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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 14th – An Interesting Start to a Really Long Day

It’s odd that the conversation then changes up a little, as Dick tells Jen he knows girls like her, the ones that are pretty and have nice bodies, but that’s all they really have going for them. She tells them at home she’s really a computer geek. She stays home every night and plays World of War-craft. He says he never saw her changing at all before today, and he thinks this is probably the most in depth conversation she’s had with anyone since the game started. She says she has talked to Kail like this, and he says she’s pretty closed off too. He ends with advice for Jen, telling her if she wants to get anywhere in the game, she needs to change. Apparently Dick’s thing is to keep people guessing.

A lot of the girls want Jen to put up the dirty old man in Dani’s spot on the block. Dustin seems to be campaigning pretty heavily for it to be Joe. Joe is pushing for the dirty old man as well. Interesting. Jen talks to Jess to feel her out a little (well, not literally), and Jess tells her if Dani and Dick had stayed on the block, she would have voted Dick out. Jen is surprised. Jess says now everyone is expecting her to keep to the order that she showed during the nomination ceremony, and putting either Dick or Joe up. Also, Jen admits to being jealous she isn’t handcuffed to anyone. She mentions Dick saying everyone hates her and Jess’ position is if there is anyone she doesn’t like, it’s him.

Dick opens up more about his and Dani’s troubles. he never felt she appreciated what he did for her. He threw her a $2500 prom party, no one came, and he didn’t feel she ever thanked him for doing that. He knows he shouldn’t talk about it now, and Amber says if he thinks it will get him in trouble, he shouldn’t. The guys talk about hair, and Dick mentions his tattoo of Lady Death. Joe says he thought it was a picture of Daniele. Okay, this guy can be really funny sometimes. I’m still laughing over Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Kail and Amber, still handcuffed, are trying to figure out the bathroom thing inside the HoH. Kail is on the toilet while Amber blocks the door. Amber tells her to fart if she has to, and Kail says that made it “go back in.” They resolve to come back and try again later. They join Jameka and Dustin outside and talk about Dustin and what types of relationships he has with guys and who his type is. He says his type are the manly men, not the effeminate type, like Nick. To answer the obvious question, Joe is not his type, but won him over with his charm. He says Joe’s family still does everything for him, including giving him an allowance. For God’s sake, that’s absurd!

Oddly, Nick wants to start an alliance against the “four upstairs.” Huh, that four used to include him. He suggests getting rid of them first, then the stragglers, then pick away at each other, and call themselves the Mafia 5. Have these people never watched this show? The same alliance never gets HoH comp every week; it’s impossible to get rid of a whole alliance by ticking away at them like you can on Survivor.

Jen talks with Jameka, and it seems like Dick’s plan is working, as Jen is definitely softening on him. She talks about her inconsistencies and seems to feel bad as she tells Jameka that she figured Dick knew why she didn’t want him to touch her. She thought he knew it was because he just got done smoking. To the dismay of many men, I am sure, Jen will not be working out in her Thing 2 suit as she was only given one of them, and she has to wear it the whole week.

The Queen of Subtlety, Kail, tries this one out, “So, Daniele, are you going to use the power of veto?” The answer is she doesn’t know yet. Well, gee, of course she is!

Eric, Nick, and Dick are in the backyard talking, and Eric talks about all the women being nervous around Zach. Nick says even he is nervous around Zach. Probably has to do with that time Zach jumped into bed and straddled him. At least with Joe he knows what he’s getting. They discuss the veto comp a little, and Dick admits he didn’t want the TV, but wanted the veto. They talk about Mike and Jen tally choking, and Nick says he knew Mike would, because he hasn’t been exposed to sports pressure often.

When Dani tells Jameka and Jess that Amber is the worst lip reader, Jameka says Dani is the worst lip giver. I think she saves up those lines for just the right time. She definitely has a quick wit. Dustin enters and he’s still pushing for Joe to go, saying Jameka and Dani are the only ones he knows that want Zach out. They want to get a consensus to find out how many will give Joe sympathy votes, to be sure he doesn’t get too many. Jameka is worried that Joe won’t leave quietly and will call alliances out on the way out the door.

On the other side of the coin, Dick is asking Nick how things are going between him and his daughter. He says it’s okay, and but he knows she has a boyfriend. Dicks says her boyfriend doesn’t like him very much. I wonder if it makes Nick uncomfortable to have to be so close with Dani’s dad all the time. Nick then starts telling lots of stories, including his grandma once giving him 3 frozen gummy worms as a gift and the best way to head butt someone. Dick pointed out Nick might not be the best one for giving that advice, since he’s had 6 concussions. He also doesn’t like to go to bars because of the number of bar fights he’s been in.

Apparently Amber had a choice on who to be handcuffed to. It was good thinking on her part, Dani tells Dick, because it kept Kail from talking to her alliance. Inside some of the HGs are looking at the memory wall and deciding which celebrities everyone looks like. Dani is called everyone from Sally Jesse Raphael to Anna Nicole. Kail is compared to Susan Sarandon. Joe looks like Jay Leno and Screech. Eric looks like Adam Sander with a hint of Bob Barker. It gets funny when Jess tries to find someone for Jameka to look like, and she seems to be just naming random black people. Oprah, Whitney Houston, Eddie Murphy, Rudy Huxtable, etc. Personally, I’m going with Tommy Lee for Dick.


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