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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 14th – An Interesting Start to a Really Long Day

Just before the PoV comp finally starts, it’s surprisingly Joe that puts it all in perspective. He tells Jen that she now has the PoV comp she wanted. It’s just her against the noms with everyone’s else told to throw it or not use it. It’s 2 against 1 instead of 4 against 2.

When we come back from the PoV competition, it seems like it was smiler to last year’s graveyard comp. The best is that Dani won PoV, and that was probably the best scenario for keeping her and Dick in the house. He won a plasma TV, so he’s happy about that, but I think he’ even happier his daughter saved herself. Jen comes down in a red body-suit and Joe calls her Thing 2 and tells her Thing 1 will be along in a minute. It turns out this was a punishment from the game. She has to wear this thing, but likes it actually, it seems. Amber and Kail have to be handcuffed to each other for 24 hours because of the game.

It’s hard to tell exactly what they’re talking about, but Nick and Jen talk about something that happened where Dick was threatening Jen. Nick refers to “the manual,” where it says you can’t threaten someone’s life. Jen tells him she is strong, and it was more entertaining to her than anything else. He asks if she’ll put Joe up in Dani’s place, and she says it depends. She could, but she knows he’ll go home, and he’s helping to keep the attention off of her. She know someone else will nominate him soon since he’s so annoying. When Dustin joins the conversation, Jen says she won’t nominate whoever sleeps with her in the bed tonight. Dustin jumps at the chance, while Nick prefers to find Dani and tell her he wants to sleep with her in a vat of chocolate.

Jen moves on to talking to Zach, and she tells him it doesn’t matter who she puts up in Dani’s place, either way, that person is going home and Dick is staying. She feels her noms were useless, as it looks like neither will be going home. Zach suggests putting Mike up and Jen says she would never do that, prompting Zach to backpedal very quickly and say he never would either. I think he knows it’s Kail and Mike, and is trying to eliminate him as Kail’s most trusted advisor. He, too, mentions Joe, and she again says there’s no point.

Apparently what Nick and Jen were referring to earlier about threatening someone’s life has something to do with what happened right before PoV. Dick and Danielle went off on Jen about threatening Amber to not use the PoV. Dustin completely downplays the whole situation to Jen now, saying Jen didn’t do anything wrong. She was just being straightforward about her expectations about the game.

Zach tries to show Jen how the game will play out or could play out with with the chess pieces. It’s too hard to keep up with, as he shows all the possible people and combinations to put up from this week to next week. Somehow with all these pieces, he shows her the different relationships that exist in the house, and that getting rid of Joe would cut all of it down, as he’s a connecting piece. I’m not too sure about that. He’s saying he might put up Daniele against someone he is sure to go like Jessica but Jen doesn’t think there’s any “sure.” They discuss Dick saying he would never vote against Dani would hate him as well as the rest of the world.

After Jameka mentions the mushrooms from the original HoH comp, Dick thinks she’s talking about hallucinogenic mushrooms, and says Alice ate a bite of a mushroom and got real small, then took another bite and got real tall. He says the author was on LSD when he wrote he story. I never knew that before, but looking at the oddities in the story, that definitely makes sense. Dick goes on to talk about drugs and says he thinks marijuana shouldn’t be like the other drugs, and he thinks it should be legal. We find part of the reason for this belief is him once being busted for pot. He also says he used to take a few different kinds of drugs with him to the clubs, as it was a great way to meet people.

Dick finds Jen and tells her she screwed up by putting him on the block, as she made herself more of a target. She says she knows he’s staying now, and he points out not only that, she won’t last long at all. He’s still pissed about the 9 gallons in the teacup, and he knows the internet viewers are as well. Eh. Not really. Dick also says she can’t really be as simplistic and one-dimensional as she comes off. He’s been coming so hard, I wonder if he’s trying to get her to be emotional, or if he’ trying to throw her off.

Not letting up, Dick continues, and says it would have been much easier for him in the house without Dani, and Jen tries to pretend that’s why she nominated them together. He tells her that along with her two hardcore enemies, she also now has the people from the PoV mad at her for the way she was threatening them. He tells her she is the only person he has gone off on, and he had been biting his tongue until this week. He’s still upset about what happened during the first food comp when she told him not to touch her. He asks why she’s there an says she may as well just leave now. Dick tells Jen in no uncertain terms she’s the one this season who everyone will love to hate.

Dick still won’t let it go. He tells Jen how hard he worked to be here and now she’s screwing it all up because his outburst about her make him look bad. He tells Jen she should come down the stairs and eat with everyone else, even if it’s just a banana. He even blasts her Jen t-shirts, saying “And let me tell you something else. Those goofy f***ing shirts of yours aren’t helping either.”. Thank you, Dick!She makes excuses for it and says she was bored in sequester and started using the iron on transfers she’d bought to write “Happy Birthday, Dad.”


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