what’s been happening with all of the talk about who Jen will put up. I have to admit, Jen has really kept this house buzzing this week. Jameka doesn’t seem surprised by much of what she’s hearing.

Mike and Amber are having another date tonight, but this one is “real.” Mike won a dinner date in the veto competition, and chose Amber to share it with. What the hell is wrong with you, boy? Amber is applying multiple layers of makeup as Mike paces around the kitchen waiting for her. I’ve never, ever seen anyone wear that many layers of mascara before. It’s going to dry up and start flaking off, and that’s not going to be pretty.

The big date is supposed to happen at 7:30. We get a shot of the dinner table, complete with a case of flowers and bottle of wine. Mike is still bored out of his mind in the kitchen, because it’s not 7:50 and Amber is STILL working on her face. Jessica is touching up her roots with Sun-In, which I used to do all the time. That stuff is the bomb.

A couple of minutes later Amber is ready for her date – who is called into the Diary Room. Hee. Good timing BB. Make her wait for him now.

Mike comes back out and the date begins. He gives her a flower, as is his tradition, and they sit down at the table. The other houseguests have been banished from the backyard as these two share their dinner. That’s gotta be painful for Dick, who is likely in great need of a smoke right about now.