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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 14th – An Interesting Start to a Really Long Day

It appears Jen’s date is with Eric on the hammock. Of course, they don’t talk about their personal life, but about the game. He plays the overall house agenda instead of America’s. Instead of asking for Jessica to leave, he talks about everyone hating Zach, and says everyone told him to suggest Joe or Zach go up. Proving it all has to be about her, Jen says It’s scary that the others are with Joe and still want him out. She then talks bout Dani hating her. She wonders if Dani knew that Nick was going up in her place if she would still use the veto. Eric thinks so, saying Dani is the most selfish person there. there. She is? I think that award needs to go Jen. Jen adds in here that Nick hates Eric. That was nice of her to spread that joy.

Eric continues to work on Jen and tells her he caught Dani and Dick together. He also says putting up Nick and Dick will force Amber and Soutane to not be fence-sitters. They both think they will be way better off with Dick in the house than Nick, and Eric advises her to be 100% she has the votes she needs before she nominates him. Eric than gets to the America’s Choice agenda, and Jen says for the first time no one mentioned her name at all. She has no reason to put her or Amber up she says, as if they got HoH, they’d go with house consensus anyway. They decide at the end to put up Nick anyway and surprise everyone, then Jen dumps him from the hammock.

Jen takes her new agenda straight to Mike, and he’s worried because he thinks Dick wants him out. She says no, he wants Joe and Zach out. Kail and Amber, still attached, find Jen and ask if she still wants Nick out. She says yes and want them to vote Nick out as well. She thinks next week if Nick had HoH he would nominate Jen and Mike or Jen and Kail. Kail is confused. She can’t figure out whether Jen wants Nick to stay or not, and it sounds like Jen can’t either.

Joe tells Dick that he thinks Jen wants to bring dustin and Amber into her alliance and they talk about seeing them up there. He says that Kail and Amber were up in HoH to get a pillow, and Jameka owners why that took three hours. Joe thinks he got the okay sign that Zach is out, though. dick doesn’t think they would talk about strategy with Amber up there. How wrong he is.

Dustin tries on Jen’s leotard and he models it for Jen (who is in the bed and can’t wear anything else, so she must be naked), but has to go back in the bathroom to see if he can “tuck it in.” He then adds a lizard to his pants to help hide it. Is that a lizard in your pants or are you just … Downstairs, amber is keeping Kail awake while she snores.

Outside, Eric says to Dick that Dustin and Amber would make a great pair to be nominated together and Jessica would make a great pawn to be up with him this week. Eric just supposes that Nick was up on the block. He wants to know if Dick thinks he would have the votes, and he just says she’s simplistic. The opposite of what she wants always happens (other than winning HoH). He also advises Eric to not freak out on the slap, as that might give people reason to get rid of him, yet that’s what makes Jessica a threat as well. She seems to not mind the slop. They think Amber will sacrifice herself when on the block with Dustin, because she’s in love with him.

All Night Dick closes shop that night, washing dishes, telling us he can’t trust Amber, and saying he thinks he’s safe this week. I hope so. This was one long day in BB. I hope they let them sleep in tomorrow.

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