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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 14th – An Interesting Start to a Really Long Day

The house-guests went to sleep last night having no idea why they were being asked to get up at 7:00 AM this morning, and some thought it was the PoV competition they were getting up for, but then they couldn’t figure out why it was moving so fast this week. It seems too early for a double eviction, and Dick pointed out it was too exciting this week with the conflict between him and Jen. Surely they’d want to milk it. Some in the house wondered if it was a luxury competition. Either way, they were probably all hoping it would be for PoV, so that they could get on with this, not that it seemed as if they ever would from the first half of the day.

BB is running late it seems, as the HGs are woken up around 7:30. Shortly after, it’s announced that the PoV will be in 90 minutes. This started the dash between nominees and host to figure out who would use the PoV and who wouldn’t. Dick asks Eric and Jameka if they would throw PoV, and they say they would, with Eric adding he probably wouldn’t have to fake anything. Dick doesn’t want them to throw it, though, which kind of matches with his personality. He doesn’t do anything the easy way.

Dick and Dani know they have to work together, and Amber says one of them is going to win PoV, and that’s just all there is to it. Dick wishes good luck to his daughter, and it’s clear these two have much deeper feelings for each other than they want to admit. Once Amber and Dani are alone, Dani asks if her dad is campaigning against her, and seems relieved to find out he’s not. Mike and Kail are meeting in the bathroom going over the count, and Mike thinks it’s 5 to 5 for the nominees, and that’s probably too close for comfort for them if they’re trying to get Dani out.

Despite the fact that Joe has developed a mysterious rash, he spoons with Nick in bed. Dick walks in, and seeing Joe scratching, tells him to go to the DR and ask for meeds for the rash. He does. Mike tells Jen how clever he was to spy on everyone last night. The only thing missing was Allison’s big pot. He says everyone is starting to get paranoid. Jen tells him she’ll do anything short of shaving her hair to stay in the house. Mike tells her he and Zach are onboard with her nominations and would play their hearts out for the veto. They can’t believe that Dick has the audacity to change his attitude towards her. Imagine that! Apparently they don’t want us to know their next strategy, as Jen starts “signing,” and is told to stop by BB. That reminds me of being in 6th grade.

Proving the analogy made of him recently, while the HGs gather in the living room for the start of PoV, Zach asks Amber to “come and sit on Santa’s lip.” Ick! He is like a dirty old man. Just a note. Don’t pull his finger if he asks you. We get the blue vortex, and when we return, we find that the HGs were choosing players. Playing for PoV will be Jen, Dani, Dick, Mike, Joe, and Amber.

Nick tells Dani that Zach had told him to vote her out, and she says she knows if she doesn’t win PoV that she’s going home. He then starts talking about wanting her to win veto because he wants to hang out with her more and wants to move to a magical cloud kingdom with teddy bears or something. She’s not even listening, as she has a few other things on her mind. Jen tells Amber that she wants the nominees out, and doesn’t want anyone else to take out Mike or Joe. She tells Amber that if she wins veto and uses it, she’ll put Dustin up.

Amber can’t decide what to do, whether she should throw it or not. She doesn’t want to do anything to hurt Dani or Dick, but doesn’t want Dustin to go up. He tells her she has to try for the win no matter what. She’s very upset, and Dustin tries to help to no avail. Amber says she needs her anxiety pills and goes to the DR to ask them for the anxiety prescription pills she brought with her. Why would they give her something to relax right before a comp? I’m picturing the older sister from Sixteen Candles.

Jen takes her anti-negativity to Joe, and says everyone is telling her that if he wins PoV, he’s going to use it. He asks her who everyone is, and when she can’t provide a name, he’ says she’s full of gossip like that, but it never checks out. She tells him if he wins and uses PoV, she’ll put up someone he’s close to. He totally plays her, and proves that she isn’t the smart girl playing dumb like she said the other night. He asks who he’s close to, and she doesn’t even know. Joe pushes Zach as a replacement saying how much he annoys everyone else, and when Jen doesn’t seem to want to do this, Joe tells her she’s blowing her chance at being the “Janelle” of the season. He ends by telling her if it’s a hand job comp, they’re all goin’ down. He then starts talking about his rash and compares it to STDs.

While Joe reverts to telling Jen he thinks Dick should go this week because he’s changed his viewpoint and now Jen is his first choice to go next, Amber is still crying to Dustin. She asks him to give her some signs during the comp on what to do if she’s confused, and realizing that BB is always watching and listening, they change that idea real quickly, saying they know that’s against the rules. Amber thinks she’s in this difficult position because God is testing her. Maybe it’s just me, but I think God has better things to do than worry about Amber playing for the PoV. If I were her, I’d rather know that God was watching my child back at home, than be here with me at a PoV comp.

Joe tells everyone about Jen threatening Amber by saying play it her way or she’ll put Dustin up, and Dick then tells Jen that he wants to feel the bones from her throat crushing in his hands, angry at her about the whole thing. She denies doing it, and he calls her a f***ing liar, then goes to tell Amber not to worry about it and not to put herself at risk for him. Zach calls Amber emotional, and Jameka defends her and says she’s not emotional, but empathetic. He points out that now Jameka is going to talk to him, and Joe tells him to stop being on the defensive. It’s now after 11:00. They woke up these people four hours ago, and are now just watching them stew. It seems intentional to get hackles raised.


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