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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 15th – Manly Men Doing Manly Things

From the better late than never department comes this recap of Sunday’s live feeds. I’ve had nothing but trouble with this one, from the feeds jamming up on me to my internet connection going dead for most of Monday, so apologies for being so late with this one.

Zach is the first one up, followed by Mike. There’s a bit of strategy talk in the kitchen, where Zach tells Mike that Amber and Dustin are definitely on Dick’s side. Why anyone continues to believe Zach is beyond me. I don’t think he’s making stuff up, he’s just seriously misguided and uninformed.

Mike says that Kail wanted to talk game with him last night while Amber, who is still cuffed to Kail from the veto competition, was sleeping. He thinks that Kail is talking too much and giving their alliance away. As if the rest don’t already know about it or something. They agree that they’d vote Dick out if Jen nominates Nick in Daniele’s place. Mike mentions that he was told that Dick would put Zach and Joe up if he got HoH, but Zach doesn’t believe it for a second. Mike wants Dick out of the house, while Zach is gunning for Joe. Finally something I can agree with Zach on.

Nick comes out but doesn’t add much to the conversation except to say that he wants Joe out as well. He thinks Dick will have the votes to stay in the house. Yay. Save Dick! The boys are planning to hold their Strongest Man competition sometime today, so at least there will be a bit of entertainment going on.

Other hamsters get up for the day as this conversation is lagging on. Kail and Amber hit the bathroom together, and Kail stands idly by while Amber brushes her teeth, does her hair, etc etc. And talks, of course. Boy can that girl talk.

Back outside, Mike has left and Zach clues Nick in on the fact that Jen is considering nominating him. Nick is a little surprised, and thinks that if he goes up he’ll be out of the house. He warns Zach that if Nick goes, the rest of the Mrs. Robinson alliance is screwed. Zach doesn’t think the rest of the house is together, but Nick says they will come together to get rid of Kail, Mike, and Zach. He’s got a point there.

As the planning stages of the Strongest Man contest are underway, Kail and Amber are unceremoniously unchained in the DR. That’s gotta be a relief, at least for Kail.

Nick heads upstairs to talk to the unitarded Jen. Heh, I like how that sounds. Perhaps Jenitard? Even better! Nick asks Jenitard if he’s going on the block, and Jen confirms that he is. Nick says okay, but then he’ll be gone because Dick has the votes. He’s trying to sound like he doesn’t give a crap, but it’s quite obvious that he does. He spills the beans once again about his alliance with Kail, Mike, and Zach, and says that Zach is the one who told him about Jen’s plans. Jenitard is surprised that Kail didn’t tell her about this alliance.

Jen says that she really wanted to put up only people who applied to be on the show, because they’re the ones who know the game the best. You know, I can’t stand anything about Jenitard, but she does have a certain amount of admirable game play about her. Too bad the attitude takes so much away from that. They talk about Nick and Daniele, and Nick insists that Dani has a boyfriend so there’s nothing really going on there.

Jenitard says that next week the whole house is gunning for Zach, so that will bust up the Mrs. Robinson alliance anyway. She’s still considering putting Joe up, and would be fine with him leaving this week. She says that Amber offered to go up as a pawn but Jen said no. Nick says that he loves that Amber wears her heart on her sleeve, and Jenitard agrees but wonders if she really wants to put up with that for the rest of the summer. Hee. She seems to be agreeing not to nominate Nick, but wants to talk with Kail and Mike first. She tells Nick that she’ll let Kail or Mike think that they changed her mind for her.

As if on cue, Jen and Kail have a quick chat. Kail is non-committal (I know! How surprising!) and keeps putting the ball back in Jen’s court. She asks who Jen would want out if she put Joe up, and Jenitard says that if Joe goes up, he has to go home. Kail says she’s fine with that, but you know that she’s trying to cook up some reason to turn everyone around and vote “Evel” out of the house.

Nick tells Daniele and then Dick (separately) about his talk with the Unitarded One, and how he feels that he got through to her and Joe will be nominated. Dick likes his chances against Joe, but thinks that Jen really wants him gone instead. Nick says that’s not the case.

Next to chat with Nick is Dustin, and Nick asks how things went last night when he slept in the HoH room with Jen. Dustin doesn’t say much, just that they didn’t really talk about the game much. Nick says that he’s going up, and Dustin pretends to be shocked. He asks Nick who told him that, and of course the answer is Zach. When Dustin tells Nick not to trust Zach, Nick says that he just came from the HoH room and confirmed it with Jen.

Jen and Mike are discussing Nick, and it’s very clear that Jen is putting out feelers to see if the information Nick gave her is true. Mike won’t say one way or another how he feels, of course, but Jen presses on saying that if Nick goes up, she wants him out of the house. Mike won’t make any promises. Jen talks in circles a bit and arrives at Joe being the best choice to replace Danielle. Mike seems to be on board with this.

Dustin and Amber are freaking out, because now they know that Nick knows that he’s going up (because these two still think he is), and they’re worried that he’ll be upset with them because they knew and didn’t tell him. Amber wants to rush out and tell Nick everything so that they don’t seem untrustworthy. Dustin thinks they should just play it cool and act like they don’t know what’s going on.

Amber is going on about how people just love her and it’s not her fault, she’s just such a good listener and makes everyone feel comfortable around her. She thinks that Jen really wants to be her best friend now, and that Mike has a crush on her. Oh brother. I can’t stand to listen to this girl when she goes on a yapping spree, which is actually fairly often. You really have to sift through a lot (a LOT) of crap to get anything useful or even mildly entertaining. Now Dustin is concerned that Kail and Jen will think that the info about Nick came from them, and it will ruin their trust with Mrs. Robinson as well.

Now Amber’s going on about how she feels bad for selling Dick out last night with Kail, but he really does have to go because he’s always in her ear. Yeah well that’s because you talked his ear off last week when there was a chance you were going home honey. Now he needs you, and this is how you pay him back. Sorry, was that out loud? There’s much back-patting over Amber’s selecting Kail to be handcuffed to, because it gave them an opportunity to wriggle their way into the Mrs. Robinson alliance. Even though choosing Kail was actually Jameka’s idea.

Now they’re planning to go and talk to Kail to try and ensure that she knows they didn’t say anything to Nick. Amber wants to do it, but Dustin pouts and says he should get a chance to talk to someone for a change. Good lord. Amber coaches him and they hug, telling each other how wonderful and perfect and in love with each other they are. Bleh.

Mike and Zach are in the gym talking about Nick. They still don’t fully trust him (can’t imagine why not), and Zach says that Nick threatened, indirectly, to expose the Mrs. Robinson alliance if he ended up on the block. Mike brushes this off and they end up talking about how Joe needs to go. Then they consider bringing Dustin and Amber into the alliance, and one of them thinks that Jen is onto them all.

Finally, there’s a little relief to the strategy talks that seem to go nowhere. It’s time for the boys to primp for the Strongest Man competition! The players are Mike, Nick, Zach, and Dustin. Jen is preparing paper plates with numbers written on them in ketchup. She’s wearing her unitard with the sleeves off and tied up behind her so it looks like a tube top, along with shiny silver high-heeled shoes. Joe’s going to have a coronary when he sees this.

The guys are sporting t-shirts and underwear, along with various fruits and veggies packed into their shorts. The shirts have their names on them: Nick is Cragnus, Zach is Zagnus, Mike is Magnus, and Dustin is Diagnus. Dick is having great fun with the fruit and veggies, telling the guys to go do a DR session together – one before and one after the fruit falls out. He’s got standard one-liners as well: “Is that an avocado in your shorts, or are you just happy to see me?”

Zach spends a long time looking at Dustin’s nether-regions, and asks him if that’s his real “dong.” Dustin says it is. Nick is also impressed, telling Dustin that it can’t be his real wiener. Dustin insists that it’s real, saying that he’s semi-hard looking at the rest of them. The ONLY reason I’m actually recapping this is because Dustin is kidding, and pulls a potato out of his shorts. Hee! I can’t believe the other guys thought it was real.

To keep score, Jen has taken a box of Fruit Loops and split them up by colour. Each colour represents a number of points, which the guys will be awarded after each segment. He who has the most Fruit Loops, wins.

After a trip to the DR, the guys are ready to roll. Eric is serving as master of ceremonies, with colour commentary provided, of course, by Dick.