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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 14th – An Interesting Start to a Really Long Day

Interestingly enough, the handcuff twins talk about how badly they want to get rid of Dick. It’s understandable from Kail, but Amber? Kail wants to have Jen put someone up that can beat him this week, and Amber suggests herself. Kail seems less than enthused with the prospects of that choice.

Dick and Nick talk about the replacement nomination, as the guys want Joe and the girls want Zach. Dick says he wouldn’t mind Joe staying as it keeps attention off of him. He doesn’t mind Jen staying either, and says he’s been laughing at her since she cried about her picture. Jen joins them, and Dick says he wishes a guy would have been stuck in the Thing 2 costume. Jen thinks he would have looked the funniest, and he says he wouldn’t have had to stuff a sock in it. They joke that his member is now famous.

Zach and Jen talk, and he mentions making an alliance of all the stragglers, meaning bringing her into Mrs. R. without admitting it’s an existing alliance. She knows better and says she doesn’t think there are any stragglers in the house. They discuss putting Joe up, but she says neither he or Dick are expected to win, so it seems a waste to get rid of one of them. She’s willing to get rid of Nick, but Zach definitely doesn’t want that.

Dick and Dani fit in a quick consult, and they talk about Zach as a possibility. Dick wants to talk to Jen about it, but Dani thinks it’s already been mentioned too much to her. How can it be suggested too much? Then you know that’s who the house wants out.

Despite the fact that Zach was straddling Nick last week, tonight he is calling him “homo.” Nick seemed shocked that Zach was doing that, and asks, “What?” Zach’s reply is, “You’re gay!” Odd exchange. Apparently having his manhood attacked, he then tries to get a kiss from Dani. He wants to make that his reward if he is successful in getting Jen to put Zach up. Watching Amber and Kail, he says if he had to be handcuffed to anyone, he’d choose Dani. Sheesh! Give it a rest! He’s said all the women he dates cheat on him. No wonder. He won’t lay off! I’d be tugging at my collar feeling choked to death. Dick joins in, and they take the discussion to Dustin and try to get him to talk to Amber about putting up Zach tonight. He doesn’t want to, but finally relents.

Nick goes on a bragging session with Dani telling her of his 298 career tackles and 13 interceptions. He was voted best looking player and feels he has the best thrown together tattoo She thinks he’s being a little conceited. He changes the conversation to talk about Mexican food. Again, more evidence to why girls cheat on him. You can’t just be a hot guy. Need to have a little more substance.

Amber and Kail go into the HoH to talk strategy with Jen. Most of it is a repeat of the earlier conversation Amber and Kail had, with Kail wanting him out after seeing the hell he put Jen through this week, and knowing no one else will want to nominate him, and Amber offering to go up as a pawn. She counts off the votes she thinks she has, and Kail tells her not to count Danielle’s vote, as she’d have to live the rest of her life knowing she voted out her dad. Dustin joins in and instead of pushing the scheduled agenda, agrees about putting Amber up as a pawn. Later they talk about putting up Joe instead. So much for asking to get Zach out. They discuss telling Dick they saved him to get him in a deal. Not gonna work with that guy!

Nick tells Jameka and Daniele if he gets HoH next week, and he will try for it, he’ll put up Kail and Zach, and Mike as a replacement nominee. Is he working it already worried he might be put up? The other group continues their chat without Jen. Amber doesn’t like being up there as she doesn’t like being in on the decision-making. After everyone trashes Dick, Dustin points out that maybe that’s the conflict between Dick and Jen, that they’re too much alike. Amber and Dustin are in agreement that if she was put up, Dick would leave. If he only knew they were campaigning against him.

On the good side, Dustin and Amber do tell Kail that it was Joe that started the campaign against Jen and not Dick. Dustin starts working on Kail to get Joe out, and Amber starts pushing her Zach agenda. She talks of seeing both Joe and Zach eavesdropping. Amber obviously doesn’t understand Zach’s in the Mrs. R. alliance, as she calls him a floater and says she thinks he’s working with Joe. She goes into detail on all the disgusting and vile things Zach has done to the women in the house.

Kail agrees to talk to Jen about putting Joe up, but not Zach. Dustin tells her that if she gets Joe out, they’ll make it right with Dick for her. They assure her she has never been on his hit list when in fact she was at the top! Jen then announces to them she has decided to put Nick up because he’s Dani’s closest ally. When she goes to the bathroom, Dustin says he thinks that’s more personal than strategic, and we all know that’s true. She’s been jealous of that couple since day one.

Jen then pops up and says she just forgot she has a date tonight. She’s asked if it’s with Zach, and she replies she’d rather kill herself, which I’m sure coincides with the opinion of most of the women in the house. The others aren’t happy about her decision to nominate Nick, but they all know it’s the right choice.


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